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November 15, 2012
Mnemonic Gothikardia - Red by `JesseLax
Featured by Infinite705
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Mnemonic Gothikardia - Red



Update: July, 2013
Because excessive theft and sale of my work has continued, MY WALLPAPERS ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR USE OF ANY KIND.
You are seeing this artwork because I was forced to remove it from storage in order to accomplish website removal via DMCA letters.
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nana-aka-luly's avatar
I LOVE IT! Its very detailed and interesting.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JesseLax's avatar
Thanks. Wish I could continue releasing wallpapers publicly. :)
mTnHJ's avatar
Glad I found this here, thought you were only on until I saw this wallpaper for the first time and noticed the name JesseLax on the bottom.
A friend of mine turned me on to this and from then on it's been a favorite like none other.
Congrats on an extremely amazing piece of art, and a million thanks for your generosity and sharing it.
Added to my Fav's, and will probably find more of the same in your gallery.
Only thing I'm dis-appointed about is about the one comment above about usin as our desktop wallpaper only.
DO you make any exceptions, lol..
I'm helping with some Windows7 theme extras for another friend, and would love to see use this as a BG in a dreamscene.
But thanks again. Be blessed.
JesseLax's avatar
Sorry for the late reply. I've been a bit busy.

I'm honored you think so highly of the piece! Thanks so much.

Regretfully I rarely make exceptions for the wealth of my stuff. I've been the unfortunate victim of art-theft-for-profit more times than I care to admit. With the coming of the mobile world the amount of theft and misuse I'm subjected to has literally tripled. This is especially in the realm of illegal sales! While I'm always diligent in ceasing the illegal activity, it's meant a constant policing of my work web and mobile wide, and at times costs me pretty large monetary expense to prosecute. So my main concern with such an allowance is how much more difficult it would become for me to find/discover the misuse once it leaves the traditional wallpaper genre.

Honestly, I'm nearing the point now where I don't even really want to share my art anymore simply because of how bad the mentality is out there with people who think Art is equal to Code and should therefore be open source. Hope you understand, and my deepest apologies.
mTnHJ's avatar
I know all about busy so don't apologize for anything late, lol..
I do appreciate your honesty and for at least laying out your desires in black & white. I am the relative newcomer in this world of creating art so I can only imagine how someone can deal with all the issues that pop up when you have skill like you do. For me these issues are in the back of my mind, but I do have to agree with your comment that it seems more peeps are just assuming instead of respecting..

If it's any encouragement, know this.. Anything of real value is ALWAYS going to be counterfeited, stolen, or copied. So pat yourself on the back a few for being as successful as you are today.. Keep on trucking...............oo......o.
Missminxtress's avatar
This is stunning. The detail is fantastic. & I love the way it's almost muted in full screen but when you look it's full of intricasies.
I especially love the heart.
JesseLax's avatar
Thank you so much!! I'm overjoyed you appreciate it. :hug:
The-Rasmus-Raven's avatar
These wallpapers inspire me so much and make me imagine again awesome things and feelings I can't explain ^^
JesseLax's avatar
Thanks so much!
The-Rasmus-Raven's avatar
you're very welcome :D
KariAnnLax's avatar
Wow, no description on this from the moderator? well that's ok, you wrote what needed to be said :)

This has been amazing from the birth of the initial concept in your head.
Perfectly unbalanced in all the right ways. And the key IS TO so perfect.

Love it. And my own version. Muchly!! :heart:

Congrats on the recognition!
JesseLax's avatar
Yeah, I found that odd, too. Not to sound ungrateful by any means: Descriptions should really stand in as a highlighted compliment to the site award, but more importantly explain why it stands above the rest. In a community of artists it's that kind of value that should be established on stand-out pieces. I know... I'm preaching to the choir. Regardless, it's still an honor anytime my work is featured on a site!

Thanks for your thoughts. The key is quite integral to the implied movement--so I'm glad you like it! If you recall when we talked about this piece before it's completion, I still feel like a gyped the audience some on their closure. Invoking all the mystery that comes with a keyhole and giving them no way to access it. But now that it's had time to grow on me as it is, the decision not to include a key to the heart may be exactly what's made it popular. :P

Funny how things work out. :heart:
clayjase69's avatar
wow amazing work
JesseLax's avatar
Alf-Alpha's avatar
OOO...dark and creepy...looks like those MATRIX movie bots!
JesseLax's avatar
Ooh, sentinels! Kinda has that vibe in there. Not intended but love seeing it new ways. Thank you so much!
WilderGothica's avatar
Kind of futuristic looking too!
JesseLax's avatar
Yeah? I suppose it does have a little flair in that direction! Thanks very much! :)
jacknifee's avatar
I love this. It's so dark and macabre, which, obviously is perfect. XD Not to mention, it immediately brought me back to the olden days of American Mcgee's Alice, which in itself is macabre. Just, absolutely perfect~
JesseLax's avatar
Love McGee's Alice (and Alice in general). Appreciate the very high praise! Thanks tons!
DamselStock's avatar
This is awesome! Looks great as my wallpaper.
JesseLax's avatar
Ah! No finer a compliment than to know its in use. Thank you!
JesseLax's avatar
Not as epic as you taking the time to say so. Thank you so much!
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