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Hi, and welcome to my deviantART gallery! I'm Jesse Lax, aka AHiLdesigns. I'm a Conceptual Design Artist, currently working as Creative Director for Kwaai Software. I work in a wide variety of mediums, but enjoy the most of my work habits digitally.

My Gallery Art
I've removed my Desktop Wallpapers from the public due to excessive theft, misuse, and plagiarism. I'll be refocusing this gallery to provide only royalty free resources in an effort to continue my want to help the art community.

Use of My Wallpapers
You may not use my existing wallpapers from this account any longer. I understand many of them continue to exist from websites reuploading them. If you've found one at a website other than here, my original rules for use remain: They are only for your personal use and may not be altered, sold, or otherwise used in a public venue.

Commission, Licensing, & General Inquiry Contact
For any and all queries on commercial license pricing to sell my work, to arrange professional commissions, or to generally inquire about any related business topic, I'd like to direct you to my agent, Miss Campbell. Her email:

Life in 2014
My life is resonating happiness! If things get anymore awesome my face might explode. Having a splendid time with my best-friend/fiancee enjoying life and each other on a daily basis. Laughing and loving has never been so perfect.

In other news: Along with my business partners, I'm fully focused on growing our social gaming business, Kwaai Software. Apart from a couple of collaborations with KariAnnLax and some guest appearances on e-comics and strips, my personal art has taken a backseat to professional art. It's a decision I'm very happy with.

I'm still obsessed with nearly all forms of geekery - comics, collectables, books, Doctor Who, etc. Our lovely cats have grown into distinct little personalities an are having a great time. I spend a ton of time on Facebook due to work... shoot me a note if we're not friends there already.

Hope you all are doing well!

Be Seeing You!

© 2012 - 2021 JesseLax
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My love, my hero. {BLACKORCHIDS}
JesseLax's avatar
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man, you're still one of my online heroes and even in your absence i still consider you as one of my friends (as much as this can be said about someone i've never met in person). now, picture me singing praises about a certain Jesse. :XD::horns:

my regards to you and Kari :hug:
JesseLax's avatar
Man? I barely know what to say to that! Thank you, is the best I can do. You humble me. :)
And "definitely" on the friends consideration. You're always welcome to email me ( it couldn't hurt for you to track me down on Facebook ([link]).

Love from us both! :heart:
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And here am I desperately trying to catch up and you write much stuffs of studd and things :giggle: ,great to hear you are keeping busy and enjoying life :huggle:
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yeahhhhh... I kinda am not very good about updating my journal. It's meant to be a "stay like this until I have to again" kinda thing.
It's a bit long. I should edit it!

And plus :glomp:
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Noooo edit,I was only jesting with you :giggle:

I think as a "stay like this" it's pretty nifty,got all the info you need. :iconyesyesyesplz:

Pass this one onto the FoxyRoxy :iconplzlezhuggle:
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:wave: How you doing my man Hope everything fine with you good to hear from you!! :)
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Things are going pretty well. How about you?
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Could be better see my pool my friend!!
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Your skin is beautiful!
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Thanks! I'd say I put lotion on it every day... but that would just be a lie. :P

Passiel's avatar
It puts the lotion on it's skin!!
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LMFAOOooOOOoooOOOooo... gawd I love that movie. *hears Wild Horses playing somewhere at your house*
Passiel's avatar
We have it on a loop. Mostly I dance but sometimes I can convince the Mister to do a little as well. Most importantly there is always lotion close at reach.
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:wave::hug: Glad to see you, Jesse!!! :D
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:glomp: Hey you!! Hope you're well. :)

Sorry for the journal thingy... I needed to rebrand myself for 2012. :P
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:huggle: I'm doing... It's okay about the journal. It's a nice touch, looks awesome and brings a smile to my face to see you and hopefully Roxy, too... :heart:
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:heart: I'll give her your best. And thank you!
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Aww... :heart: You're so welcome! :D
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