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Gayal N1920

By JesseLax
A shrine to the mighty Gayal bloodline!
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The Gayal
Bloodline Strength: Psionic (aka Spritus)
Origins: India

The Gayal are considered to be the most spiritual amongst vampire.
They possess abilities of Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) unrivalled
by any bloodline. With their deepened gift of perception and honed
senses, they are able to communicate and control the spirits of all
things dead, including the summoning forth demons and wraiths.
They also have the gift of being able to see future events and past
events that might have occurred at any given location.

Gayals easily leave a trail of desire and want among all kinds, but
humans fall prey to their looks the most, finding their vampiric beauty
overtly mesmerising. They have short to medium fangs and rely on
their wits more than physical strength. Gayals are even-tempered
and contemplative. They enjoy company, are likeable and readily
seek out human contact.

Several references to the Gayal are made in ancient Indian writings,
and they are the first vampire to be recorded in human texts.
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Hallo! You've been featured here [link] :heart:

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Thank you so much!
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You're welcome :)