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Benediction Chapter 3
Angel puts in her headphones and tries to fall asleep, but is woken up again by Mark.
"Mark? I...I have something to tell you... I..."
"It's okay, Angel. I heard everything. You don't need to say anything."
"Mark...I'm so sorry...about everything..."
Angel hugs Mark while Mark is trying not to cry.
"I'm the one who should be sorry, Angel. Not you. I fucked up, and I know it," Mark says.
"You know damn well it's my fault, Mark," Angel says.
Mark cries onto Angel's shoulder. So much that her shoulder was soaked.
"You know I love you, Angel. I cannot even begin to imagine life without you. You're my daughter, my sensitive and sweet daughter. I can't begin to even think about you going back into the sewers. I can't take feeling that at all," Mark says between sobs. Angel squeezes tighter to Mark and she starts crying, quietly.
"Sing to me, Mark. Please."
"What song, sweetheart?"
"Adam's Song."
Mark calmly sings to Angel, so soft that she eventually falls asleep.
"I never thought, I'd die a
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Benediction: Chapter 2
It's now May 30th, 1999, just days before Blink-182's newest album, "Enema of the State" comes out. Mark Hoppus has been waiting for the past two years for this date, all because of one person to be made happier, Angel Hoppus.
Mark walks in his doorway with his new girlfriend, Skye. They were kissing and feeling each other, until a squeaky voice behind them caused Mark to turn around.
"You might wanna check on your daughter, like now. I checked on her and she was tossing and turning and I didn't know what's wrong."
Skye was confused. "You have a daughter, Mark?"
"Adoptive daughter. I found her somewhere you would never expect. I'll explain later. I'll be back." Mark runs up the stairs and goes into Angel's room. Angel is dead asleep. No tossing nor turning. "Tom, you idiot, she's not tossing and turning at all!" "She was when I checked on her!" Tom says. "When DID you check on her, Tom?!" "A couple minutes before you walked in the door!"
Then Angel starts tossing and tur
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Benediction Chapter 1
Angel. Angel Sampson.
Fan of many Punk bands. One of them included the not-so-famous-yet band, Blink-182. It's 1998 in Northern California, so she doesn't expect much.
She's twelve years old and lives underground. In sewers. It's very hard for her to get food, because she constantly has to steal some everyday. She is really skinny it hurts her when she breathes. Life underground was the hardest. She walks around and explores the sewers everyday.
How did Angel get there? Well, she lived in many abusive homes. The most recent before she ran away, the worst.
She got hurt so many times, the people got arrested. When the last ones left her in the middle of the road, Angel found her way through the sewers. The only things she had with her was her CD player, a bunch of batteries, and Blink-182's "Cheshire Cat". That was all she lived on to stay alive for six years.
One day...
Angel headed back into the sewers after another rough day of getting food and batteries for the CD player. She sat in
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Benediction: Prologue
Angel Sampson is the twelve year old who is not like other teenagers, in fact, she's not like any teenager.
She doesn't live with two nice and caring parents with a nice home in a cul de sac with two dogs and siblings. She lives underground in a sewer and has been for the past six years. Abusive households all over the place. Angel has been thrown away at every place she's been adopted at.
But then someone in her life is gonna change everything for her.
Causing a benediction for Angel, a famous young man from Southern California finds her between folds, and takes her in, but, he doesn't know the consequences of Angel being in another household with someone that whom is really caring and will always be there, versus the sex offender she's always put up with.
What will he do when he finds out Angel's past? Will he leave her out in the freezing snow and rain? Or will he realize that he is actually her only one?
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Mature content
Dan's Arm :iconjessicahowelly:jessicahowelly 0 0
Broken: Chapter 2
The day we found out Felicity killed herself, her ten year old niece found her way to Murry's house, and I just happen to be there. I don't know why but I was.
She came in and I said to her, "(I'm not gonna say her name), why are you here?"
She said, "I want to talk to Sal."
"He is not here right now sweetheart."
"I want to talk to him now."
She seemed pretty stubborn. But she's a ten year old. She can be this way when she wants.
I looked at Murr. He raised an eyebrow and I turned back and said, "Sweetheart, Sal can't make it here..."
Whoa whoa okay. She stomped her foot after that.
"Murr please get the phone."
So when Murr grabbed the phone, I attempted to dial Sal's number, but then the girl said, "No, Brian. I want to call him." "I'm dialing the number and I'm giving the phone-"
"Let. Me. Dial. It."
Damn she was getting serious.
So before she attempts to knock me in the crotch, I handed her the phone.
She dialed the number faster than I can ever dial, an
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Broken: Chapter 1
Chapter 1:
(This story will be actually told by Brian Quinn on January 17th, 2024 at a convention down in Dallas, Texas.)
I'm Brian Quinn. I am one of the Impractical Jokers. The four men that have to deal with bullshit. Well, this story is not gonna help us at all, but it will soon.
You all know Sal. Sal Vulcano. Right? Of course you do. He is one of my main guys in life. We have our own language. "Sodo yomo kodo yolo gemoi astan yeanoo". That means, "If you met the people I met during the past two years, you will never forget it."
I love Sal. He's one of the best people I have ever came across to in life. We met in freshman year of high school, and we loved to play jokes on each other, like we do now. Oh my God, you wouldn't believe how crazy he was back then. He wasn't that BAD of a germaphobe. He was EXTREMELY melty. For those that don't know the term, melty a mixture of crazy, wacko, and psychopath and sociopath mixed. It was BAD man.
