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Death Can Shiny 1UP by ItchyBarracuda ‹‹Welcome to My Gallery!››

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Hi, and welcome to my deviantART gallery! I'm Jesse, aka AHiLdesigns. I'm a Conceptual Design Artist, currently working as Creative Director for Kwaai Software LLC. As well as this I'm also involved in a volunteer side-project with The Doctor Who Reprint Society. Where Kwaai Software endeavors to publish uniquely addictive games on various social networking platforms and the mobile arenas, the Reprint Society's focus is purely in the realm of literature as it pertains to the wonderful world of Doctor Who.  

My Gallery Art
In my personal time I passionately design, create, and distribute free stuff. I believe in philanthropy, but I also feel like next to the small handful of brilliant work out here in the design-art world, there's a lot of really shitty stuff floating around. So for as much as I love the philanthropy of giving things away, I also am proactively attempting to clean up some of these obscene disfigurements by making sure I'm giving out top-quality utensils. I want people to learn to create and design better! But I also want them to use the best if they're just going to download and use. For these reasons you'll find a solid array of free resources for the world at large to use as they please.

Use of My Wallpapers
Above this, one of my favorite pastimes is creating desktop wallpapers. As well as a testament to my creative skills, these are more for my personal enjoyment. Even so I realize people really like the wallpapers I make and that they're readily available to anyone coming for my resources. To make things clear: I don't intend for my wallpapers to end up in places other than your desktop. They're not stock, they don't belong on your website, or your social networking backgrounds, and they certainly shouldn't be sold on merchandise or any electronic device, in any capacity, for any reason without my express permission!

Commission, Licensing, & General Inquiry Contact
For any and all queries on commercial license pricing to sell my work, to arrange personal commissions, or to generally inquire about any related business topic on your mind, I'd like ot direct you to my agent's email: She's smart, savvy, professional, honest, easy to talk to, and most importantly handles me and my work very well. I make mention of my agent in this way, because I know there's some people out there not in the professional art industry who might want to contact me... and I don't want you to be nervous about it. I may be a professional, but I'm still a person... so just write, I want to hear from you! :)

Be sure to include "Re: AHiLdesigns <Your Interest Here> Inquiry" or some such thing in your email. You'll get a quicker response.

If you're wondering what my skills are apart from what you see in this gallery, please click AHiL just below my name at the bottom of this journal, where you'll be redirected to my LinkedIn account.

Death Can Shiny 1UP by ItchyBarracuda ‹‹Shtuff››

>>>>~--~-- | † | --~--~<<<<

My Current Wallpaper Hero
Hands down, it's submicron, through and through. If I had kept up with the direction I was heading before landing myself in the professional art world, I'd love to have found myself creating works such as his. This guy's work is amazing, and continue to flourish with each new piece. I wish him all the best and hope he lands somewhere crucial with his work.

On a related note, I've also seen an amazing selection of TobiasRoetsch's work (via his design company, appear in Microsoft's online Windows 7 theme gallery. I was overjoyed (and a bit envious) to see it.

A Word to my Design Friends
Please keep your eye as closely peeled as you can to the Android Marketplace. I've come to see a lot of my own work being sold in phone themes and wallpaper apps. Yours could very well be there too. I've been struggling for their removal. Between the apathy of the thieving, talentless developers and Google's complete lack of response to copyright infringement on their Marketplace.., it's been trying. My advice to you is that if you don't have legal representation to do what I've done and alert any such developer to your massive connections with other top designers. It seems to make them a bit weary and start kissing your ass a bit more. :P

Life in 2012
Things are going great! I'm busier than I've ever been, but the new year has kicked off wonderfully and I'm very excited to see what challenges and conquests come of the year. I don't check in very often here on deviantART, but I do enough to that contacting me here via notes about personal or dA matters is viable. Have been illustrating quite a bit lately, which is quite satisfying to me. It's a medium I thought I'd left behind but turns out to still be holding strong! I've had some advice as of late from some big names (no, I'm not outing them) who've dropped by to give me some advice. It's exciting to make new contacts, but it also gives a great feeling of accomplishment to know my potential is worth taking note of... and that there are people out there finding me.

For downtime I've been breaking up time between X-Files reruns, and have gaming a lot lately with my fiance and some on my own. We're hardcore about co-op games (online and off), and I still can't seem to prevent myself from the spare "OMG" 1-player titles. When we find a title we like, we tend to play the whole series if there's more than one. Some of our & my favorites currently are: Borderlands, L4D, Kane & Lynch, Unreal Tournament 3, Fear 3, Soul Caliber 4, Mortal Kombat, Batman: Arkham City, and Alice: Madness Returns. We're anxiously anticipating Borderlands 2 and Soul Caliber 5 like no one's business. Uhm, chick gamers rule, btw. Mine's the best!

I see a lot of politics in the dA community as of late. This community has been forced into tragic changes, and I've seen some really amazing talent leave because of its politics. I'm not terribly surprised, but I also don't care to get involved. I'd like to openly state that I'm not a deviantART advocate and my involvement with this community only goes so far as the artists I speak to and whatever is the best way to publicize myself and my art. Once upon a time, I was a Gallery Moderator here, and while that's somewhat reflected by my Senior Member status, it only means that once I was inspired to be involved. My vision was soured by the lack of vision by others, and the careless flagrancy of greed and separation from moral values. You don't have to know what that means. Just know I do, and because of it I'm using dA as a webspace in the strictest sense... and that outside of this small monologue I won't be speaking on 'intense internal topics'.

To my old friends here, and new ones I'm to meet... thanks for your inspiration, support, and advice! All of my best, and please drop an email or comment from time to time. it's good to be in touch, even if only casually.

That's that.

Lots of Love & See You Next Time!


© 2011 - 2021 JesseLax
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SO great to hear from you :hug:
JesseLax's avatar
Thanks, sweety! Appreciate you coming by. Hope you're doing allright. :glomp:
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:hug: Hope you had a great birthday yesterday :hug:
JesseLax's avatar
I had a wonderful one! It was so good I didn't wake up until 4pm the next day, lol. Was mellow though, wasn't partying. just spending time with family and finally Rox. :heart:
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I'm so glad things are going well for you!!!!
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Thanks! Sorry about the journal. Whew... dA's made some changesssssss and stuff, and I guess I popped that one off too soon.

How's life with you?
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Is good! Getting ready for a convention and running like a madwoman, but good.
Don't talk to you two near as much as I used to though! Kinda stinks!! :(

Happy Belated birthday, btw :cuddle: I know you didn't want to make a big deal out of it, but still hope it was a good day for you.
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So good to hear that you are doing great and that the projects are coming your way. BTW if you want to use any of my space backgrounds for the Dr.Who art volunteer project just let me know. I would be happy to contribute. :hug:
JesseLax's avatar
oh my gosh, that's an extremely kind offer!!! Thank you so much. I may just be in touch! :glomp:

Hope you've been well, sweety. Love from us both! :heart:
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