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Kwan Yin - Close Up

Subject: Kwan Yin - celestial bodhisattva and an ascended master

I bought a new paint brush and spent 3 hours working on Kwan Yin's face, skin tone and visible body.

Next step: her clothing and possibly adding jewelry or native flowers to her hair.

Any and all advice is welcomed.
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my denial this one is so good...i tried to draw this but i always fail it :D i dont have any bad comment,exept the left hand,it draws the attention and makes it look away from the picture,but even still,its nicely done :)
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thank you, i dont own the image to rework it any futher. though i might ask my ex to let me touch it up some.
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The brush strokes are excellent in this piece. The waves are stunning, the flow of the hair and the strokes of the drapery are beautifully defined. But you're not getting away without a critique.

The hand is odd. The palm and thumb area are well-defined, but the connections between the fingers and palm are strange looking, perhaps something to do with too much lighting on the middle finger. Turning the fingers in slightly might give a better vantage point to fill in shadows there.

The subject is in the center of the picture. This essentially cuts the piece in half and reduces the majesty of the waves. Since the hair is flowing to the right, she could be standing more to the left side of the image to create a better left > right sequence.

Also, the subject was apparently painted before the background. Next time, make your background first, then fill in your subject area, and then detail your subject. I think this would make the painting look a bit cleaner and fill in some holes in the paintwork.

Only other thing I can critique is that her right arm (the one that's folded) could come out at a slightly higher angle rather than being tucked in.

The face itself is beautiful, the features are very nicely defined. The structure seems a bit broad near the lower cheeks but that might be perspective screwing with me.

I really do like this though, and with some of those slight composition changes I would readily hang a 3-foot poster of this on my wall.
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Ah, I know, that hand is weird, but i was so impatient to be done that i didn't give myself enough time to refine the smaller details (since they are difficult to work with when too wet). I promise to paint another, i just don't have a subject for a new painting yet.
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Beautiful rendering of one of my favorite bodhisattva
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thank you so much for saying so. i had a wonderful time painting this image and might visit the subject again soon
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it's fine the way it is :nod: nice work ;)
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i am really pleased with this painting.
kykiske20022003's avatar
indeed :nod: I also love how you painted the waves on the background :w00t!:
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WOW! Very powerful in my humble opinion!
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Native flowers is a fantastic idea.
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my suggestion is on the waves. the tube look as if they are cut off almost as if they are very thin waves. so i think if you added a little more depth to the tubes of the waves it would really add to mood. take a look at my gallery if you want to see alot of painted waves.
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The front arm seems a little light for the overall tone of the image. Also, her right eye (The one on the left of the image) rises at the outer edge. I'm going to guess that you are right handed? Before you start on the clothing, you can go ahead and add in a little background texture to remove that part of the "halo". Goa ahead and get some marks on the clothes since that will be covered up when you add in shadows and darker tones of blue.
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I think you don't have to put more on the body and her face...Just maybe more "relief" for the waves in the background... And more "strong" for the clouds... And she will be pure enough...
But i still like her and your painting...
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I love the motion you have going in this... her hair, her dress and the ocean.... yet she has such a stillness and peace about her. it's quite wonderful, I'm not sure if it's intentional or not but I love it
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I really love her hair :)
This face is prettier than before, and I think the adding of a necklace will sound good :)
Why not an orchid in her hair...
I'm waiting the next step of this work :)
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I like the slight changes. not too much just enough. great work
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wonderfull my sweet
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i think a necklace would be good
apart from that it is a beautiful painting
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it's certainly coming along beautifully! as you start to work more on the gown i'd personally go for less detail as going from top to bottom... merging and blending the bottom of the gown in with the waves. :)
itsallthruyoureyes's avatar
the face is beautiful, i think it'd actually be better without so much detail...
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