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Eye by JessHavok, visual art

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Dante Dakimakura (Commission) by JessHavok, visual art

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Chained Pet by JessHavok, visual art

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ℭomic Book ℭoloring & Lettering ♢ Ðigital ℙainting: ℙortraits/Landscapes ♢ Anime/Manga ♢ Sketches ♢ Logo Ðesign ♢ Web Ðesign ♢ Shimeijs!

Mini Bio:

I'm a passionate artist and graphic designer, with a wide ranging skill sets including commercial art, portraits (both realism and anime style) and 3D modeling, though I specialize in comic book coloring/lettering.

I've been working in the art field for ten years now.

Earned a Bachelor's in Computer Science with honors, majoring in Game Art & Design from Westwood College. I've worked on over fifty published books, from comic books to graphic novels and more! Including titles such as "The Last Ansaars", "Dark Hunters:

Acheron" and the "Gates of Midnight" series, to name a few.

My work has been featured in films and at numerous press events, such as New York's Comic Con and red carpet awards including Etheria Film Night, multiple times.I started out doing small time 3D & 2D video game projects in college, but branched out into comics after attending my first Comic Con in 2009 to network. There, I got my first comic commission, and its been an awesome journey since then.

If you would like to get in touch with me, feel free to send me a PM!


My design work has been showcased all over the US for various projects & publications.

So far my work has been showcased at the following (see pictures in the "Press" gallery):

New York Comic Con (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019) - Roaring Sun Studios booth, featuring "The Last Ansaars" issues #0, #1, #2, #3, #4. ✦ Long Beach Expo (2015) - Kymera Press booth, featuring "Gates of Midnight" issue #2, #3. ✦ Winnipeg Comic & Toy Expo (2014) - September17 Productions booth, featuring "Legacy" issue #2. ✦ I-Con (2014). ✦ Etheria Film Night (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019) - featuring promo work for event. ✦ MAGD Expo (2011) - indie booth featuring "Left to Rot". ✦ MCM Birmingham (2014). ✦ Siox City News Journal (7-11-2014) - featuring "The Last Ansaars". ✦ Urban Axis IndyCon (2016) - Fantasy Art Comics booth, featuring "Fierce" issue #1. ✦ Momocon (2016) - indie booth, featuring "Secrets of the Kush Empire". ✦ WonderCon (2016, 2017) - Scattered Comics booth, featuring "Infinite Glory" issue #1. ✦ The Atlanta Sci-Fi and Fantasy Expo (2019) - Fantasy Art Comics booth, featuring "Fierce" issue #1. ✦ Huntsville Comic Con (2018) - Fantasy Art Comics booth, featuring "Fierce" issue #1.

Tools of the Trade
Manga Studio 5, Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop CS5, 3Ds Max 2011, Silo 2.2, Adobe Flash CS5, Pen and Paper

Pricing and Examples 2020 [OPEN]

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- PRICING and EXAMPLES - I love doing digital paintings, and sketches though I'm mainly a comic book colorist, and letterer (manga toning/lettering also). However, I have a degree in Game Art & Design, so I know how to do animation and logo design, a bit of everything basically. ________________________________________♢ COMIC BOOK COLORING ♢ ________________________________________ Coloring: $25 - $50+ per page (same rate for all pages of your book). (Turn around time: 2-3 pages per week) Lettering: $10 per page (including SXF) (Turn around time: 5 pages per day) Coloring Examples: Lettering Examples: ________________
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72 Books & 3 Films MY  WORK  IS  FEATURED  IN! Upon reviewing the published books and films that I have creatively worked on, I was surprised to find what a nice little list it is, so far. Though, this list does not showcase every book I've done. Some are comic books I colored and/or lettered, some are novels authored by me, and some I did the cover art for, so its a pretty versatile list. With the films, I either acted in them, produced, or had my artwork featured in them. Thought I'd share, for anyone who is interested in checking them out: FILMS "Cogic Pioneers Tribute" (2018). View the IMDB here. My Role: Producer. "Starlett" (201
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Love and Vengeance
Martin Freeman
Love Crime (finished)

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Thanks for the like on a comment I made!

No problem. :)

:iconbunnyloveplz: Hello I have moved accounts and I would love :iconloveloveplz:
if you would join me!!! :iconsugarpopblossom:
Ello there, do I know you by your old account? 

I only add people I've become friends with, people who commission me (for repeat dealings ease), or artist who produce styles I enjoy. If you're an old friend, sure thing. But I don't do the 'watch for a watch' thing, its just a way to clutter up your art feed.
I only sent that message to all of my watchers and no one else,
but if you do not wish to watch my art that's okay no harm done.
I want people who want to see my art and like my style or me, etc.
I want customers and people who will keep up with my daily uploads.
I have plans to release Novels, art-books, bookmarks, keychains and
plushies that I have designed. If that's not your speed it's all good.
Not every anime style is enjoyable to everyone.
Hi. I am an old follower. I remember using that Tardis desktop Shimeji you uploaded back in 2013. I went to it's post to see if the download link is still there and it wasn't. Is there any chance you could reupload it? Thanks if you do

TARDIS (desktop animation download) by JessHavok
Happy Birthday, sorry about the clone trooper birthday cake, the fangirls hijacked it.