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AHiL's Glass-Gasm

By JesseLax
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A follow-up to the extremely popular "AHiL's Varied Glass" PSD. (see below)

Because I believe in hands-on learning for beginners, this file does not contain a .ASL filetype. Rather it's a full .PSD with the LayerStyles on their own layer. While I will not update this to include a .asl, please do feel free to save them yourself in any manner you see fit.
*Please note that the wood-grain seen through the glass swatches is NOT in the actual swatch. It exists only to exemplify the different transparency levels.

This resource is Royalty Free.
You're welcome to use the styles in any way you see fit, for any project commercial or otherwise... with the exceptions of selling these styles as styles, and implying directly or indirectly that you are the creator of these styles. I would appreciate it immensely if you respected the philanthropy of this contribution to other artists, as well as my goal to reach as many people as I can to help them grow.

As long as all of the included files are fully intact, and unaltered, you're welcome to redistribute this on your website or blog without my permission. However...
(I'm disappointed I even have to write this) It's quite distasteful when I see people remove my name/address and redistribute my resources. It's not glory or prestige I want---it's that I can't help a single soul if they don't know where to find me, and they can't find me when you modify/alter my design name or web address. There's a certain level of etiquette I assume you to have when redistributing, and I will have the utmost respect for you if you upheld a moral ethic in your decisions.


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An excellent resource that's both nice-looking and informative. Though I've used Photoshop for over 10 years now, my primary work has been photo remastery and manipulation rather than artistic design, so this is the first time I've seen layer styles used to such an extent. The scope is impressive, and I'm surprised at how far some of these features can be pushed. Thanks for sharing such a well-done and useful resource.

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Terrific thanks😁😍🤩

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Mil gracias, amigo, bendiciones.

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Fantastic! Thank you for your great stock!

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thanks a lot for your great stock!

Lost Door by aweldeng
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wow this look great!!
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Your Stock featured in Labyrinth of Lacuna Motion Book. (Credited on the last page)

Read it here:…

or Here:

Labyrinth Trailer here:

Thank you :) (Smile)

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Thank you (~*~)
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I like to thank you for sharing this. You have an excellent collection. Great work
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Happy to help!
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Thanks for share.
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Great work man, cheers
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thanks for this jesse :)
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Most welcome! :headbang:
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You're welcome!
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