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Shark Girl by jessicaarchambault Shark Girl :iconjessicaarchambault:jessicaarchambault 4 1 Koko x Anastasia by jessicaarchambault Koko x Anastasia :iconjessicaarchambault:jessicaarchambault 2 1 Abigail x Raven by jessicaarchambault Abigail x Raven :iconjessicaarchambault:jessicaarchambault 1 0 Pidge x Jayjay by jessicaarchambault Pidge x Jayjay :iconjessicaarchambault:jessicaarchambault 2 0 Vivziepop Werewolf breedable chart (UPDATED!!) by jessicaarchambault Vivziepop Werewolf breedable chart (UPDATED!!) :iconjessicaarchambault:jessicaarchambault 4 12
A Hatchet's Soft Edge
Heavy breathing could be heard from the small figure. He tried calming himself.......but nothing worked.
The crowd of taller people ignored or gave him looks of disgust and confusion as they continued to walk around him. Some even stepping on him without a second glance.
It seemed the world started caving in on him. He whimpered and clamped his hands over his ears. Rocking didn't work. The carnival music and voices became louder, stronger until that's all he could hear. Everything began to spin. Noise so loud it hurt.
His breathing quickened as the world spun faster and faster......until everything turned black.....and he fell to the ground in a heap.
He didn't see the tall figure parting the crowd and forcing her way over to him. The figure stopped before lightly proding the small male with one of her feet. He didn't move and after a few more seconds, he was gently picked up and held to someone's chest as she carried him through the crowd.
:iconjessicaarchambault:jessicaarchambault 0 0
Dragon's Princess
It had been a long day of work for the Princess of Friendship and her school.
That's day's lesson had been pretty hectic since Chancellor Neighsay had once again tried to close down the school and brought a small mob of worried ponies  behind him. Bringing up the same old argument of so many different species living together would cause nothing but destruction to Equestria. 
It took a whole hour to calm down the dilemma and even longer to get him to leave.
So......yeah. The day had not been the best. Not the worst, but not the best.
Right now at the moment, the soft pitter patter of purple feet was the only thing that echoed through the diamond hallways. The familiar young dragon made his way down the hall towards the sleeping chambers of said princess to make sure she was doing alright.
Turning right, he walked a little more and came to a smaller room on the right side. He recognized this as the bedroom of his princess friend and smiled before going up and knocking on the do
:iconjessicaarchambault:jessicaarchambault 0 0
Queeny by jessicaarchambault Queeny :iconjessicaarchambault:jessicaarchambault 1 0 A Digital Jewely by jessicaarchambault A Digital Jewely :iconjessicaarchambault:jessicaarchambault 1 0 Chesire by jessicaarchambault Chesire :iconjessicaarchambault:jessicaarchambault 4 0 Devilish Dragon by jessicaarchambault Devilish Dragon :iconjessicaarchambault:jessicaarchambault 2 0 Venganza by jessicaarchambault Venganza :iconjessicaarchambault:jessicaarchambault 2 0
Narrow Escape
"Sh*t sh*t Sh*t sh*t sh*t Sh*t! F**KING SHIT!!"
Those were the words going through his head as he ran. Sirens sounded out behind him and in turn made him run faster.
His lungs burnt, his muscles ached, and he felt really dehydrated and tired. But still he ran. The dark night gave him some cover, but it wouldn't last forever. Especially in his tired condition and how fast the sirens were approaching.
All because of one little slip up.
He needed the money. Badly. His solution? Rob a nearby jewelry store. It would've normally gone so smoothly if it wasn't for one minor detail.
He'd taken all the precautions. Wait til the sun goes down, disable the electricity so the alarm and cameras wouldn't work, wear gloves and mask, bring sack for loot, etc.
What he hadn't known was that the store had been robbed before and the owner had installed a back up alarm. Which he set off and now he was stuck running for his life with a bag of stolen loot.
"F**K! Do these guys *huff* ever take a d*m break?!"
:iconjessicaarchambault:jessicaarchambault 2 2
Icicles Meets Fern
The small brown creature gulped and backed away from the MUCH larger one.
Her yellow eyes watched him closely. Besides being taller, she was pure white. No seriously. Like ghost white. He could tell she was female by her.....well....figure and longer eyelashes.
She slowly stepped out of the bushes concealing her and carefully approached him. He in return, scampered back until his body hit a tree. He watched in terror as she stopped and bent down until their faces were inches apart.
He whimpered and watched her nose twitch as she sniffed at him. At one point, she snorted and gave a look of confusion....before shaking her head. She reached out and poked his chest before slowly going down to lightly press his stomach. She seemed satisfied as she moved up to his arms.
