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Short Story First Draft
(working) Title:  Bleak Moon
Author:  Jesse Allshouse
Genre: Science Fiction, Horror
First Rough Draft:
            Asteroid exploration is mostly done by autonomous drones to reduce the risk to human life.  Probes containing both the drone and control station are launched from spacecraft.  The rover drone maps the surface area of an asteroid while gathering then analyzing samples and relaying that information back to its control station.  The probe can then transmit that data back to the spacecraft or to anyone within range capable of receiving such transmissions.  Once an asteroid has been mapped it can then be mined for its useful elements such as platinum, gold or even helium.
            Several months ago a rover drone from the Pytheas-1 probe reported several anomalies after touching down on the super asteroid Yam
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Black Sketch Banner
Drawn with Permapaque white marker over Reminisce white gel pen on Canson black paper sketchbook paper.
Art Supply Store Haul
9 x 12 Canson black paper sketchbook
005 Pigma Micron pen
Studio 71 dual-tip markers
Prismacolor Premier colored pencils
Princeton Series brushes sizes 5/0, 18/0 and 20/0
Robert Simmons Simply Simmons 5/0 brush
Reminisce white gel pen
Permapaque white marker

(working) Title:  Bleak Moon

Author:  Jesse Allshouse
Genre: Science Fiction, Horror

First Rough Draft:


            Asteroid exploration is mostly done by autonomous drones to reduce the risk to human life.  Probes containing both the drone and control station are launched from spacecraft.  The rover drone maps the surface area of an asteroid while gathering then analyzing samples and relaying that information back to its control station.  The probe can then transmit that data back to the spacecraft or to anyone within range capable of receiving such transmissions.  Once an asteroid has been mapped it can then be mined for its useful elements such as platinum, gold or even helium.

            Several months ago a rover drone from the Pytheas-1 probe reported several anomalies after touching down on the super asteroid Yama.  Shortly after this data was transmitted from Pytheas-1 it went offline.  All attempts to make contact with the probe have proven unsuccessful.  An expedition manned by only a skeleton crew is sent to investigate.  Their goal to find the probe, assess the damage, then repair or replace the probe as necessary.  A small spacecraft known as The Tartarus arrives at the coordinates of Pytheas-1's last known transmission as the massive asteroid Yama comes into view.

            The super asteroid Yama is a huge vermilion stone orbiting a bright beautiful azure pearl of a world.  The planet known as Mithra has a breathable oxygen and nitrogen based atmosphere and is mostly covered in oceans.  As far as is known no intelligent life has ever existed there.  It might be a wonderful place to settle down someday if it weren't for the looming super asteroid in a decaying orbit waiting to rain fiery death down onto the planet's surface. 
            Upon investigation there are no signs whatsoever of the Pytheas-1 probe.  Other than the slight impact crater and tire tread marks of the rover drone, the surface of the asteroid shows no indication that anything had ever been there.

              "Approaching coordinates. Landing gear engaged. Preparing for descent." Ursula, the ship's AI announced in a monotone feminine voice.  "Switching over to manual controls." Captain Nazir Sayiq, one of the company's most experienced deep space pilots and engineers responded as he gently pushed forward on the throttle lever that caused the ship to begin its descent to the asteroid's surface.  "Zero on radar.  Looks like we're alone out here.

             Captain Sayiq, a dark bronze skinned man with black hair, wore a scruffy beard that showed the lack of amenities that often comes with deep space travel. His dreadlocks pulled back revealed the sides of his head were shaved and tattooed with tribal symbols.  His ears surgically altered to a point and decorated with piercings made of polished stones and ceramic.  A typical company man he was not.
            "We should just launch the replacement probe and get the hell out of here.  Something about this rock doesn't sit right with me," he opined to his current and only human companion.
            "It's important we investigate the anomalous readings that were transmitted by Pytheas-1,"  Dr. Ayla Mifune, the Chief Science Officer, one of the most enthusiastic and brilliant minds working for the company.  She is a pale skinned woman of average height, with short raven-hair and dark almond shaped eyes.
            "An entire drone goes missing and we're not supposed to think some sort of pirates are responsible?  Enemies of the company?  We're a maintenance crew at best, not corporate security.  This ship isn't even armed." he argued back.
            After a moment he added, "It gives me a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach, all I'm saying.  Besides the replacement drone will do just that."  He flipped a switch and the craft landed on the surface of the super-asteroid. "We have touchdown." 
            "We still don't know what happened to the first probe.  If this backup drone fails we'll just be back out here again.  I'd like to get down there and personally collect some samples for analysis while we're here.  It could help in discovering what exactly happened to the missing probe."

