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Bloodlines - Nosferato



A shrine to the mighty Nosferato bloodline!
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The Nosferato
Bloodline Strength: Animalism
Origins: Romania

With a particular aptitude for animal forms, the Nosferato are excellent shape-shifters. They
also possess the uncanny ability to communicate and control numerous animal species. Thus
their bloodline strength has become known as "Animalism".

Controversy surrounds their striking appearance, but it is commonly believed to be a physical
side effect of shifting into such a variety of animals. It is well known that a favourite form
amongst the Nosferato is that of the bat, and it could well be that their natural bat-like
appearance stems from this age-old predilection. Interestingly, the more aesthetically
pleasing of the bloodline seem almost Elvish in appearance.

Of all the vampire bloodlines, the Nosferato have the longest fangs and are exceptionally strong.
Known for their quick temper, they are ruthless, cruel and generally humourless. Most possess
average to high intelligence.

They consider themselves to be the first vampire and do not mingle well with those outside the
bloodline and generally avoid human contact.
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