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So... Oscar is semi-sort of resurrected (or as a special someone so cleverly put it, a Mac-Zombie... "Raaaaaaaaam!")

This started out as a test to see how much I can squeeze out of Photoshop for the time being, and I got carried away. This is a colored version of my octo-mermaid sketch (or more properly, as I've been informed, and Wiki conforms, a cecaelia) all blue green and ... swimmy.
Still plugging away, but in a crippled sort of fashion. Things will improve when the compu-stork brings Oscar's little brother home to me.
:D :D :D

2H and Mechanical Pencil Sketch,
Colored in Photoshop CS3 with my Preciousssssss
Image © Me!!! 2007
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Hi, I absolutely love her. Do you mind if I use this as a reference for an OC? Thanks!
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Beauty or Beast...?
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I love the tentacle arms. They remind about Mike Lewoski's lover. XD
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hi there :wave:
i featured this as inspiration for my contest [link]

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I never knew about this myth.
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I love it.

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Awesome design. Love how the hair mirrors the curves of the tentacles. Great use of kelp too =D
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This is truly one of my favorite pieces on DA. Beautifully done. I am currently using it as the background on my phone. The eyes are great. I also like the seaweed corset... Nice touch.
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Fantastic colors and beautiful girl. I love how her hands are tentacles as well. And her eyes just pull everything together. The first thing I thought when I saw it was that it would make a great tattoo. XD
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had this two years now, this was it just after it was done, tried messaging you a good few times to get permission to no reply.... so hope you don't mind

just thought you might like to see it
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Hm, I can't see the link, but I'm guessing this is a tattoo?
Very cool! Thank you! ;)
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AHH! That is beautiful! Thank you for sharing! <3
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I love the monochromatic color palette and the print that you used to texture her tentacles! The background is a nice minimalistic style that leaves focus on the subject. I'm not too fond of her arms being tentacles, so I'll just image that they got lost in her hair... although, I guess it's a creative take on the idea. I like the highlights and tones throughout the piece, very nice lighting. A very nice piece!
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