Extending one, she took a few more sniffs before gently squeezing the muscles. Seeming satisfied, she moved onto the next arm and did the same thing.
He watched as she continued to examine various parts of his body. It felt l
:iconjessicaarchambault:jessicaarchambault 2 2
New Student Part 5
The music was drowned out as the beautiful blonde wolf strolled through the dancing crowd and towards her.
Star gulped down the nervous lump in her throat as she stopped right in front of her. Her blood red eyes sparkled down at her with curiousity and she just now noticed how small she was compared to her. She had an aura of authority around her.
"Um....Hi." She watched nervously as she sniffed her a couple times.
"Your scent's new. Let me guess.....Jeej brought another friend to the party?"
"Uh...." Jeej? Did she mean Jayjay? "Yeah. I guess."
She nodded. ''Thought so. She often brings all sorts of people to these parties. But the more the merrier I say."
"Oh. Well, I was just leaving." She made a gesture to the door and carefully began to sidestep around the massive wolf.
"Oh, really? But the night's so young."
"Well....It's really late, and I have school tomorrow."
"Oh. I understand. Are you sure you don't want to stay?"
"N-No thanks." She fully stepped around her and was i
:iconjessicaarchambault:jessicaarchambault 2 2
Phone Calls.
It seemed like a regular day in the masion she called home. It was maybe a few days after she gave birth and was taken from her child and husband by a rival gang member who wished ransom.
Of course, Ribbon's quick thinking was able to save her.
Right now said baby was cooing in her arms and her husband only sat a little ways from her. Everything was as normal as her life could be. Papers shuffled on the desk as he carefully went through each one. Reading through them all usually took an hour at most. Two if there were any delays.
"Hmm." His eyes darted to the doe.
She smiled before holding up the child. "Don't you want to hold Winter?" Upon seeing his father, he gave a happy squeal and kicked his legs out.
"......." The corner of his mouth gave a small sign of a smile. "....After I finish with work. It shouldn't take long."
"....." he sighed. "Darling, I promise to spend more time with you, but these things can't be overlooked."
"I understand." She slowly lowered t
:iconjessicaarchambault:jessicaarchambault 1 11


Fluttershy's Iron Will by Tillie-TMB Fluttershy's Iron Will :icontillie-tmb:Tillie-TMB 14 17
New youtube video
just some more editing stuff i did
this time audio edits
:iconbutterscotchboy:ButterscotchBoy 1 1
.:Zoophobia:. - Hellelujah by zekeNskullers .:Zoophobia:. - Hellelujah :iconzekenskullers:zekeNskullers 12 14 Zoophobia - Angel Dust - SKETCH by zekeNskullers Zoophobia - Angel Dust - SKETCH :iconzekenskullers:zekeNskullers 11 5 Voice Audition As Fitch :D by zekeNskullers Voice Audition As Fitch :D :iconzekenskullers:zekeNskullers 5 9 TIMBER - Quincy FanArt WIP by zekeNskullers TIMBER - Quincy FanArt WIP :iconzekenskullers:zekeNskullers 9 0 Chaos Kissinger by Chaos55t Chaos Kissinger :iconchaos55t:Chaos55t 1,185 132 Undertale next gen: Jobs, 2 by Palettepainter Undertale next gen: Jobs, 2 :iconpalettepainter:Palettepainter 13 2 Christmas Jayjay timeline-By Hunter by SplatPad Christmas Jayjay timeline-By Hunter :iconsplatpad:SplatPad 3 0 Rose -Gift for BuyolitsezMC by SplatPad Rose -Gift for BuyolitsezMC :iconsplatpad:SplatPad 17 2 How i do it.......... by SplatPad How i do it.......... :iconsplatpad:SplatPad 3 0 Party Night (TRASH) by SplatPad Party Night (TRASH) :iconsplatpad:SplatPad 22 2 2016 sketch 18: Spam meets TEMMIE by SplatPad 2016 sketch 18: Spam meets TEMMIE :iconsplatpad:SplatPad 5 0 2016 sketch 7: How's it goin Crymini? by SplatPad 2016 sketch 7: How's it goin Crymini? :iconsplatpad:SplatPad 16 2 2016 sketch 15: JayJay meets Bratty and Catty by SplatPad 2016 sketch 15: JayJay meets Bratty and Catty :iconsplatpad:SplatPad 9 13 2016 sketch 19: Werewolf Girls WIP by SplatPad 2016 sketch 19: Werewolf Girls WIP :iconsplatpad:SplatPad 8 8


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