            "Ursula, scan for any signs of the probe.  Include laser array, gamma, UV and radio signals to your search parameters." Dr. Mifune ordered.  Momentarily the AI responded "Negative on all spectrum.  Pytheas-1 probe not located."
            "Ursula is it possible to create a chronological map of events from any residual heat patterns or radiation left on the surface?  How long would it take you to create such a composite?"
            "Assuming their is enough recoverable data approximately 3 hours and 27 minutes.  Shall I begin immediately?" the AI asked without inflection.  "Proceed and have the results waiting for us when we return from outside the ship."
            They unfastened their safety harnesses and meticulously prepared to walk on the asteroid's surface.  Nazir flipped several switches that reduced the pressure in the airlock and a gradual hissing sound built to a gentle whoosh then dissipated. They began pulling on armor like hard suits over their form-fitting garments while the room filled with pure oxygen.  After fastening their boots, gloves, torso and helmets to their suits, they checked their lights, camera and radio communications gear. 
            "Communication test.  One Two. Over" Dr. Mifune buzzed over her device.
            "Read you loud and clear, Ayla.  Over."  Nazir turned a dial and the pressure in the airlock slightly increased.  Once they are confident that there are no leaks in their suits they secure their tethers to the winch adjacent to the inner airlock door.  They each began to remove a multi-tool and collection tubes from a compartment on the wall and attached them to the pouches on their belts.               The multi-tools can function as tongs, a trowel, a hammer, a drill, etc. The length of its handle can be extended or compressed as needed and housed ports for various attachments that are capable of performing a range of different functions. The outer airlock door opened and they stepped out into the vacuum and onto solid ground.
            On the asteroids surface they cannot hear the crunch of the scarlet gravel under their feet nor can they really feel it through the electromagnetic plates in their boots.  All there is to hear is the deafening silence of the void.  The overwhelming perpetual nothingness that is the vacuum of space.  That and the sound of their own breathing echoing endlessly inside of their helmets and the warm static hum of their intercoms.  Otherwise silently they moved across the crimson terrain stopping every few meters to fill their collection pouches.  Back on board the ship no one is there to notice one of the indicator lights on the console flashing a red error message then ominously go dark again.

            "The red color of the soil may help indicate the composition of the asteroid.  If this were an oxygenated atmosphere we could possibly conclude it has a high iron content." Dr. Mifune broadcast over her intercom.
            "Fascinating Doctor," Nazir replied sardonically, rolling his eyes inside of his helmet unperceived by his companion.  "A giant ball of rust doesn't exactly sound like a profitable priority for the company.  Or myself for that matter."
            "There could be an interesting discovery here, Captain Sayiq.  See how those surface spots are darker in some places?  I assumed it might be ice when I noticed it from orbit but at closer inspection it almost looks like some sort of vegetation or coral. Either of which would be virtually impossible to grow here.  We'll learn more after we drill with the hand auger attachments and take the samples back to the mobile lab.  Ursula should be done calculating and ready with a report by now."

            Returning to the ship was exactly the same as leaving it only in reverse except this time with their untested samples full of the undiscovered.  The results of their task compiled a collection that filled four large cases that they loaded onto the cargo transporter stacked on top of each other.  The large metal airlock door closed behind them as they prepared for decompression.  They returned their multi-tools to the compartments on the wall and unfastened their tethers which they also returned to the compartment that houses the winch on the inner wall. The air pressure in the room hisses as atmosphere was restored and they began removing their outer hard suits.
            "Ursula, summary report.”  A momentary silence.  "Ursula, report." Still silence.  "We'll have to access her application from the main console."
            "Maybe she's on coffee break," Nazir sneered.  "Lets get the cargo loader to the mobile lab first then I can see what's the matter with the damned AI while you sort through these samples."

            The ship is divided into several sections and levels with the pressurized crew cabin itself divided into three parts.  The flight deck where the cockpit and flight controls were located as well as other computer consoles that control different aspects of the space craft.  The galley which contained utility areas for sleeping, eating, locker storage and the lavatory were located.  The airlock separated this section from the cargo bay, emergency escape pod and the mobile lab located in the aft of the spacecraft where various equipment was stored.
            The heavy cargo transporter and its contents were made less so by the low gravity of the super asteroid Yama and the duo easily maneuvered it into the mobile lab.  Now assigned to their designated tasks in separate parts of the ship the two find themselves alone for the first time on this mission.

            "Ursula, acknowledge." Nazir grumbled as he passed through the ship's galley into the cockpit.  "Ursula, you dammed machine."  He sighed in frustration as he flipped a switch on the side console and sat down in his pilot's chair.  He spun the chair around and leaned toward a panel on the rear left hand side wall of the cockpit and removed the panel to reveal an array of circuit boards and wires.  The processors that contain Ursula's sophisticated artificial intelligence made up of a series of complex algorithms.  He ported a wire into the panel and connected an electronic tablet to it and lines of code started to fill the screen.

