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May 14, 2011
Anti-Theft Card PSD Resource by `allhopeislost Last day of Resources/Stock Week: I think every artist, especially Wallpaper artists, since our artwork seems to make the rounds of all of the Wallpaper sites from here to Russia to China, are proud and protective of our artwork. We want to share our wallpapers but more often than we care they are ripped and uploaded devoid of our names and the name of the artwork itself. Copyrights seem to lose its meaning once we upload our artwork. So I give you this PSD made by our own Jesse (allhopeislost) to help protect our artwork and to remind everyone that Art Theft hurt us all and to be aware of copyrights.
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AHiL's Anti-Theft Card PSD Pack


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This is a royalty free resource, published under a (CC BY 3.0). Not for re-sale.
Commercial use is permitted.
You're welcome to display your finished card anywhere you like.

Pack Contains:

:bulletred: Intense dislike for Art-thievery and plagiarists.
:bulletred: One PSD, including the new 2012 update pack, containing: 42 new icons, 6 fully customizable style cards, 6 premade cards with editable email/logo space, and additional addons for 5 of the 6 style cards.
:bulletred: One PSD, including the original 2008 AntiTheft card, conatinaing: Disclaimer, Text, Layer styles, Grouped Folders, Alternate Large-sized "No" shield.
:bulletred: JPG of finished sample (seen above).

NOTE: You may not have the same fonts used in this work. My suggestion to you is to replace it
with whichever font best suits your eye, or to Rasterize the Text Layer to preserve it in its original state.


An Anti-theft Warning card, you ask?
I say: Sure, why not? Every little reminder we can give rippers is just one less the likelihood that they'll take our work alter it, and/or call it theirs.
The intention is to give cause for pause, and excite potential thieves and plagiarists into adhering strictly to our rights as artists.

Suggested uses:
:bulletgreen: Modify the cards to suit your aesthetic needs
:bulletgreen: Include one in your packed RAR or ZIP files.
:bulletgreen: Have it sent as an extra email attachment when delivering your work.
:bulletgreen: Host it and link to it so people don't have to dig through your journals.
:bulletgreen: Use them as your Extra Module image here on deviantART.
:bulletgreen: Include it on your webpages, portfolios, or public storage accounts.
:bulletgreen: Paste it into your screenshots.
:bulletgreen: Pretty much use them any way you can think of!

Special thanks to ~lorddarq for the use of his Brush Illustration Resource in the orginal 2008 card.
Without his collaborative effort this PSD could never have reached the heights it has by now.

Originally created in Photoshop CS3ext, with paintbrush by the amazingly talented ~lorddarq;
Updated version (April 17, 2012) completed in Photoshop CS5ext.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The links displayed in the original card are included only as a Template Example of how links can fit into the design.
It's absolutely unnecessary to inform me about Wikipedia's reliability as a source of information.
This is a PSD. If you don't like the links, you're welcome to change them as you see fit.

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