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So I've gone head first into a sketch card exchange thread on Penciljack. It has changed my life as I've draw like a hundred of these cards. I love drawing this small. I've been busting 2-3 cards a day for the last 2 weeks. The best thing though is that its got me drawing again. Check the thread out here:


So here is a four card set I've done. I love Walking Dead.
Download to see it in the full sizes glory.
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That show was pretty cool. I still want to know how the undead became that way in the Walking Dead? Virus? From what I learned from a friend, anyone who died became undead and started to crave human flesh. The brain eating was explained in Return of the Living Dead movie series. The humans captured one of the zombies and forced her to tell them why they crave human brains. She said that brain eating takes away the pain of death.

The show had an episode where the sheriff and the other survivors headed to a church for sanctuary, only to be inhabited by three zombies. They had to kill the zombies at the church and disable the church bell to keep other zombies from responding to the "dinner bell."