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Sylvanas Windrunner
Another piece of WoW fanart - definitely inspired by how cool Sylvanas' banshee vfx looked in the Battle for Azeroth cinematic.
Kind of made to match Jaina, or at least, I started them at the same time. :)
Sun Goddess Karma

A little bit of fanart (and also this month's Patreon reward) of my favorite Karma skin - I love the theme and Mesoamerican shape design. I had sketched up something personal when I was helping out on the Karma update, heavily inspired by Waterhouse's Lady of Shalott. I wanted to explore sun deity myths about riding boats through the sky and the cycle of death and rebirth - in the early morning, Karma is bringing the sunrise through the world.

Always trust your spirit :)

Photoshop CC 2015
+ Intuos Pro


The Rogue Assassin

My splash illustration for Akali's VGU - she is a sleek, stealthy assassin who uses her martial arts prowess to punish those who would harm her people. She is disillusioned by the invasion of her homeland, believing she is the only one who can see the injustice and the correct path to righting it. It was fun to find connections and contrasts between her and Irelia as two very different Ionian heroes.

The thumbnail sketches were one of my better attempts, I think, and we had a small tattoo-design-odyssey together trying to find the right dragon and styling. XD A million thank yous to my team for support, feedback, and help getting all of her new splashes out to players.

Edit: Thank you so much for the DD! <3

Jaina Proudmore

I've gotten quite a bit more into the whole Warcraft universe since taking on a rather deep Hearthstone addiction, and I found the cinematics from the Batthe For Azeroth announcement super inspiring! I ended up doodling up a couple characters, including Jaina Proudmore cool new design. Lots of fun to paint, and I'm hoping to get to a companion piece for her soon.

She is also my April Patreon reward! High res, PSD and proccess files if you'd like to see how the sausage is made XD

Photoshop CC 2015 + Wacom Intuos Pro
About 15 Hours

Morrigan Le Fay

This is the second of two paintings I re-attempted from 2007 as an exercise to use updated skills within the constraints of an old concept and design. Morrigan Le Fay, loosely based on the sorceress in the Arthurian legend.
The Original Morrigan is here:…

Her friend Guinevere is here: 
Original Guinevere:…
New Guinevere:…

This piece is also the second ever reward for my Patrons over on Come check it out, I'm going to try out a poll in the next week to see what the next reward will be. Wish me luck 

Oof, last Journal was very, very old.  Since that time, I've...

Done a bangin' cow art test
Left one (comfy) job
Took another one, lost it
Went to GDC (WOW!)
Saw the original cut of Empire Stirkes Back (AT LucasFilm, so cool), biked San Francisco + the Golden Gate Bridge
Visited Santa Monica, which is so great
Saw Bonobo and El Ten Eleven in Austin - techno-saxophone!
Read 4 books, took 6 flights
Got a crazy cool new job at Riot Games, so my husband, cat and I are moving to California!

So it's been busy!  While enjoying a spot of summer vacation, I've been riding my bike lots more, organizing the house obsessively, and also trying to *finish* work - jillions and jillions of things I started and then forgot about for the last few years.  In-between more finished updates, I might (if you want to) suggest (maybe) that you check out my Tumblr, cause I post things there more often these days. :)

Digging through backlogged notes (sorry, I'm getting to you, I promise!) and going to see how much I can get done before we... Go to Washington, D.C., then Austin (again), then Colorado + Utah for road trips, then to California for work + Siggraph (yay!), and then the Caribbean in August (pinch me!).  Go, team, go!
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  • Reading: on the road, the rum diary
  • Watching: vice
  • Playing: league of legends
  • Drinking: coffee


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MadiMika Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello! I love your work! ❤️ I was wondering if you do commissions?
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Oh my, I remember you from Conceptart years ago! Back when you were winning all the character design challenges haha
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I can't believe it took me this long to find your work! You're amazing!
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Waaaiiit Are you the artist to league of legends?
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One of the artists. Lots of artists work for Riot, but sometimes they pay for artwork from people who aren't part of the company. It says on Jess' artstation that she works for Riot, though. 
PhalanNimue Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh ok thanks
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I love your art :love: 
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