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BloodWars: Truth

By JesseLax
June II & III MMXII, the four major vampire bloodlines that inhabit the Darkside will be clashing together in a head-to-head killfest like no other: Bloodwars!

So it is that this momentous Vampires: The Darkside occasion deserves a momentous, dark wallpaper.

Photoshop CS5
Wacom Intuos4 XL

Note: This wallpaper is not stock. Please use this only as your desktop wallpaper and acknowledge that this original art was created for specifically and only this purpose.

"Vampires: The Darkside" logos, characters and all other associated articles are © 2011-2012 Kwaai Software, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
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Published:   |  Mature
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It's promotional material for a game called Vampires: The Darkside.

At each elbow is the symbol of the four vampire bloodlines who, during a Blood War, fight intensely for 48 hours to see who's the strongest. 
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Hah! Yeah, that one's still crazy for me to look at. I got done and looked at it and went "whoa". Really glad that could happen for a work project!
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:clap: Absolutely successfully :thumbsup: I'm inspired :la:
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AWESOME wallpaper man. im using this and posting my desktop everywhere i can Lol. dont worry mate i will direct anyone who asks for it to your page. ofcourse i'll make em do the runaround first but thats for my amusement. good job bro
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Thanks so much!

This is a promotional wallpaper I did for the Facebook game "Vampires: the Darkside" (I'm a developer there). I think it's just the coolest thing in the world that people such as yourself still love the art beyond the game stuff. That's just purely killer!!
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this is fucking awesome :)
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woohoo! I'll take "fucking awesome" in a heartbeat. ty!
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you are very whalecum :)
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This is cool work mate!! :D
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:headbang: Rocking! thank you tons!
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I'm going to do something with this work maybe later!! :la:
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