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AHiL - Varied Glass 2



~A n d - P l e a s e - D o n t - S t e a l - M y - W o r k~


The following is a PSD file that contains 8 swatches with 8 differently modified Layer Styles, meant to represent a variety of varied Glass surfaces. These should be great for almost any of your needs.

Some adjustments may need to be made on different styles for larger shapes than presented above.

All are transparent, though the levels of transparency differ from swatch to swatch. ;)

I like the ideas of hands-on learning, which is why I've given you these Styles in this PSD format. There is no .ASL file, and I will not be adding one.

This resource is Royalty Free.
You're welcome to use the styles in any way you see fit, for any project commercial or otherwise... with the exceptions of selling these styles as styles, and implying directly or indirectly that you are the creator of these styles. I would appreciate it immensely if you respected the philanthropy of this contribution to other artists, as well as my goal to reach as many people as I can to help them grow.

As long as all of the included files are fully intact, and unaltered, you're welcome to redistribute this on your website or blog without my permission. However...
(I'm disappointed I even have to write this) It's quite distasteful when I see people remove my name/address and redistribute my resources. It's not glory or prestige I want---it's that I can't help a single soul if they don't know where to find me, and they can't find me when you modify/alter my design name or web address. There's a certain level of etiquette I assume you to have when redistributing, and I will have the utmost respect for you if you upheld a moral ethic in your decisions.

Have fun!

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To be honest, I have downloaded the entire set since the early 2000's, but lost them many more times than I've actually incorporated (e.g. drives crash, accidentally erased, etc., etc.). But every time single time I run across them, I am excited to consider your "classics" - the coolest & the best originals - for a new project. This time, I'm locking them against erasure, and backing them up in the cloud to be sure! Thank you.