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Shapeshifters #4 Deer by jessicaarchambault Shapeshifters #4 Deer :iconjessicaarchambault:jessicaarchambault 9 0 Shapeshifters #3 Dragons by jessicaarchambault Shapeshifters #3 Dragons :iconjessicaarchambault:jessicaarchambault 5 7 My hero..... by jessicaarchambault My hero..... :iconjessicaarchambault:jessicaarchambault 8 5 Rose petals and Moth eyes by jessicaarchambault Rose petals and Moth eyes :iconjessicaarchambault:jessicaarchambault 6 0
Addison x Gender Neutral Reader
(I kept the gender to YOUR OWN inturpritation. So go ahead and imagine what gender you want for this.And remember y/n stands for your name)
There wasn't anything out of order today. Class had began like any other time with his mother starting the art class and everyone sitting at their canvas.
"Ok, everyone." The naga smiled at her students. "As you know, this week will be a group project, so everyone pick a partner and we'll begin the lesson."
Everyone sorta shuffled around and murmered to themselves as they scanned one another for a potential work partner. You see....working with others wasn't really his thing. And none of his friends had the same art class as him...…..Which meant he had to choose someone or risk being paired up by his mother.
"'Ello, Addi.~"
He froze before whipping up and yelping at the sight of the floating demon. He smiled wider, amused by his expression.
"I see ya need some help.~"
"I don't need ANY help from YOU." He gave him the most disgusted look he co
:iconjessicaarchambault:jessicaarchambault 2 6
Flirts With An Angel
Explosions, loud booms, and flashes of lights filled the air as bombs flew all over the place.
"There! There! NO there, you idiots!!"
The shrill voice of the snake demon shouted as his useless, stupid excuse for henchmen ran too and fro trying to do as he ordered. Key word being tried. As one was suddenly cracked open (no pun intended) as a bat was slammed on his head. The owner of said bat let out a breath as he examined his handy work.
Another explosion went off behind him before someone landed beside him with a wide grin.
"Well, I guess that wraps things up. Hehe......Now all we gotta do is figure out how to get the bag away from Ugly."
They both looked up at the snake demon who hissed and cursed at them from on top of his giant machine. Tilting his head, he gave a thoughtful hum.
"Oooooh!~ I know THAT look. What are you planning?"
He pulled her closer with one of his arms and smiled. "I think I got an idea.~"
From above the serpent was jabbing and pushing many levers and buttons on
:iconjessicaarchambault:jessicaarchambault 2 4
Hazbin Worlds Collide Part 19
In all the confusion, Velvet nodded and pointed a hand at the small snake.
"That's Nidra. The residential snake witch I told you about." Maizy blinked, but didn't lower her staff. Velvet continued and looked back at her. "How did you get here?"
Her purple eyes grazed over at everyone carefully. Stopping at Maizy suspiciously for a split second. ".....I haven't the faintest idea. All I know is that one moment I'm meeting with a potential client and the next I'm dropped off here in smoke. Though I could ask all of you the same thing. Your disappearance has caused quite the commotion back home."
She looked around nervously. "Uh......It might be easier to explain upstairs. In case that thing explodes again."
Dexter mumbled something along the lines of 'I'll see to it' and stepped from behind the table he ducked behind when the explosion happened. Aldo followed.
" Could you call off your THING first!?"
All eyes turned to the cat prince as he stood on top of one of the tables. The green.....
:iconjessicaarchambault:jessicaarchambault 2 9
Safe Haven's Angel B1 Ch31 Hospital News P5
Her breathing got quicker as the sound of whirling blades came back around. Any second, another missile could be launchd at them from who knows where. The doctor tried to get her to calm down, but he looked just as nerve racked at she was.
Nicholas hadn't moved from his spot on the wall and his ears were pinned back against his head. A million questions raced through her mind at this point. Like....Would they survive this horrible thing? How many people were already harmed from this? When will it all stop?
Her stomach dropped when the helicopter, for whatever reason stopped and hovered in front of the hole that made up half of the wall. How did she know?....Well the sickening sound of whirling blades not budging from that certain spot could've been a dead give away. Her heart pounded harder until it filled her ears and her grip on the metal bed tightened.
