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Squirrel and Brownie by Jessica-Rae-3, visual art

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Inktober 1 - S'more Problems by Jessica-Rae-3, visual art

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Inktober 4- Windsday by Jessica-Rae-3, visual art

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Falling with Style! by Jessica-Rae-3, visual art

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Autumn Time With Coda by Jessica-Rae-3, visual art

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My Bio

The name is Jessica Rae. Nice to meet you. ^_^

Love my Lord Jesus Christ and am very thankful for Him blessing me with the talents He has allowed me to develop.

Not that much to me except that I'm a writer and sequential artist...a Christian one at that. ^_^

Hope you guys enjoy the work and don't steal...OR ELSE YOU'LL LOOK LIKE A DUMMY WHEN MY SERIES GETS PUBLISHED. :P If you do take them to draw, tell me please. Thanks.

SpazCat 04 by rosariocentralplz

Also, you might see some predators and preys on my site, so don't be alarmed. They are either shown in a funny way on here or teasing or with sweetness (literally and metaphorically). And if it's a serious situation, it is filtered through moral lenses so you are in good hands here. :meow:

By the way, for a great book about looking at the world through a Christian's lens, I suggest reading the book written by Tim Keller; "The Reason for God". It is very well researched.

You are all loved and blessings on you all. ^_^

What I think most giants or predators imagine doing, which freaks me out as the tiny: Bouncy Ball by yarjor :tossemote: by stuck-in-suburbia giant pat by CookiemagiK Play time by CookiemagiK OM NOM NOM by prosaix New Toy by Ridley126 Giant Smother Hug V2 by XaiIrken :thumb87371615: Meet Big by Koomba Emoticon 4 by Idiot098 STRANGLER by 5P-emotes massive I WANT a CANDY. Threat by HsssN ice cream van by CookiemagiK Big little challenge by HsssN Blue squish by prosaix Pacman and Emote by Electrosion Massive emote bump by Droneguard Massive emote gimme kiss by Droneguard Chase me plz by Droneguard Massive emote squish by Droneguard :thumb87849651: OMG GODZILLA by X-wing9 The om nom nom Kitty by NeoSlashott BBF Icon by cgratzlaff Toy Crane Avatar by Koomba Don't crush me by horber95 Grrr by horber95 Giant Huggle by Web5teR Giant Spinning Tard by Web5teR Nom - NaNoEmo - day 12 by Krissi001 Giant Smooch by Web5teR The Nom Nom Nom Monster by Patches67


...mmm, maybe.

Scared Cat by rosariocentralplz

People reading this are like: Oh Jess by Goodbutbad

Favourite Visual Artist
J. Scott Campbell
Favourite Movies
Favourite TV Shows
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
J-Pop and Soft Rock
Favourite Books
adventure tales (can't stand most of modern teen novels)
Favourite Writers
C.S. Lewis
Favourite Games
Dead or Alive
Favourite Gaming Platform
haven't played enough of them to tell
Tools of the Trade
heart and pencil
Other Interests
Loved by Jesus and I want to try my hardest to love Him back! ^_^

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...because here's another one. :3 Playing Halloween music, randomly talking and finishing a Halloween comic! >w< Come and enjoy! You may hear my lil sis Summer randomly also. >.> So be thoughtful about conversations....AND NO VORE ROLE-PLAYING IN THE COMMENTS! Please?
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:pquiet lately, i hope all is well in the little squeakers life.

Not really, BUT oh well. ^w^ I look forward to Thanksgiving and beyond. :3 Gonna do some livestreams then. How've you been, broom tail? >w>

:py'know, i'm starting to think that all artists are doomed to a life of mishaps... all totally unrelated to the art itself.

:nuu:for we are cursed, the powers that be hate art apparently!

:XD:seriously though, have you ever met an artist who's life isn't always going wrong? haha

:la:nevermind! What doesn't kill us can only make us stronger............ or insane :dummy:

:Danyway, asides from a lot of house DIY issues making my attempts to save money for a new pup futile, all is well here in the land of tea drinkers!

:pAlso for the record, if i wanted a cheap pup i could get one now.... but.... :la:I want an insanely pricey Malamute fluffer!

£2000-3000 .........:pThat's probably like 2 billion in worthless yanky monies.


First I want to say your art is great, I love the detail you put in to your work.

I wanted to ask if you had ever drawn something with Rory from gate and if so where I can find it? I remember seeing something with her as a giantess with pre vore and I remember the art looked like your style.

I have it here:

Snackrifices for Rory Mercury JessicaRae

Enjoy. ^_^

That's it, thank you for sending it. I've been looking for this for a few weeks, it's a great picture and one of my favourite piece of Rory art and one of my favourite piece of giantess art in general.

Its been about a year so i was wondering if it was my turn to share my idea with you.