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The Sea Witch

For the 2D Drawing Jam on CGHub
Redesign of the Sea Witch - lots of people went with tentacles like Ursula from the Disney film, I wanted to see what she'd be like if she was a jellyfish.

About 8 Hours
Adobe Photoshop CS5 + Intuos 4
Image © J. Oyhenart-Ball, 2012
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© 2012 - 2021 JessiBeans
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Holy shit; this is amazing. The colors and their fluidity with each other, it's mesmerizing.
Raqalien's avatar
Wow... :D love the idea of her being part jellyfish!
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Great! Check out my account

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Hey there, it's feature time: [link] :)
bhut's avatar
Well, she's lovely!
AliaOfTheKnife's avatar
I love the jellyfish concept, it's perfect.
AzahaleaYm's avatar
thats awesome!!!
SynPixie's avatar
I like the jellyfish motif much more than tentacles!
illogan's avatar
speechless... woah!
EyeCandyAddict's avatar
there is a first time for everything and now is one of those moments for me
BoredRandomnimity's avatar
insane!! its so beautiful...
GrandMasterFDC's avatar
Just wow! You've just inspired another series project for me. As always very imaginative and your coloring is amazing.
Feybles's avatar
I like the different take on the subject very much! Nicely done!
Chickenwhite's avatar
And the answer is: about over 9000 times scarier.
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FEATURE LINK IS HERE ...... [link]
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Woah I love it :love:
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This is awesome! Last season on Face-Off (SyFy reality show on SFX makeup), they covered fairy tales, and one of the contestants did a "Psychedelic Little Mermaid", which featured the Sea Witch as a Jellyfish. Yours is soooooooooo much better!
JRN-unknown's avatar
Interesting concept. If you think about it, she'd be even more evil as a jellyfish than an octupus
CaraKhan's avatar
Oooh I loooove this.
wow, brilliant
Such imagination and then the abillity to bring it to life like this, it's pure magic!!
great stuff!
zepheenia's avatar
Aaaaaaaaamazing, as always. Love the soft lighting..on anything else it would be rosy and lovely, on this it's eerie, and I love that!
aru's avatar
Gorgeous! I love the colors... very cool and very original!
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