Her blue eyes skimmed over the bed and the unconscious older lady on it. If it wasn't for the fact that a very nasty virus wa a
:iconjessicaarchambault:jessicaarchambault 2 13
Safe Haven's Angel B1 Ch30 Hospital News P4
Smoke had began to fill the air and several people from blocks around had heard the awful blasts from the missles. One in particular had been watching the window since the beginning. Her pink and blue eyes fixated on the smoke-y horizon.
".....This isn't like you."
She slowly turned her head to the younger person. His red eyes narrowed and arms crossed across his chest. She merely smiled sweetly and fluttered her eyelashes.
"Who? Me? Aha hmhmhm."
He didn't change his look. "Yes. You. You've been wearing that human disguise and living with me for over a month."
She raised a brow. "Oh? Would you rather have me leave?"
She let out a snort at his response. As much as he enjoyed his company (and boy he REALLY was desperate for her to stay more often), this......wasn't like her. At ALL. The longest she'd ever stayed with him (before this of course) was two weeks. She never stayed with him this long before. His sister had to urge to travel to different places. Not settle down.
"I mean
:iconjessicaarchambault:jessicaarchambault 3 5
Safe Haven's Angel B1 Ch29 Hospital News P3
The female didn't have to be told twice as the weapon in her hands clicked. The Director wasn't the only one that heard the dragon's roar apparently. It had just better not be the dragon he never wanted to see again.
His yellow eyes fixated on the door. The papers he was once attempting to finish going through were all but forgotten. As his full attention was now directed on the door.....and the footsteps rapidly approaching. The tall cat aimed the weapon at the door just the doorknob jiggled.
A moment later, the dragon practically kicked the door off it's hinges. He raised a brow at his panting, sweating employee. Marx attempted to speak but he sputtered from his body's lack of oxygen and leaned over to take deep breaths. Salem lowered the weapon with an annoyed look but still held it at the ready just in case. Her boss gave off a sigh.
"What is it now, Marx? Did someone else have a problem with clothes?" He frantically shook his head. "Well, spit it out then."
:iconjessicaarchambault:jessicaarchambault 4 13
Safe Haven's Angel B1 Ch28 Hospital News P2
Panicked screams, and sirens from below filled the air as she sat next to the figure in the bed.
The tall cat had shoved the bed against the opposite side of the wall as so it couldn't be seen from the missing part of the back wall. Cr. Larson was busy examining the unconscious doe as ordered by the taller cat. Said cat pressed against the wall next to the hole and stared out. Probably waiting fir the helicopter to come around again.
The doc would've probably left to tend to anyone else that needed help if it wasn't for the fact that the cat had piled anything he could grab against the door and.....he had a gun....A really BIG tommy gun. She had a sickening feeling that this wasn't just a random attack......How?
Well, it's not everyday the wife of a powerful Don was left in such a vulnerable position away from her husband's protection.....And that the cat bristled everytime the helicopter circled. Which meant he identified it as an enemy. Which also meant that this was bad. Very....VER
:iconjessicaarchambault:jessicaarchambault 3 11
Safe Haven's Angel B1 Ch27 Hospital News P1
Well......Today was Thursday. The day before she would be released. Thank goodness. The food here wasn't exactly the best tasting.
She especially would feel better once she was in a more familiar environment. Without staff or anyone else peering at her new limbs. And speaking of 'peering at limbs'.....She shifted uncomfortable as Dr. Larson was giving her one last check up before tomorrow.
He hummed while he worked on her wings. Asking the occasional question like...'Does it hurt when I apply pressure here?' or 'Does it feel like they're pulling against your spine in anyway?' To which she answered no. He nodded and walked from behind her.
He shoved his hands into his pockets. "Well....I see nothing wrong with them or the rest of your body. Which means your blood loss wasn't very concerning. But I am a little concerned with how your body will adjust to your new weight."
She cocked her head to the side. "What do you mean?"
