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Elizabeth Bathory



Some of you may remember this painting I did back in 2009: [link]

The story goes like this -- I has gotten a new (supposedly) badass computer, which it turns out was a lemon, that blue-screened nearly constantly and with no provocation. The Elizabeth Bathory CHOW for was the first painting I did on that computer, and it was honestly the best painting I had ever done - until the computer did a BSOD in the middle of saving an iteration and corrupted not only my new file, but my old working PSD too. I lost the whole thing, and it was awful. I finished ... something... in time for the challenge, but I never was happy with it.

I put this away for a year, and then started this REALLY ambitious re-paint. Now, two years after that - working very sporadically on this from time to time - I think it's done. :)

Elizabeth Bathory is also known as the Blood Countess - one of the first female serial killers and one of the first modern vampire myths. More on her here: [link] Most people depict her nude in a bath full of blood, I'd decided to be different and show her recording her victims' names (she had over 650) into her book. With blood for ink, natch.

PS - I left the image kind of large so I can show off the details I am proud of. Don't go stealing stuff and make me put a watermark on it. <3

Photoshop CS5 + Wacom Intuos 4
Can't begin to say how long it took...
Image © J. Oyhenart-Ball, 2012
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