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AHiL-LS RotJ Lightsabers PSD

~A n d - P l e a s e - D o n t - S t e a l - M y - W o r k~


Pack Contains:

  • ONE folders containing ONE PSD file

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  • Anti-theft Card

  • Spent a good long time creating this resource in photoshop. I used reference from a variety of different sources, ranging from a variety of Official Prop-Replicas, Promotional Photographs, Technical Manuals, my own Lightsaber remote control, and Movie Stills...

    ...all to recreate these two versions of Luke Skywalker's lightsaber from Return of the Jedi.
    It should please just about any hardcore fan, as I've taken very few artistic liberties and have left plenty of room for all the things I haven't added.

    The preview is large so you can see the actual size of the graphic you're about to download.

    The PSD contains:

  • The preview above

  • The original layers on the "clean" hilt, layer-styles all in tact.

  • Two finished versions of the hilt, one weathered, one clean (for those of you lazy saps who just want the graphic to resize and use somewhere).

  • I didn't spend much time on the blade because the focus is the saber's hilt. You won't find quality starwars stuff like this at this resolution anywhere else. Trust me, I've looked.

    I know the fans because I'm one, too. So this one's free to use, redistribute, and/or modify, however you like.

    I only ask that you CREDIT ME to my profile page, this account's gallery, or to this deviation.

    If this one gets popular, I'd really like to try my hand at doing Vader's lightsaber, too. So fave and download if you wanna see it!!! I'll be paying attention.

    :skullbones: :heart: :skullbones:

    Finished in PhotoshopCS3ext
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    Excellent work
    shady06's avatar
    Amazing work man! May i use your metallic style and some parts of lightsaber for a different work?
    JesseLax's avatar
    JesseLax's avatar
    You're welcome. Came out looking pretty awesome!
    TL-Designz's avatar
    used your wonderful stock here..thank you
    JesseLax's avatar
    Very nice work! Thanks for sharing!!
    Dustinsilver's avatar
    Thanks so much! I used here [link]
    JesseLax's avatar
    Nice work. Came out really well!
    JesseLax's avatar
    Sweet! Glad you like it!!
    Valens-DA's avatar
    Star Wars Rules W the darkside
    JesseLax's avatar
    Agreed!!! Some day I'll get around to making Vader's hilt. ;)
    0Hamster0's avatar
    I wish they made screwdrivers with handles like these. :(
    JesseLax's avatar

    I wish they made Sonic Screwdrivers. Like in Doctor Who?
    0Hamster0's avatar
    Oh yeah! Oh God, that would be an epic battle - Sonic screwdriver vs. Vader's double-saber :ninjabattle:
    JesseLax's avatar
    lmfao! Hells yes.

    Gawd, imagine those sound effects together?? :faint: *covers ears*
    0Hamster0's avatar
    It'd be an 8-year-old's dream :lol:
    *Pew! Pew-pew-pew!*
    TheAL's avatar
    Used in a wallpaper here: [link]
    JesseLax's avatar
    Because you're AWESOME!!! Great work!
    Baio999's avatar
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    I've done a light saber too, but your work is really better :D Congratulations ;)
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