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AHiL - Colored Metals

By JesseLax
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~A n d - P l e a s e - D o n t - S t e a l - M y - W o r k~


The following is a PSD file that contains 8 swatches with 8 differently colored Layer Styles, meant to represent a finely buffed metallic surface. These should be great for almost any of your needs---and look equally awesome on shapes larger than presented.
I like the ideas of hands-on learning, which is why I've given you these Styles in this PSD format. There is no .ASL file, and I will not be adding one.

This resource is Royalty Free.
You're welcome to use the styles in any way you see fit, for any project commercial or otherwise... with the exceptions of selling these styles as styles, and implying directly or indirectly that you are the creator of these styles. I would appreciate it immensely if you respected the philanthropy of this contribution to other artists, as well as my goal to reach as many people as I can to help them grow.

As long as all of the included files are fully intact, and unaltered, you're welcome to redistribute this on your website or blog without my permission. However...
(I'm disappointed I even have to write this) It's quite distasteful when I see people remove my name/address and redistribute my resources. It's not glory or prestige I want---it's that I can't help a single soul if they don't know where to find me, and they can't find me when you modify/alter my design name or web address. There's a certain level of etiquette I assume you to have when redistributing, and I will have the utmost respect for you if you upheld a moral ethic in your decisions.

Have fun!

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very nice share.
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Cool, thanks! Hope it's useful to you.
karlarei2003's avatar
Dude, you are a GODSEND!

I'm telling everyone in my design team about your fabulous gallery. I'll be sure to forward your restrictions to (if there are any).

Really, THANK YOU!
JesseLax's avatar
Aw, very kind praise. Many thanks to you as well. Hope you find the resource useful! Drop by any time. :)
karlarei2003's avatar
Very deserving praise, my friend! And you're very welcome.

I will!
Great work!!! Thanks for share it!! :horns:
beautiful ~ Thank you
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loving your work o.o;
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Thanks so much!
thanks allhopeislost wonderfull work
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you're welcome, ferigno1! Very glad you like it. ;)
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Keep making more! can never have enough goodies. Sweet of you to share. :hug:
JesseLax's avatar
That's for sure.
I'm all about the goodies. Like this one time when I was all erecting this thing with the stuff, and it didn't have the kind of put-out that i thought it should, so I beat it diligently for a few hours until it was just a big goby mess of goo running down the other thing... and afterwards I realized how wonderful it was to be able to use and abuse goodies the way I do, because it becomes an ultimately exciting endeavor----depending of course upon how much that sort of stuff arouses your artists sense.

Three cheers for hands-on goodies! :hug:
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You know you have a problem, right?
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Which what? what I'm laughing at now or the thing from before?
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no, the one where you were all "Uhhh!" and I was like "but yeah" and then you had to straggle around alot trying to walk right. erhm. Respectively.
KariAnnLax's avatar
what the hell is a straggle? isn't that like... someone who just hangs out somewhere or lags behind?
I hardly think that is what I was doing. and yeahh... I'm like UHHHhhh! and you need to be like... ok,
I'm sorry, won't happen again. :)
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Wull ah think we all know a thang er two about the words, and fer shure ah do.
So ah'd liyke to answer yer questshun raight away: Staggle is wut ya get when a Fraggle get all buff.
Strong + Fraggle = Straggle.

And BANG! thar ya go.

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