Graduation and Work

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Oh WOW!!!!! :O

I just read the journal after wondering in here from your dd.

Amazing stuff!!! 2 years on - how're things going? Are you still there and are you allowed to say what projects you're working or have been working on there?

Questions, questions, questions... :w00t:
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haha, that's cool!
Work is amazing, i want to sort of show some of the stuff i've worked on, but need to get the legality straight before i post anything. Like i did a bunch of work for the Cataclysm cinematic. And then soon the work i've done for Diablo3 and SC2 will be public. SOON!!!!!

I work on all the projects because i am on the cinematics team. i looove the work we do here, but i want to show it off.
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I eagerly look forward to seeing your work when I buy SC2 heart of the swarm and Diablo 3!!!!!! :XD:

Trying not to ask for specifics... what 'sort' of work are you mainly dealing with in the cinema tics team? Are you a model creator, texture artist, rigger, animator etc or do you have to dabble in all of it?

...and when they're released, I'll get to ask you to point out the cool bits you've specifically worked on! :w00t:

(although I wouldn't be surprised if you ended up being a body double for Kerrigan!) :P
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I am a 3d artist, so i do the modeling and texturing. we don't separate those tasks over here.

Funny enough, being one of the few chicks here, they use me for reference a lot. they even did a 3d body scan of me for lady reference. so i have a 3d me to tool around with. ^_^
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haha - that doesn't surprise me in the least! :D

...and that was an excellent excuse - although 2 versions of you may be an overdose on the senses! :XD:
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I just read this journal.. Amaaaazing !
Totally proud of ya and your skillz showed off here on DA really showed you had the potential for such awesomeness..

major belated congratulations to ya. :w00t:
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hehe, thank you so much for the congrats. i am the happiest ever
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Holy crap your dream come true, isn't it? That's awesome!
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hah, i know! i was and still am so fucking happy ^_^! i love my job and my life
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Wow.... what can I say except go you & congrats at making me jealous! Blizz is known for top notch cinematics. They got you working on stuff for SC2?
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i love my team! they are so amazing!!!!
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holy carp that is so awesome for you! :)
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thank you so much! i love my job!!
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Long time lurker, first time poster.

That's brilliant news. Blizzard Cinematics is not shabby in the least. You deserve it! Keep the great works coming.
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hehe, hello lurker! ^_^
i wish i had more to post. i finished a sculpture a little bit ago. i just need my friend to fwd me the pictures. and i had a photoshoot last week that i am waiting on getting the pictures back from too. ^_^ more on that when i have it!
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Immense Congratulations!!!! My best friend will be watching something you create sooner or later as he is hopelessly addicted to WoW. I wish you all the best.
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thank you soooo much!! i love my job
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Haha, hell ya! I know you've been going for that a long time. It's glad to have ya back with Blizz! =)
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i am so happy!! ^_^
the team i am working with is amazing and SO NICE O_O!
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Congrats! Wonderful to hear, and I look forward to seeing more and more of your work. :D
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thank you so much!!!! i am so freakin' excited about starting ^_^
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fantabulous!! congrats!!!
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thank you soooo much! ^_^
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CONGRATZ! I'm so envious...I'll be watching for your trailers...;)
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