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Photoshop 2013. Digitally inked in Photoshop 2013.

This was drawn from looking at a Marvel Annual Flair '94 Trading Card.

Originally sketched with pencil in 1997.

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HP Scanjet djf2200
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Jul 5, 2013, 11:44:56 AM
© 2013 - 2021 JesseAllshouse
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You put a lot of work in this! Very well done. Your proportions are good and I like how you coloured this piece. :)
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Thanks glad you like it.  There are still a couple of things that I want to add or change but for the most part I'm pretty happy with it.
Cosmic-Grain's avatar
Awesome coloring and shading! The pose/anatomy are looking pretty solid too.
Rainbow-Sweater's avatar
At first I thought there were some issues with anatomy but looking carefully there aren't!
Very nice job! Really like the outfit! ^^
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ChrisDonnell's avatar
You've captured an awkward pose really well and I really like the colour choice, good work! 
Knifapotamas's avatar
Interesting pose and motion of the hair!
JesseAllshouse's avatar
If you like the pose check out the reference I used.  There's a link in the description if you are interested.
British-Prophetess's avatar
Her outfit really is gorgeous - I love the pirate theme! :)
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Glad you like it! :thanks:
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That is really awesome. I love the pose and the colours that you chose. It's hard to stay close to one colour and make it work with different tones only
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Thanks!  The pose is from a trading card that I used as reference.  Check out the link in the description if you are interested.
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:thanks: Thank you.  Glad you like it.
RachBurns's avatar
Excellent work on her arms, legs, and stomach! I also like how her hair's flying out. ^^

If I may say a minor critique that's probably just something to notice for the next picture? It looks like you have the hilt of the sword positioned in a way that the blade itself ought to be pointing back to a degree, instead of straight over her head. But the sword and handle looks correct in the position you have it. 
Do I make sense in what I'm trying to say? My apologies if not! 

The way her ribbons are flying do a good job in showing the motion in this piece--hope I get to see the finished version!
JesseAllshouse's avatar
Thank you.  I think I know what you mean about the katana.  The top of the blade should appear like it's further back because of the angle of the hilt.  I should be able to adjust the foreshortening in Photoshop. 
RachBurns's avatar
Okay! And that's great that it should be simple enough for you to deal with. ^^
Suixere's avatar
To start of great piece!
My critique:
Right now she looks strong, but just strong...
And what I'm assuming is that you wanted to portray her to look powerful.
Right now her pose is fine but it kind of has a bland moment.
I would recommend that you bend her back more and make sure you make her arms bend more as though she is going to give a powerful hit.
The top half of her arm should be angled at about 180 degrees and make the  lines  seem as they will intersect it gives the visual as though she is going for a powerful hit.
Also, separate her legs more.  Make her front leg seem more forward than the back leg (make the back leg look diagonal  from her front leg). So it shows that her body is twisting.
Also when her arms are raising keep in thought that the breasts also raise up.
If your going for a comic approach remember to show more visual in her cheek bones.
Also I would recommend you change her facial expression into more of anger. Her facial expression is alright right now but it just makes her seem too happy.  And if your going for a powerful look making her seem happy kinda makes her lose that image.
I recommend that you look into tutorials that has to do with expressions and facial features.  Also remember eyes are usually shaped like an almond form. <--- Here I put some of my critique in visual form just to make it clearer
It will show what I mean of how she can hold her arms up to give more expression of a powerful being
I shaded blue in part of her body to show where exactly you have freedom to bend her body.
And also just some tips.
Its a great picture!!
Just remember how you want your image to be approached.
Look at tutorials for dynamics and you'll surely pull of outstanding pieces.
Your really good so keep practicing because you'll become amazing!! ^W^/
JesseAllshouse's avatar
Wow great critique.  Thanks a lot for taking the time to do that!  You brought up one of the things I was already concerned about the facial expression and others I hadn't thought of like the pose dynamics and the cheek bones.  That's really helpful. 
Suixere's avatar
Your welcome!! >7< I'm glad it helped hehe :iconshysawakoplz:
VVemeya's avatar
This is great! I really like the pose :nod:
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