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Long Hair Beauty Portrait Stippling

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Drawn with pencil and inked with Pigma Micron 005 pen.

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Canon MG3600 series Network
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Hello! I’m here from my free comments forum:

First off, let me say good on you for having the patience for stippling – I love it as a technique, but I’m really no good at it!

You’ve achieved a good sense of volume and light on her face. I particularly love the way you’ve handled her irises and (weirdly) I really like her ear too! You’ve clearly got a handle on stippling as a technique, and there are some really lovely areas here. I also like that you’ve chosen to leave her hair blank, as I think it adds some impact and additional interest.

In terms of constructive feedback, the thing that leaps out for me is your anatomy. While I understand it was probably a stylistic choice, personally I feel her eyes and mouth are too large. For me, it makes her look a little uncanny. There are some minor placement issues around her mouth and eyebrows being a little bit too low as well.

I also think the stippling under her cheekbone may be a little bit heavy – I know what you were going for, but there’s very rarely such strong shading under there unless your light source is throwing a shadow there. Perhaps this is something you already do, but working with a reference is a really good idea when it comes to faces. You can still make stylistic choices to play with features, but using a reference will help to make sure that your final piece reads the way you want it to.

All in all, you’re clearly a talented artist – these are just a couple of things that stand out for me.

I hope something here helped, and keep on creating :heart: