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Thanks for viewing my page!

So I was reviewing all my projects of books that I either created or had something to do with. I was surprised at what a nice little list it is (so far), so I thought I'd share for anyone who is interested and checking them out:

LezVirus by JessHavok  Dd Zpsec3537ab by JessHavok  51tD++c-SyL by JessHavok  41uJX-2j4fL by JessHavok  81y+BXLy6ZL by JessHavok

"LezVIRUS" (available on Amazon here).
"Vampire Love" (available on Amazon here).
"The Pretty Red Flower, with a Single Thorn" (available at Amazon here
"Solstice Moon" (available at Amazon here)  
"Mr. Cuphead" (available at Amazon here)

61Rwdp2T98L by JessHavok  513bVnBTJsL by JessHavok  Creepy Scarlett Issue1 Cover by JessHavok  Sub000247. Sx1280 Ql80 Ttd  by JessHavok  Sleeping-with-ghosts1-cover-200x300 by JessHavok

(available at Amazon here)  
"Player's School" (available at Amazon here)  
"Creepy Scarlett" (issue #0) ( here
"Creepy Scarlett: & The Emerald of Lucifer" (issue #1) (available on Comixology here)
"Sleeping With Ghosts" (issue #1) (available on iTunes here

D-2 Zpsbcd36dcd by JessHavok  CreepyScarlett cover3 by JessHavok  Gh by JessHavok  photo book1cover1.jpg

"Creepy Scarlett: As White as Snow" (issue #2) (available on Drive Thru Stuff Drive Thru Stuff here)
"Creepy Scarlett: As White as Snow - part 2" (issue #3) (available on Drive Thru Stuff Drive Thru Stuff here
"Creepy Scarlett: vs.  Trixie Von" (issue #3) (available on Drive Thru Stuff Drive Thru Stuff here
"Creepy Scarlett: Bad Moon Rising"  (issue #4) (available on Drive Thru Stuff Drive Thru Stuff here
"Creepy Scarlett: Book One" (combined issues #1 through #4 and *extra* story content!)(available on Drive Thru Stuff Drive Thru Stuff here

512zDSglTsL  BO2,204,203,200 PIsitb-sticker-v3-big by JessHavok  8805526 Orig Zps41b8f1cc by JessHavok  G Zps5c5d1031 by JessHavok  L  by JessHavok

"Academy of Villains: Compendium" (available on Kindle here
"The Westwood 100 (A Collection of 100 Success Stories)" (volume #2) (more info available here)
"Links" (more info available here
"Art, Etc." (more info available here)

A by JessHavok  A-1 by JessHavok  GetLoki Cover  by JessHavok  Legacy Cover #2 by JessHavok  Legacy Cover 3 By Jesshavok-d7ux4hb by JessHavok 

"Remote Control" (available on Amazon here).
"Annette Jimerson Art Works" (available at Create Space here)
"GetLoki"  (magazine) (more info available here)
"Legacy" (issue #2) (available on Indy Planet here
"Legacy" (issue #3) (available on Indy Planet here)

Sc1 Zps6ec506c5  By Jesshavok-d7ux4gz by JessHavok  Eclipse  Issue  2 Cover By Jesshavok D7mitge By Je by JessHavok G Zps5c5d1031  By Jesshavok-d7ux5j3 by JessHavok  Photographersynthesis Cover By Jesshavok-d7ux4h8 by JessHavok

(issue #1) (available on Indy Planet here)
"Eclipse" (issue #2) (not yet released)
"Shadow Hunters" (2014 calendar) (available on Scattered Comics here
"Photographer Synthesis" (available on Create Space here

Sub003997 by JessHavok  Untitled by JessHavok  Untitled by JessHavok  Untitled by JessHavok  Untitled by JessHavok

"Nightwasp" (issue #1) (available on Comixology here)
"Nightwasp" (issue #2) (available on Comixology  here)
"Nightwasp" (issue #3) (available on Comixology  here)
"Nightwasp" (issue #4) (available on Comixology  here
"Nightwasp" (issue #5) (available on Comixology  here

310e9240ef136f6118a8de6bb0eb4a4b by JessHavok  9e70744895dbea27cd75a633ab7976ce by JessHavok  Zindanfinalcoverroaring by JessHavok  Issue+1+Cover by JessHavok  Fff by JessHavok

"Gates of Midnight" (issue #2) (available on Comixology here)
"Gates of Midnight" (issue #3) (available on Comixology here)
"The Last Ansaars" (issue #0)(available on the Last Ansaars Official site here
"The Last Ansaars" (issue #1)(available on the Last Ansaars Official site here
"Acheron" (issue #2) (available at Dabel Brothers Publishing here)

  CapCover by JessHavok  Cover by JessHavok  Devas Cover Lettered by JessHavok  51T4-fngAgL by JessHavok  Infinite Glory by JessHavok 

"Heavy Hitters" (issue #1) COMING SOON.
"Child Number 4" (issue #1) COMING SOON.
"Devas" (issue #1) COMING SOON.
"Proxima" (graphic novel) (available on iTunes here)
"Infinite Glory" (graphic novel) (available at CaliComics here)

Pearl of the Amazon (issue 2) by JessHavok  Cursed Frog by JessHavok  Chavin Stone by JessHavok  Hell Spell by JessHavok   Feline Powder  6 By Locofuria-dbru3tg by JessHavok

"100 Ways To Become a Monster: Pearl of the Amazon" (issue #2)
(available here or at eJunkie here)
"100 Ways To Become a Monster: Cursed Frog" (issue #3)
(available here or at eJunkie here)
"100 Ways To Become a Monster: Chavin Stone" (issue #4)
(available here or at eJunkie here)
"100 Ways To Become a Monster: Hell Spell" (issue #5)
here or at eJunkie here)
"100 Ways To Become a Monster: Feline Powder" (issue #6)
here or at eJunkie here)

Invasion  1 By Locofuria-dc9mr3t by JessHavok  Terror In My Room  7 By Locofuria-dc24ba7 by JessHavok  Vamp Bite By Locofuria-dc1rwkd by JessHavok

"Invasion" (issue #1) 
(available here or at eJunkie here)
"100 Ways To Become a Monster: Terror in my Room" (issue #7) 
(available here or at eJunkie here)
"Vamp Bite" (issue #1) 
(available here or at eJunkie here)

Below are None Published Books (none published celeb gift-book projects):

5-8 by JessHavok

Birthday" (art book) (more info available here)


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