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Bloodlines - Muroni

By JesseLax
A shrine to the mighty Muroni bloodline!
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The Muroni
Bloodline Strength: Blood Magic
Origins: Wallachia, Romania

Over the ages, the Muroni have formed a strong, magical bond with blood. This
deep union includes the ability to manipulate blood even while still flowing in
another creature. Applications of this talent range from spontaneous orificial
bleeding to severe occurrences, such as total circulatory system explosions.
Muroni vampires make constant use of blood in spellwork and rituals, eventually
giving way to their dark art being known as "Blood Magic".

They are the tallest of vampire, with medium to large fangs. Individualistic, they
are also mostly gregarious, leaving them self assured to the point of arrogance.
Amongst the bloodlines they are known to be as stubborn as they are egotistical,
but their blood magic is never taken lightly.

Rational and highly intelligent, the Muroni rely as much on their keen wit as their
physical strength. It matters not to the Muroni if one is a vampire or human, as
they are entirely apathetic to relationships outside of their own bloodline.
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Hallo! You've been featured here [link] :heart:

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Thank you so much!
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You're welcome :)