Anyways, back to topic.
As you can
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Sleepwalker: Chapter 11
It was six months later. Adam was released from the hospital, alive and well. Adam returned to school on the day of September 16th. Adam became a Junior, Tommy was a sophomore, and Allison and Jared are Seniors.
Another thing about Allison and Jared, they are now dating since six straight months ago.
Allison and Jared are holding hands while walking down the hallways. Adam and Tommy are talking at Tommy's locker. Everyone else was minding their own business until a police officer walked in. He walks to Adam.
"Are you Mr. Adam Lambert?" He asks. "Yes I am. How may I help you?" Adam asks. "My name is Sergeant Ferguson. I am the officer who arrested Mr. Kris Allen."
Allison, Jared, and Tommy looked at the officer. "I came here to talk to you, Tommy, Allison, and Jared during first."
"We all have study hall together first, so maybe we can do that," Tommy said. "Alright. Meet me in the gym first period," the officer said.
Allison and Jared come up to the officer. "What is this for?" Allison
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Linkin Park Tee by jessicahowelly Linkin Park Tee :iconjessicahowelly:jessicahowelly 1 2 Linkin Park: 9:30pm by jessicahowelly Linkin Park: 9:30pm :iconjessicahowelly:jessicahowelly 1 0 Thirty Seconds to Mars: 7:45pm by jessicahowelly Thirty Seconds to Mars: 7:45pm :iconjessicahowelly:jessicahowelly 1 0 Markee, 5:01 pm. by jessicahowelly Markee, 5:01 pm. :iconjessicahowelly:jessicahowelly 0 0
Sleepwalker: Chapter Ten
Chapter Ten:
In the hospital, the doctors pronounced Adam dead.
Allison, Tommy on crutches, and Jared were by his side on the bed. Leila ran in and said, "I can't believe my Adam is gone!" Tommy is crying. Allison is crying. Jared is trying to hold it in. Allison said, "I'm so sorry, Adam, if I ever did anything wrong to you. I really wish you would come back. Please..." Allison cried more. Tommy had a tear that went down his face and onto his chest.
All of a sudden, the life machine starting beeping. The heartbeat came on. Adam is alive. He woke up to see all of the people in his room. "Oh my God. I can't believe that all of you came to see me. Did Kris go to jail?" "Yes he did, Adam. Yes he did....ADAM?!" Allison screamed. "Adam...I can't believe you're alive!" Tommy screamed. "Addy, can you sit up?" Leila asks. "Absolutely not. I can't move right now. It will take me, I don't know, months for me to recover," Adam said.
"When you heal, you will be good as new," Jared said. "Jared, Al
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Sleepwalker: Chapter Nine
Chapter Nine:
Four days later, Adam woke up to Tommy sitting on his bed. "Your mom and my mom says we are going to school today. I don't know what I'm gonna do about this." "We're gonna be okay. Allison said." "Jared said the same thing. I don't know if Kris is gonna beat us or what." "What can we do? Our parents is gonna call the police if something happens."
"I know. I wish this never happened."
"Me too."
At school, Adam and Tommy walk into the school and see Kris and four other strong and buff Seniors. "Oh shit. Here we go." Allison walks through the hallway with Jared and sees Kris and the others walk towards Adam and Tommy. The two get in front of them and said in unison, "STOP!" Allison said, "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" Jared screamed, "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?!" Kris punched both of them in the face and moved them out of the way. Jared, felt like nothing happened, ran to the principals office. Allison however, ran to the nearby classroom to call Leila and Tommy's mom.
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Sleepwalker: Chapter Eight
Allison knocked on the door. Someone in the house screamed, "Adam! Please get the door!" Then she hears footsteps. The door opens. It is Adam. "Allison? What are you doing here!!" Allison covered his mouth and said, "I need to talk to your mother. It's very important." She removed her hand from Adam's mouth and he said, "Come in."
Allison dropped her bags on the floor by the TV and Adam screamed, "MOM! THERE'S SOMEONE HERE FOR YOU!" Leila and Eber walked downstairs and sees Allison. "Hi...Allison. I thought you bullied Adam?" "I didn't. It was my ex boyfriend, Kris. I have to talk to you. For Adam's protection, I'm gonna have to ask you to send him to his room," Allison said.
Adam asked his father, "What is going on?" "Adam, I guess you're gonna have to go to your room. Allison needs to talk to us," Eber said. Adam looks at Allison and walks up to his room. The door shuts.
"Let's sit down, Mr and Mrs. Lambert."
The three sit down and Leila says, "Does this involve Adam?" "Unfortunately
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Sleepwalker: Chapter Seven
Allison and Jared fasten their seatbelts in the car. Allison's mom said, "Kay, which way?" "I'll direct you," Jared said. After they started driving, Allison's mom said, "Okay, what is going on?" "Prepare for some bad words, Mrs. Iraheta." She groans and said, "Okay, let me hear it." Allison starts off,
"There is a freshman at our school named Tommy Ratliff. He had sex with the most popular boy in the school, Adam Lambert.  Yep, they're gay. Anyways, the next day, Kris caught Tommy and started talking shit about Adam, calling him a rapist and shit like that. I didn't hear much but Jared can tell you."
"Turn left on Billboard Street," Jared directs.
"Okay Jared. What did Kris say to Tommy?" Allison's mom asks.
"He said to Tommy that Adam doesn't know anything about friends and relationships. He also said Adam bullied Kris in middle school. The worst part was that Kris accused Adam of raping him around middle school. I told Adam, and I lied to Kris saying I told John Cooper, another
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Love to write!

