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Spider-Doppelganger Process Animated GIF

Animated in Adobe ImageReady

Spider-Man and Doppelganger © Marvel Comics. Spidey
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Sometime it looks like 3D
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Now that's a reference you've really gotta dig down deep for.  He was never a big player in the Marvel Universe, but I'm sad nonetheless that his existence s more or less retconned now.

Doppelganger is such a complex design.  Do you mind if I ask how long it took you to make him?
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I can't really say how long it took me because I didn't work on it consecutively and generally don't keep track of the time.  It began as that pen sketch then years later I digitally inked it to clean up the lines.  It was months after that when I finally sat down and colored it.  The webbing on the costume is the only part that was really time consuming.  I wouldn't say it was difficult but it can get tedious.
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I loved that game! Shame we don't much fanart of some of the Maximum Carnage characters.
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haha I loved Maximum Carnage for Sega Genesis when I was a kid.  I remember I had the red cartridge. :D
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