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Fuck:. 1680x1050 by kuzzeyesedsoe
Terra by Funerium Autumn comes WP version by Ioneek
Light Symphonia 13 by love1008 :thumb103327710:

Mature Content

60546 Wallpaper by kubicki
Bad Passion for Retrofukation by j3concepts
:thumb104006198: BigFieryKillGun by kuzzeyesedsoe

LVSD by endemo Full Metal by burnsplayguitar
Brushed Steel? Grey Lines? by skeletorfw Ohhwell Bokeh by LunaticKio
Beyond This Place. by jugga-lizzle :thumb103846763:
:thumb48513552: I Dream of Falling by JoshDykgraaf
un.flower.wp by azazyl Listen to the Music-Wallpaper by Sugargrl14

:thumb103270367: TransparentWalls by eos8

Mature Content

Wonderlost: The Duchess WP by xanthic
Typographic Rain by vladstudio
Mechanical Firedrake by JoshDykgraaf Under Construction by deviantdark
Metalicious_wide by relhom
Little Kingdom II by zilla774 TRAVEL CS ANGEL by petercui

Reload Wallpaper by timshinn73 The Patriotic Storm Trooper by moonphantom
Slump Buster by Steven-Becker Inside My Broken Heart by tsims533
The A Construction by Sha-X-doW feeling time by pincel3d
:thumb102091232: Starfields - Heather by skeletorfw
CityCentre by love1008 Desillusion by Brigitte-Fredensborg

Christmas Wallpaper by arrsistable :thumb98776504:
Praedestinatio by TobiasRoetsch Eagles Become Vultures by alexcherrypicks
I Can't Swim - Wallpaper Pack by mauricioestrella :thumb100121278:
Another Wood Wallpaper V2 by Baio999 ext1_1 by VisionsofArt
Flow v.3 by nuaHs

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jugga-lizzle's avatar
Great name for the journal! Lots of great choices here, and Im very honored to be up there ;P

Plus, like its been said over and over, its very great of you to take the time and do these features, thanks for helping out the community! :glomp:
JesseLax's avatar
Aww. Y'know... you are SO! very welcome. It's absolutely my pleasure, and I'm happy to help my peers get as much exposure as they can.
Keep up the great work!

JesseLax's avatar
TheBigBadFish's avatar
You Are the Awesomest for this :)
JesseLax's avatar

Not as awesome as you!
TheBigBadFish's avatar
Aww :heart: (It's my only wallpaper evaaar)
JesseLax's avatar
No way!!!!! how did I not know that!?!
JesseLax's avatar

I'm keeping my eye on you. I wanna see what other firsts of yours you're doing. ;P
TheBigBadFish's avatar
Like my new avvie?
violentsamurai's avatar
Some people scare me with sheer amount of talent they possess. Thanks for bringing us such high quality features!
JesseLax's avatar
You're super welcome!

It's artists just like these that were my inspirations at my start. I always paid attention to these little doo-dads in the previous Moderator's journals and news. If anything, to see what everyone else was doing so i could do something different. ;p
violentsamurai's avatar
And you're doing it well my friend, you're doing it VERY well.
Sha-X-doW's avatar
thanks alot for the feature mate :)

really glade for this ^^
JesseLax's avatar
You're very welcome!
I love helping out my peers, so this is awesome for me, too. Thanks for your hard work!
Sha-X-doW's avatar
you're so welcome :)

make sure you'll see even better then this =]
struka's avatar
Great work, i like it !


When is my turn to be featured? :P XD
JesseLax's avatar
Glad you do! It's up for wall-lovers just like you and me. ;)


And, as far as my features are concerned:
My process with these is pretty simple. I pull from my most recent additions in my "Wallpaper" collection... and add until I feel like I'm wearing people out with too many. So! My advice to you is to get crackin' with regular (timely) walls so you can have a shot at getting in. I like the work you have in there right now, it's some good stuff. I'm certain anything you whip up next is going to be awesome!
struka's avatar
Yea it's true we both like wallpaper's any kind (Simple, Minimalistic, Abstract...etc.)

I'am very thankfull for you advice :)

Kjherstin's avatar
Great wallapaper features but I can't believe I here too...why damn
JesseLax's avatar
it's a cool wall!!! I really liked that one. ;)
ve1n's avatar
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