He pointed behind her. "Despite your wings being incredible light
:iconjessicaarchambault:jessicaarchambault 3 0
Safe Haven's Angel B1 Ch26 Family Matters Part2
"Babe! Where's the TV remote!?"
The dragon shoved aside the pillows and cushions on the couch and sniffed around for said TV remote.
"Babe!," he shouted again when she didn't answer.
"What?!," she shouted from the kitchen.
"I can't find the f*cking remote!" He became more frustrated as he tossed a pillow to the side. The dragon snorted before reaching up to scratch his head.
Where was the d*m thing?
He was just about ready to toss the entire couch when a sudden loud knocking noise got his attention. He whipped around to the door. Letting out a curious grunt before sniffing the air. Instantly his face lit up and his spiked tail wagged.
On the other side of the door, another dragon gave a louder knock.
"Are they home?"
He turned with a rose brow down at his mate. "They better be. Eve was very....insistant over the phone. She knew to expect us. It'd be rude to not be here when we arri-" He froze as his ears twitched towards the door.
She didn't have much time before she was shove
:iconjessicaarchambault:jessicaarchambault 3 11
Safe Haven's Angel B1 Ch25 School Stuff P4
The normal hoard of students walked by as he boredly looked out his mother's classroom door. He SHOULD be out there waiting for his friends and younger cousins...….but his mother had other ideas.
He turned his bored stare onto her and the armchair she sat in. Being the teacher of magical animals and plants meant she had a much larger classroom compared to the other teachers in order to show specimens of her 'teachings'. She was relaxed in her chair but looked up sensing his gaze.
"And jus' what are you gawkin' at?," she asked with a raised brow.
He sighed and raised his hands to sign. Despite being mute from birth, he had no problem talking in his own way. Thank god Carrie knew so many languages being an expert on all kinds of critters, Sign language happened to be one.
"I should be waiting for my friends. They're supposed to meet me and Indigo."
"Yeah? Well, they can afford to wait just a bit longer. They can git ta class without ya playing babysitter to 'em."
He narrowed his ey
:iconjessicaarchambault:jessicaarchambault 2 0
Safe Haven's Angel Book1 Ch24 School Stuff P3
"So......Your dad wants you to kill who?"
The two ladies stared at him like he was crazy. He only calmly stared back at them. The small closet he had lead the girls too had barely any light, which made his blue eyes seem to glow.
"I must admit, it was unexpected to say the least. Father hasn't been in his right mind for quite a while, and I fear he'll do something......'extreme' without thinking."
The cheetah tilted her head and gave him a look while crossing her arms. "And do you plan on actually doing it?"
He was quiet for a moment lost in thought, but he did look up at the sisters.
"While I would gladly like to be rid of the problem.....My father and his often make good business deals and Ms. Baltimore IS a decent actress. With how things are going, I'd rather not risk to possibly loose 'good' people that bring us business. But who knows what the future has in store?"
"Seems like a good idea, but the spoiled snowflake hasn't been near her for a good while."
"If he changes his mind..
:iconjessicaarchambault:jessicaarchambault 3 0
Demon's Wolf
Another day, another dollar.
At least that's what Mr. Henry always said, and good lord knows how Henry's positive attitude always seemed to make things seem less chaotic. But, such is the life of the studio and it's inhabitants. The squeak of the bolt she tightened reached her ears as her wrench pulled it.
"'Just a little leak' they said. 'Just one pipe' they said," she mumbled to herself. She grunted as she worked, "They didn't tell me that....Rrr...the 'one pipe' was one of the major ones."
Ink sloshed under her feet as she adjusted her footing in the liquid. Making her grimace and try to hurry.
"Wally can drain this stuff. It's bad enough I'm doing HIS work."
With one more grunt, the bolt fully tightened and the once flowing Ink stopped. Tiredly, she nodded and turned (not forgetting to pick up her tool box on the way) and trudged through the sludge to the stairs. Her footsteps making squish noises from the ink still clinging to her.
Once at the top of the stairs, she dropped her to
:iconjessicaarchambault:jessicaarchambault 3 4


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