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I created my first TARDIS in photoshop in early 2009, only to have to create a new one for the regeneration to the 2010 series. Am finally delivering on my promise to release the full PSD to everyone!

You're welcome to use this for any project, be they personal or commercial (however, you should know that commercial use of a "TARDIS" infringes the rights of the BBC, as it's their legal copyright and trademark.)

I ask only that you do not under any circumstances repackage and/or sell this .PSD file for your own personal gain. It's meant to be free! Take a peek at the Creative Commons license.

Some help for everyone before downloading this PSD:

1) This PSD is large-res and thus a very big download (17.9mb file size, 102.2 MB in Photoshop).
2) A read me Layer is included. Please read it before deleting!
3) This PSD has a massive amount of (labeled) Grouped and Single layers. If you're a PS beginner this might be confusing to you.
4) This PSD has custom Layer Styles on almost every layer. If you're a PS beginner this might be confusing to you.
5) If you want to edit the top signage you'll need the font "Gill Sans MT" installed. I cannot supply this to you.
6) I have included a folder group that contains the entire TARDIS seen in the preview above, already merged for quick access.
7) Enjoy!

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AHiL's War Doctor TARDIS PSD by JesseLax
War Doctor TARDIS .PSD
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1130x1646px 17.97 MB
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Thank you so much. You've saved Christmas
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This is amazing. Thank you so much!
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i know how to get the read-me message up but what next? how do u continue
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Click the small Eye icon on the Read me layer to turn it off.
To learn how to further use layers in Photoshop, I strongly encourage you to find some tutorials online. Photoshop is an extremely powerful tool and requires time to learn and understand. :)
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That is damn awesome ! I actually did that for my diary, you know for school ? but it was 2 or 3 years ago and yours looks waaaay better. I think I'll use that (or the War Doctor's TARDIS) for a protection for my calculator. (still for school) Anyway, thanks for sharing and bravo, it's awesome !
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Cool! That's a great idea. Hope it turns out killer! :D
Thanks for checking it out. :headbang:
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I used this stock Here. Thanks for the awesome stock!! :D
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Thanks! Very cool!!
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Brilliant. Just brilliant. ;-)
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OK, so I'm being really stupid.  This looks amazing, so I thought I'd download it, but all I seem to get in an instruction sheet (from the link on the upper right of this page).  What am I doing wrong?  Any help would be appreciated.
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Hey princeslaney! Sorry to hear you're having troubles. Would love to help. Could you send a screencap so I can see what you mean?
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Hi,  Thanx 4 the reply.  Managed to get it sorted.  For some reason, Firewall wouldn't allow it.  Cheers.
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Ah! So glad to hear it. Thanks for the follow-up! :D
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*cries* i only have gimp....
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Aw, so sorry to hear that. I'm not terribly familiar with GIMP - but there my be some file conversion software out there. Have you checked around?
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Thanks so much for sharing this incredible Artwork. :glomp:
This will really help me to create the X-mas2013 present for my BFF :heart:
MuchLove :blowkiss:
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you're very welcome!
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I wanna see if I can mess with the Hue/Saturation of the PSD to make the RTD-era TARDIS... Nice work setting up the options!
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Ah! that shouldn't be too tough. I rebuilt this one from exactly the one you're looking to create. Never released it because it didn't seem fitting with Smith at the helm, but now that the 50th has passed maybe I should reconsider that?
Anyhoo, have fun with it. Wish you all the best!
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Hello, I used your psd here :…

Thank you very much for this, it was very useful !!
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