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Varaco N1920

By JesseLax
A shrine to the mighty Varaco bloodline!
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The Varaco
Bloodline Strength: Elemental (aka Mystical) Mystical
Origins: Romania

The Varaco are capable of manipulating nature and the elements,
from trees and earth to wind to fire. Their ability to control nature
to such fine degrees allows them to seemingly disappear right before
your eyes. Any of those who fall victim to the Varaco never see them

It's well known that fire is the most damaging to vampires, and injuries
caused from it take the longest to heal. Considering the Varaco have
mastered control over this powerful element, it's no surprise that this is
one of the most envied abilities among all other bloodlines.

There is a human aphorism that says "The walls have ears", which is
directly equivalent to "The Varaco may be near". This is a testament
to their capability of remaining unseen. A fortunate benefit of this is:
if you need to know what is happening in the world of vampires, the
Varaco usually know.

Having medium to large fangs, they are mercurial and quick-witted,
generally intelligent and sudden tempered. With an interest for crowds,
they are often talkative and enjoy human company and/or companionship.

The Varaco (Varacolaci) are, according to human myths, the most
powerful of all vampires.
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Your very welcome
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This is the symbol of the Jews is called Magen David Very nice Bro!
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It's similar, though the axis is tilted some and the lines don't connect on one side all the way through. Believe it or not, that changes the definition of the symbol. It's a cool one regardless. Glad you like it!
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What's Varaco? lame question I know but I'm just curious
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I saw Christal explained, but I also updated the descriptions to reflect the Bloodline's in-game description. :)
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Oh okay, thank you for letting me know. :)
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Its one of the bloodline in the Vampire: Darkside game on Facebook. :onfire:
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