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Headless Horseman

Watercolors 2000.

Headless Horseman painted from a scene in Sleepy Hollow.
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Watercolors on a canvas is a really weird choice.
It hasnt turned out bad, but it looks like acrilics. (Acrilics are cheaper than watercolors, and can behave similarly so they are the better choice for a canvas).
Watercolors' potential is shown on paper.
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This look incredible.  I really like it!
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:thanks: Thank you for the :+fav:!
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I like the texture of your painting , just improve the trees background :)
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Impressive! This looks really nice, great job :)
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Very haunting and beautiful at the same time ^^
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Nice use of splatters at the top, they give the piece a dark and eerie look.
One thing that confises me is the paper used. Is it really paper :-? To me it looked like canvas at first. 
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It is painted on canvas but the white border is Photoshop.
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I love that movie!
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:thanks: Thank you for the :+fav:!
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I love the jack-o-lantern face!  It really looks like it's glowing.  Very creepy. :)
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I really like how you utilized the texture of the paper grade for the watercolor. It gives the scenary and added depth to it.
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This is much darker than what I usually see done with watercolours! I like the glow in the headless horseman's pumpkin head. I kind of wish there was a little bit more glow in the art piece, since it's a bit hard to make out where the horse ends and the forest begins, though having so many things as silhouettes does give the piece its atmosphere.
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:thanks: Thank you. This was the first thing I ever painted with watercolor. I never really got into the medium but it sure was fun to paint this.
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This piece is so damn cool! Love the colors, defintely makes it look eerie and sinister. :)
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