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Off-White pg. 263

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I just found this yesterday, but I am enamored by this. The art is so beautiful, and while I can tell a large portion of this is based off of Norse mythology, there are some differences that leave me wanting to understand it all more. 
The weirdest part for me is that I understand where all of the characters are coming from. Especially Skoll. I felt his pain, a pain of someone who has been through too much and no longer sees the point of fighting against the end of everything. Frankly, that is a feeling that I can relate to, and I understand the challenge of seeing the point of it all, and while I don't encourage making your life a lie and playing pretend while everything falls apart around you, I understand why someone would do that. It is really amazing to me to find fantastic stories and relate more to the antagonists because I understand that feeling of being broken to a point where you don't see a good reason to put yourself back together. The cool part about this story though is that there doesn't seem to be a "hero" in the sense, and I end up having some very mixed feelings of love/hate for all of the characters you three have made. I hope to see this continue at some point in the future, but if you don't thank you anyways for this amazing experience.
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Dat smile 8D
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EvilSnail1Hobbyist General Artist
LOVE the Off White seriesFan girl emoticon. 
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That escalated quickly...
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Shit just got real......this is why i stick to toads!:frog: Jiraiya :la: 
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BlazeDriverHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm really confused at how this gets less attention than disgusting expansion comics. 
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He's accept to revived the Raigho to save his soul.
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Darkmoony93Student Traditional Artist
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FeathersoulHobbyist Writer
Oh my gosh, Skölls face is so scary xD
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Kitty101ckHobbyist Digital Artist
Either he went crazy, turned into a mad scientist in dog form, is an idiot or just has a plain bad sense of humor.
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MattsyKunHobbyist Digital Artist
Just an FYI, You've linked to the wrong next page X3

Also, oh Iki. You're going nuts.
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Jessi-MeiHobbyist Digital Artist
It should be fixed now! Thanks for letting me know!
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MattsyKunHobbyist Digital Artist
No problem! :3
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Wow, that was creepy. I think Iki's gone a lil' bit insane with power. Poor Jeera.
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Steel-RavenProfessional Traditional Artist
Last panel; Best smile face ever :D
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AwesomaliciousStudent Digital Artist
That picture of Iki/Skoll in the bottom right is kinda creepy!
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BlueranykHobbyist General Artist
Iki just flipped his shiz.
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AffectionsXTouchingXHobbyist Writer
Why are the links recently wrong? You put in the wrong link to the next page on the website, this is the second time
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RikkannaHobbyist General Artist
I have found Iki whiny and annoying for 262 pages. I have had no emotional connection to him, nothing... [I also strongly disliked Skol the few times we've seen him..]
And now I love him. I think I'VE lost it more than he just did.. *fangirlsquee*

Thank you akreon Jessi-Mei and vesner for captivating and surprising me continuously with this story! I love it and make little squeeing noises every few pages, but this especially made me love it even more. Enough to come out of hiding and leave a comment even. heh heh.

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Omnoproxyl337Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow, way to lay it on thick there Iki
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crescentwolf01Hobbyist General Artist
Skoll needs to go to the happy farm XD
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MokiHunterHobbyist General Artist
They're coming to take him away, haha!
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MaximWolfStudent General Artist
Hi Jessi! 8D
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Scrapper-GirlHobbyist General Artist
His gone mad!!!
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