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Lucrezia Borgia

By JessiBeans
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So I like to read Wikipedia, or rather, fall into black holes of reading connected entries on a tangent so that I lose time... "researching."  The Borgias were one such tangent, maybe because the show was coming out? (I started this that long ago)  Maybe not... Lucrezia is much maligned by history.  She may have been a cold temptress, she was definitely the bastard daughter of Pope Alexander VI (scandalous!), and her story is interesting either way. More on her here:… That period in Italian history is one of my favorites, too. 

This is Lucrezia imagined as a misfit Disney princess, a la Rapunzel.  I really wanted to paint gold hair with a crazy rim light and jello demon fairy things.  She has a companion piece, Joan the Mad, who may be done... some day. XD

This is based (kinda) on the only known painting of her as St. Catherine of Alexandria in a fresco by Pinturicchio, in the Sala dei Santi the Borgia apartments in the Vatican c. 1494:…

Photoshop CS5 with Wacom Intuos 4
Spread out over a year...  Maybe like 3 weeks total?
Image © J. Oyhenart-Ball, 2014
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This is just too gorgeous. All those details and textures are out of this world. I know how much effort, time and pain (from being in the same position holding the pen) it takes. Excellent work!
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I love the naughty gleam in her eye!
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Great job! It is really beautifully done, and I love the show The Borgias....Lucrezia was always a favorite
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DAMN that is amazing! The curls especially, wow!

I first discovered her through Assassin's Creed 2 - and loved her instantly. :D This is fantastic!
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profesional <3
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amazing !!! Love the hair :O
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WOW that hair.  GORGEOUSSS.
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The detail!! I'm dying over that
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nice. i want modeling in 3d :)
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This is amazing! I too have fallen into the Borgia wiki-hole, fascinating. Have you seen that Sarah Dunant has a book about them? =)
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First of all: gorgeous pic.  Secondly, the black hole your talking about is called taking a "wiki walk".
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Spetacular work!! :clap:
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Nicely done. I loved her sinister expression. :-)
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Brilliant, so very clever with your use of light and colour :)
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Great work, as always! you should post more, if it's possible...
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