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The Agony's Embrace

New official base splash for Evelynn's VGU. This is one of my favorite projects I've worked on for the LOL Champion Updates, I had some incredible designs to work with from Gem Lim and fantastic support from my illustration team. Plus, Eve is my kinda girl <3

Evelynn is from League of Legends, which belongs to Riot Games. (2017)
Photoshop CS6 + Wacom (Used both an Intuos and a Cintiq) 

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Damn this is so fuck awesome, I hope to achieve this technique

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Never played LoL and never will be. B-)
But people make highquality artworks of LoL charas.
Especially of Evelynn.

Is it appropriate to call her the Morrigan Aensland of LoL? :XD:
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Ahh, that's hot! That's hot!
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Wonderful colors. :+fav: :+devwatch:
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I used this in a photomanip because someone had entered it as stock, i dont sell my work and just do it for fun, I have given credit and a link to your work but if you dont want it up I will take it off my site, sorry for the confusion..thanks
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Ik its late buuut meh.. eve is my fave jg champ (exclude kayn)  and i really enjoy this rework alot. THANK YOU FOR EXSISTING! <3
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In my opinion this is definitely one of the best splashes in the game, words can not descried how much I love this drawing. The atmosphere and lighting is incredible from top to bottom and you've captured her character perfectly. It's so epic you're very talented.       
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btw great job!
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Clap :happybounce: Clap :happybounce: Clap :happybounce: Clap :happybounce: Clap 
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By the way, thanks for giving us the big resolution version of this :D It makes a fantastic wallpaper!
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check this shameless reupload though  Evelynn Splash Art 4K HD Wallpaper by EcchiAnimeEdits

Your artwork is gorgeous though, and you're doing new Evelynn justice and more.
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I like the pulsing colours and the texture in this pic. :) Very well done!
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Woah, I love the colours and lighting here. I don't play League anymore, but I'm glad you were the one to update her splash. You've really done her justice, and then some. The story going on in this is also really interesting, and the way you've shown it makes me curious to know just what it is.
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Amazing work Jessica! :D
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This looks really awesome! I like it :D
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Wait a sec, is that the Old King and Queen of the Freljord? Guess in Eve's new lore she'll be immortal.
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Fantastic piece of art that fully captures the character. I love how the scene is set out, with the man assassinated and the guards rushing in through the large doorway.  The man looks like someone rich and powerful who needed killing, presuming he'd made a lot of enemies.

How long did this take to make? Also, what was your inspiration for this scene? 

Thanks for sharing one of my favourite LOL characters. 
So damn sexy
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Evelynn-Render by AndreevGFX
Someone "rendered" your work.
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This was a really cool conversation to read!  I did message and ask that credit be given, and it has been (Riot does indeed own the image)
It's ok to not be credited directly, it's just not the most polite either - and to be fair, my name isn't on her in the game, either.  

I know I made the one that the players get to see, and that you are enjoying here, so I like to think I'm winning.  Plus mine has Queen and the crown and all the things that tell the story! ;)
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Thank you for the reply it just burns me up to see people do these cut outs, like I said below they seem to target any image that strikes their fancy, regardless if editing it is allowed or not. Awesome work though, it's nice seeing the artist getting recognition for their work.
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I don't see why you've put that in quotation marks, rendering in this context means to cut out the main focus of the image, which is exactly what this person has done.
Besides, while Jessi may have painted it, it belongs to Riot. That's how working with companies works, they own the content you produce for them. 
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