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White Lady - Cailleach

By JessicaDru
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This is one costume from my recent celtic mythology shoot.  I made costumes for the trio goddesses of the Morgu (battle, death and the afterlife).  For my own costume, I chose the crone aspect of the three, a sort of gatekeeper for the afterlife.  There was a lot of draping work and indecisiveness, but i am really happy with how the dress turned out.  I'll post some progress shots to my scraps ^_^

Making of White Lady - Cailleach Dress by JessicaDru

Photographer: Brenda Stumpf (Brenda's Facebook)
Costume and Model: Jessica Dru ... me ^_^ (my facebook
Makeup: Jenn Rose (Jenn's Facebook)
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I only came back to dA for your images! And I'm blown away, as ever! :-)
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This is an exquisitely beautiful shot, it's so wispy and dreamy looking. X3 The flowing dress and hair, your pose and expression, they all come together amazingly well in this captured moment. Awesome job to all involved, you look wonderful, and I rather like the pattern on your right arm here for some reason. ^^
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I think I might be in love...Love 
How cruel the world is to taunt me with yet another beauty forever beyond my reach...T-T:( (Sad) 
But I shall allow it.
...there are things that are beautiful precisely because one cannot posses them!Wink/Razz :D (Big Grin) 
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and i love underwater modeling for exactly that reason. it can only exist in an environment that is fleeting and impermanent. And so any moment captured underwater is truly beyond your grasp.
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quite exquisite :)
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thank you so much! i looooved making this dress. i want to work on a new dress so i can use the neck piece again ... i love the neck piece
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you're very welcome! i'll look forward to seeing that :nod:
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and what an amazing goddess you make

Really very cool looking at the process for the dress as well
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aw <3!!!!  thank you
and i love costuming, so i want to share the final look (what everything was designed for) but also what things look like out of that context.  for any costumes designers... it's helpful to see both.
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you are very welcome.... I still need to find time to do sketches of you... I believe you said I could and I even mention the Jessica Dru collectible figure... :)
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how am i only seeing this message now. -- yes, you should definitely make time for
this ^_^!! <3
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Beautiful beyond measure! I love this, the look you have, the lighting, flow, all of it!

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aww <3  I am a huge fan of the direction brenda's work is going. and we just wrapped a shoot today. we have so many things to share!!!
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Looking forward to seeing more of your collaboration with Brenda! :)
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^_^!!!! thank you
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You've outdone yourself....this is amazing! :D
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thank you so much. i love working on these costume shoots. i can't wait to share my warrior costume, worn by my friend Vanessa
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