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Scarlet Spider Ben Reilly

Drawn using Prismacolor marker, colored pencil, pen and ink 2000.

This was drawn from looking at a painting by Julie Bell.

Scarlet Spider © Marvel Comics. :spidey:
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© 2006 - 2021 JesseAllshouse
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MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Nice one of Ben I liked him
Tigerman354's avatar
Shame they had to kill him, but it's still cool!
LittleMissDovahkiin's avatar
Wonderful work, thank you for your contribution (Geek-Galaxy)!
HerneztoVanyard's avatar
cool epic coloring, looks like the comics.
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Suncut's avatar
I really like the way you've dealt with the background, low key and moody that brings forth the character to best effect.
JesseAllshouse's avatar
Thank you.  Check out the reference I used.  There's a link in the description.
Suncut's avatar
Yeah, I saw it.
BeastBMady's avatar
The shading on the clothing is very well done!  Still, I think the proportions could use some work...Particularly in the thigh region.  Overall, a great piece!
LOSTgnosis's avatar
Ya emulated your ref and subject well.  The stippling helps hide the rough marker usage in the costume.  The black and orange could had been smoother by layering the colors a few times (2~3) rather than just filling in once.  Or ya could had color in a manner that went with the shapes more.
JesseAllshouse's avatar
Thanks.  The thing I like the least about this is the background.  I suppose I could fix it up in Photoshop but I like the rawness of this scan for some reason.
skotsoad's avatar
Excellent detailing and shadowing!
MsCirclechan's avatar
Hmmm, I find that composition quite interesting, but there are some issues with the anatomy. His arms are way too short, or rather it looks like his pelvis bone is missing. Also, the painful pose could be corrected by placing the pelvis in the right spot. I would suggest going to to help you get a better understanding of how the torso and pelvis connect.
JesseAllshouse's avatar
Thanks for the critique.  I agree about the front arm looking a bit short.  Hadn't notice the pelvis bone before.  Thanks for pointing that out.  You should check out the Julie Bell painting I used as a reference.  There's a link in the description.  Let me know what you think about how the pelvis bone appears in that piece compared to mine.  

Coincidently I was using posemaniacs this morning while working on another piece.  Had the site existed in 2000 when I first drew this piece I would definitely have found it helpful.  Although I feel some of their poses can look a bit awkward and honestly prefer to use a drawing manikin.
MsCirclechan's avatar
That it's true, their poses look quite stiff. Nevertheless it's good for giving you a general idea of the pose. I still think that drawing from life is the best for improving, but since that is not really available in my case, I usually use
YoshizawaArt's avatar
Looks great! I always liked this version of spidey. :) Great job on the coloring mate. 
Exterious-Ecstasy's avatar
By far, this is my favorite :D The colors you did with Scarlet Spiderman is really beautiful!!!
JesseAllshouse's avatar
Thank you!  Check out the reference I posted in the description.  The original painting by Julie Bell is really cool.
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