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Nine Tailed Fox

By JessiBeans
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A fanart of Ahri from League of Legends.  I started a little pinup doodle of her after my trip to Korea and ended up spending an awful lot of time referencing and painting food. XD  I also painted alot of this on my STREAM! (yay)  You can find that here… , trying to set up some semi-regular times...

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Ahri's devious smile and mischievous glare are very evocative of an old Looney Tunes short with Sylvester plotting to snare Tweety pie. Also I don't know if it's my screen, but I do like the very very feint freckling on her face and chest. Use of colour is very appealing. 
11/10 work.
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(puts down binoculars)
fox waifu spotted
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The lighting here is gorgeous; great job!
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Your art makes me feel cozy. I don't know how else to describe it.
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LoL, too. Man I love your stuff. C:
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Awwww, I loooove it!!! :heart:
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It's always good to see new stuff from you, Jess.
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You AMAZING job with her eyes. They strike me so suddenly that I stopped browsing my new pictures, and I was completely zoned out. The detail and style of the rest of this piece is delightful as well. Favorite'd :awe: 
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Wow, you're such an amazing artist.
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cute i love it
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Amazing piece!  I love her hair and all of the details!
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Soooooooo~ much details, love the textures!
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Very nice sense of mystery, myth, sensuality, and power--and a great overall impression of semi-feral femininity.
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Really pretty face 
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Pretty and calm, love it, :)
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Absolutely beautiful :)
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I love the detail and general plushy fluffiness of this pic. :) Very well done!
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Really nice painting.  Especially like all the other elements you've put into it with regard to the food, the lantern and the birds nesting in the bonsai style tree.
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Not MLG enough. 4/20 IGN
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LoL fanart is the shizz. yet i don't like the gameplay lol.
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