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Underwater Mucha

By JessicaDru
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inspired by some drawings by Alfonse Mucha, my friend Vanessa and i spent all day saturday designing and sewing two dresses, and then all day sunday modeling them underwater.  This was my design (i'll post some behind the scenes/out of water in my scraps).

Photographer: Brenda Stumpf (Brenda's Facebook)
Model and Dress design: Jessica Dru ... me ^_^ (my facebook
Makeup and Hair: Jenn Rose (Jenn's Facebook)

behind the scenes:
Pink Mucha Dress by JessicaDru
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The effects are wonderful, it's so flowing like water, yet clear that it almost seems like it's not water. The colors too, the white and reds have this vibrant tone with the perfectly subtle shadows. :D
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Reminds me of a real life Amano Yoshitaka art piece.
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Spectacular!! :clap: BRAVA! :rose:
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thank you very much. we had a good time that day :)
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thank you very much ^_^
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How did you achieve this, wow!!! : O 
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i'll see if i can post more behind the scenes sort of stuff. but i do have to keep some of brenda's process a secret
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Indeed you have! Even a brief explanation will do the trick :D 

Congrats  again n.n 
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mother of god this is genius O.o
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^_^!!!! thank youuuu. i like hearing stuff like this O_O we work so hard on all these shoots
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i belive looks so professional...To make such photos, seems to have been an incredible work
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This should be made available as a print, it's gorgeous
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i'll have to talk with brenda.  ideally, i want to get her a gallery show. she has so much beautiful stuff to show
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Amazing all around! Thanks for the FB link to Brenda's photography!
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yesss, you should follow her. she's amazing!
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I am following her and I totally agree she is an amazing photographer! :D
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Thanks for sharing.
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aw, thank you ^_^ and i am trying to post more stuff here. like i have piles of myth masque and labyrinth of jareth masquerade stuff to share as well.
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so much love your underwater work.  it's amazing.
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thank you very much... i must admit it is my favorite kind of modeling and costuming
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