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Rose Digital Color

Photoshop 2013.

Rose Tattoo Digital Ink by JesseAllshouse

Originally drawn with pencils in 2006.

Rose and Hearts Tattoo Sketch by JesseAllshouse

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© 2013 - 2021 JesseAllshouse
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Very pretty. It looks professional :)
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:thanks: Glad you like it and thank you for the :+fav:!
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I thought it was a photograph! :o 
amazing job! Love the soft style on the petals!
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:thanks: Thank you.  For the petals I was just experimenting with different brushes.  Pretty happy with how it turned out.
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Beautiful rose! Looks very elegant :)
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:frail: Thank you for sharing, your work has been featured here.
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:thanks: Thanks I'm honored to be featured! Sociable plz 
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The line art and image as a whole is well done and in proportion, and I like the texture and details you put on the leaves. It actually has the shape of a realistic rose, which is excellent. Now onto the suggestions. The rose petals need texture, if you look at a picture of a rose you'll notice all kinds of little lines and wrinkles in the petals. Also, you should go darker with the shading on the petals and add some purple tones to the shadows and yellow tones in the highlights. That'll give the petals more dimension and give them and extra kick of realism. The leaves seem a little bit off as well, I think you need to tilt them instead of having them look like they're laying on a flat surface.  When drawing plants remember that leaves always face towards the sun. Lastly, the stem looks a bit flat. Think of it like shading a cylindrical object (since that's pretty much what it is), and I think the image as a whole would look better if the thorns and rose cast shadows on the stem and leaves. I hope you find my suggestions helpful. Feel free to ask any questions for clarity if you need to. :> 
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:thanks: Thanks for the critique!  I like your idea for adding texture highlights and shading to the rose petals.
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You're welcome! If you use photoshop I can link you to a brush set for download that has a lot of really good texture brushes in it.
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I haven't used any downloaded brushes before :blushes:  Is it compatible with CS2?
Feel free to send me a note.
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