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Gillian Anderson and Creature from Black Lagoon

Gillian Anderson drawn with Prismacolor colored pencils
Creature from the Black Lagoon in Ebony Pencil.

Drawn from looking at a Rolling Stones Magazine Cover.
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nice scully my scully
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Nice. I think the likeness isn't the strongest possible, but she has that 30 horror movies female lead look and that works great.
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I LOVE this. The only thing I wish there was at all in this picture is blacks, inks! Something DARK and dramatic, you know? But overall it's a really solid piece of work. Try adding more variation to your shading, too. :) 
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i havent seen this before, but i like the expression you gave to her, very impressive
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Wow! amazingly detailed and beautiful expression and color choice. Great job :clap:
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:thanks: Thank you for the :+fav:!
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Very nice! I like the detail and the eye catching red.
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Thanks glad you like it! :)
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I agree with the previous commenter who stated you improved on her expression - you really did! This is a lot more lgoical in the context XD
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:thanks: Thank you.  I think in the original photo her expression reads more sexy pinup model.  Instead I wanted to convey the fear that would be induced had the Gill-man actually been grabbing for her.
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Always love a good monster film. This is awesome.
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Same here and Creature from the Black Lagoon is one of my favorites! :D
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Very nice use of details.
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Nice job on this, your overall construction is very good, and you did well with her expression. The shading of her body and chest is also very nicely done and it looks like you have very good control. One thing I would like to say though is something about the shadows looks slightly off to me, as if they're too grey. It makes the picture look a bit washed out and glarey to me. You could also work on her hands a bit. Overall this is really nice work though!
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What is grabbing her???
anyway, i really like it!
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