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Apocalypse: Death



Couple of things here:

The first is that this piece is the second in a series of pieces I was challenged to do after a long religious debate with some friends, speculating on what dieties/powers in the biblical based religions might possibly be female. And what *my* take on them would be. I chose to do the four horsemen of the apocalypse, obviously loosing the horses entirely and reverting ' pestilence' back to 'strife' (or the king of kings) for a variety of reasons. This isn't intended as an insult to any religions based on the bible, it's just... speculation among friends.

The first one I did was "Famine" which can be found here: [link]
The second was "War" which can be found here: [link]

Next... Many thanks to =ladydove7 who was willing to put her lovely bod on the line for me, and let me pose her however my little heart desired until the piece took shape. And for kindly refraining from posting the actual stock photo I was using as reference until after I was done. Once she posts it, I'll edit this description with the link to it. However on her stock account she has many of the 'rejects' from the photo shoot. They're worth checking out! Edit: here it is! [link]

Finally, this piece was actually scrapped at one point, thrown away. I have eternal gratitude to *Zephyri for sitting with me while I whined about incompetence and ineptness and mediocrity, and helping with redlining over the errors that were causing me so much grief.

Watercolors and colored pencils.

Limited edition prints are available through me.
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I am such a wing person, and those wings are faint worthy!
Your color scheme for the entire piece is lovely.
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