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::Strange Time of Day::

Inspired by the amazing [link]

Twilight is a strange time of day...

...Perfect for a strange kind of misfit.

This here is my fan-character, TWy, from the NiGHTS game series. I've decided that the name is pronounced "twee" :3

Wanted to play with patterns again. Also I was trying really hard to keep a strange light quality going throughout the whole thing.

It's a pretty dreamscape... and TWy got a more detailed outfit<3

Made in Gimp.
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I could imagine a TWy boss stage that was made to look like a pastel artwork. I really like the paper textures, you know working in dim light really messes up your eyes XD
Jesseth's avatar
like a kirby game~<3<3<3 (loves canvas curse)

tell that to my energy-saving lightbulb and nocturnal lifestyle TT_TT
MochiMoto's avatar
your near blind i think that is case and point XD
petit-chou's avatar
really cool style and i like his design
petit-chou's avatar
oh whoops lol i didnt realize you linked to me in the desc. boy dont i have egg on my face
Jesseth's avatar
ahaha no, no, you really don't X3
Your NiGHTS art is beautiful.

Thanks for the :+fav: by the way~
Crashdandicoot's avatar
Cool stuff, as always. Don't know if I've mentioned it before but I really like TWy's outfit. I'm not quite sure why though ^^;. I also like the style you've done the moon, clouds and stars in as well.
Jesseth's avatar
cool? Thanks... although I've noticed something I want to change already. I'm such a perfectionist >_>

TWy looks like a space-battle-cowboy-jester from dreamworld. THAT is why his outfit is so likeable XDDDDD

*cough* anyway, thanks :)
Crashdandicoot's avatar
Ahaha, that seems to be about right. But what about it is it that you want to change?
Jesseth's avatar
His eyelashes should really be visible from behind the mask a little.. seeing as the bottom ones are so ridiculously long and feathery.
Crashdandicoot's avatar
Ahhh, I see. This is why I could never be an artist (along with the other multitude of reasons like sucking at it XD), I wouldn't have thought of the little things like that.
TwilightThorn's avatar
very nice paper like filter! :'O
Jesseth's avatar
Thanks X3
It's actually several pattern layers, and a *quite literally* randomly selected effect filter. God knows if I could do it twice.
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