:bulletgreen: "Try and Fail but Never fail to Try." -Jared Leto :bulletwhite:

:bulletred: "Our passion is our Strength." -Billie Joe Armstrong :bulletblack:

:bulletblack: "Tears are the words the heart can't express." -Gerard Way :bulletgreen:

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:bulletgreen: Welcome lads! :bulletgreen:

As you can tell from just looking on my profile site, I am a weirdo.

I mainly write stories based off of music or any people that I love!

I am also a songwriting intermediate, with my newest two man Pop/Rock group with me and my best friend Kayla :)

"Happiness is not about getting what you want, it's wanting what you got." -Garth Brooks

I would like to complain about something.

I watched Connor Franta's most recent video, and I was a little shocked.

Because he came out of the closet. Yep, he's gay.


The reason I'm ranting is a million COMMENTS on the video.

Now, before we go on, let me tell you something.

I am actually very proud of Connor coming out and I have been unsure of my sexuality since God knows when and thanks to Connor, and Tyler, and Troye, I decided to label myself as bisexual. Not that important I'm sure. I literally questioned myself for a long time and I'm 16. I think boys are really attractive (i.e Austin) and girls are really attractive too (i.e a new girl at our school who I will not name). I never told anyone this so don't tell my parents lol.

Anyway, back to topic.

I saw all the comments on Connor's video. 50% were "I'm so proud of you Connor!" or something supportive or sweet.

While the other 50%...were homophobic slurs. 

That's what I'm here about today.

Now, people are equal, even gays or lesbians. Everyone's equal. Now, to those people who made those homophobic slurs, go jump off a cliff.

Imagine your closest friend or sibling tells you that he/she is gay. What would you do? You cannot just hate them forever or any of that stuff. I would just go, "alright, that's fine" and not worry about it. I wouldn't treat them differently. I only believe what's right and just not worry about it.

And those states that made gay marriage illegal, I suggest you make it legal because you do not realize who you're talking to. Adam Lambert is gay, Connor Franta, Tyler Oakley, Troye Sivan, Ellen DeGeneres, even more that are gay or lesbian and you should make rights to them just like you made rights to colored people or other races. 

That's my rant today. <3 you all. 



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((Oh, I don't have to be reading your new deviantID description (mainly the short synopsis-thing of "Broken") this late... Geez, I must sound so jumbled, I'm sorry.))
I knew he wanted to be a rockstar, but goodnessyoupoorthing (I should feel bad for the other...remaining...guys, too, but... I sympathize more for Sal at the moment because of main character POV. I'm sure I'll change my mind once I start reading it). 'Death of one of his close friends'.
Pre-warning: this story will more than likely make me cry (or at least tear up. Like all the other ones so farrrr). And I'll have all-caps comments. xD (I'll refrain from that...I shall.)

BUT. To ask what I came here to ask...
Are you going to be writing the music for your band?
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The band is not gonna work. Instead my friends and I are gonna make a short film about a singing competition. I already started working on it
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