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Archangel In Blue

Color work done with Adobe Photoshop 2008.

Drawn from looking at a page in the comic book X-Force #43.

Original pen & ink 2001.


Alternate Color Version


Archangel © Marvel Comics.
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© 2008 - 2021 JesseAllshouse
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Even nicer with color!
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Nice chrcter-design mashup.

Bonus Multiplier: Doz Wilc Portacio wings!

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Actually the reference I used was drawn by Tony Daniel and inked by Kevin Conrad.  I think Walter Simonson drew the metal wing design originally.
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I wasn't referring to the penciller of this specific picture, actually.

Wilce was the Marvel penciller who really cut loose with Archangel's wings, going from the straight metal wedge of the post-FotM Angel Of Death design (see esp. the stuff during Inferno), to giving WW3 all kinds of fans and wingspans and tails. And never the same design or wingspan, twice. THAT is the wild, showy wing design I was referring to, that Mr Daniels invokes with this pic.

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Was that in X-Factor?  I'm really only familiar with Whilce Portacio's work on Wetworks for Image in the '90s.
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Precisely this.

Portacio at X-Factor, Jim Lee doing X-men, Liefeld at The New Mutants, McFarlane doing Amazing Spider Man.

It was the early 90s and Marvel was doing a big refreshing of their style: lots and lots of detailing and stylized design, brand-new costumes for pretty-much everyone. It was here and then that Marvel began to move away from the simple Spandex coverall as their standard "super hero outfit": utility belts and high-tech equipment harnesses; thigh packs; bandoleers and full-time holsters for hand-held weaponry; shoulder pads and light body armor.

Archangel before Portacio got going:…

Archangel *after* his Portacio makeover:…

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Awesome, I really like the pose, nice job on the wings and awesome shading looks like a DC drawing:D
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:thanks: Thanks!  The pose is actually from a Marvel comic.  I linked a scan of the reference I used in the pen and ink version of the drawing.
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Oh cool, i sometimes mix em up:)
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