            In the ship's mobile lab Dr. Mifune has started to divide and organize the contents of the collection cases.  The lab is made of various electronic consoles that adorn the walls.  She has pulled soil samples out from the collection tubes with a long metal instrument which she also used to place the sample onto a flat work station that has been pulled out from the wall.  She put another sample from the same collection tube into a small vial of glycerin and loaded it into a nearby centrifuge.
            "Dr. Mifune.  Chief Science Officer's log," she pressed the record button on the small audio device she had clipped to her shirt collar.  "I'm recording this myself because for unidentified reasons the ship's AI Ursula has been unresponsive since we returned to the ship after manually collecting samples on the surface of the super asteroid Yama.  Early analysis indicates,"
            "Doctor," Nazir buzzed in over the ship's intercom.  "Ursula is still quiet but I have the data you requested earlier.  Parts of it have been corrupted for some unknown reason but I was able to mostly salvage it.  Sending it now."
            "Thank you, Captain."
            Dr. Mifune began reviewing the data collected by the ship's AI and using the lab computer she assembled the information visually.  She is shocked by the results.  The rover drone from the Pytheas-1 probe surrounded by the dark substance on the asteroid's surface which appeared to slowly move as she sped up the playback.  As the rover drone became engulfed a retrieval drone from the Pytheas-1 probe entered the frame from low orbit and removed it bringing it back to its place in the probe.  Retrieval drones are used to recover damaged equipment so that it can be repaired and also to keep the machinery away from those out to pirate the technology.
            "Dr. Mifune, supplemental log.  I believe I've discovered the fate of the missing probe.  After the rover drone became surrounded by some unidentified substance on the asteroid's surface it was retrieved by its collection probe and returned to Pytheas-1.  Once I've run some more tests I should be able to determine if this substance was responsible."

            Back in the cockpit Nazir has set aside his electronic tablet and traded it for a soldering iron that he's pulled out of a multi-tool kit located in one of the cabin's many compartments.  He's pulled out several circuit covered panels and has gone to work restoring the basic functions of Ursula the ship's AI.  After making several adjustments he returned the panels to their original position then flipped several switches on the console in front of him.
            "Ursula, reboot and run full system diagnostics."  The electronic circuits behind the panels began to buzz and click with energy.  The indicator lights on the console started to glow blue and the monotone feminine voice of the AI spoke, "Unable to complete request.  Several of my systems are nonfunctional."
            Nazir sighed inaudibly.  "Which systems are operating correctly?"  
            "Life-support systems, heat shield and thermal management as well as attitude and velocity controls.  Several other critical system errors including both long-range communications, navigation and landing gear."
            "Can we take off and make orbit?" with a tone of concern in his voice.
            "Not until various systems are restored." The voice of the AI became fuzzy and distorted.

            In the ship's mobile lab Dr. Mifune has filled several small vials and began testing them.  Her investigation has discovered that the dark substance on the asteroid's surface is some form of mold with the ability to consume metal and survive in the extreme conditions of space. The static buzz of the lab's communications device temporarily diverted her attention.
            "Ayla, there are several critical system errors that Ursula has encountered after I rebooted it.  We won't be able to take off until we address them."  Nazir boomed in over the intercom.
            "I think I may have discovered what has been causing them.  The dark spots on the asteroid's surface are some undiscovered form of mold that can essentially eat through metal.  It seems fantastical but I assure you it is very real and extremely dangerous.  Several pieces of lab equipment are already showing signs of contamination.  If both the drones and Pytheas-1 were contaminated that might explain why it malfunctioned and disappeared."
           "How could the mold have effected our systems before we walked on the asteroid's surface?"
"My best guess is that when we landed dust from the surface containing fungi spores contacted the landing gear and the hull of the spacecraft.  It had plenty of time to multiply while we were on the surface.  I'm going to continue to study it and hopefully find something to retard its reproduction."
            "Alright, I'll get to work trying to restore the ship's critical systems while you do that."

            In the cockpit "Ursula, can you reboot the navigation computer or is it something that needs to be done manually?" 
            Momentarily, "Captain, navigation cannot be restored without replacing several key components including the guidance and control functions.  Before takeoff can occur the maneuvering thrusters also need to be repaired."
            "Ursula, what will the repairs to the thrusters involve?"
            "The launch thrusters must be reconstructed from spare parts.  The navigation computer can be repaired by switching out the consoles and replacing them with working ones."
            "This flying junk heap doesn't have spare consoles and parts lying around.  So basically I have to cannibalize the working thrusters to repair the damaged ones?” frustration in his voice. 
            "Correct, Captain."

            "Dr. Mifune supplemental log.  In an effort to find a substance to kill or retard the mold's reproduction I have tried several chemicals on some of the samples that we collected.  Sodium chloride, acetic acid and sodium borate all possess properties that should stop the mold from replicating. The challenge will be to apply these solutions to the infected areas."  Her thought is interrupted by a blaring alarm as the red indicator lights flashed.
            The caution indicators all over the ship began to flash and the warning alarm loudly sounded.  "Captain, several new critical system errors have occurred.  Most urgent to address is the life-support system although several hours of oxygen and power remain."  the ship's AI announced in the cockpit. 
            "What about the escape pod?  Can't we just jettison from the ship and contact the company for a rescue?" panic betraying his normal demeanor.
            "Long-range communications must be restored in order to contact the company." the AI responded tonelessly.
            "Ursula, shut off the damned alarms and inform the doctor that I'm working to fix the communications relay."

            Back in the lab Dr. Mifune has gathered several empty collection tubes and modified them to deliver a high pressure aerosol chemical concentrate.  The adjustable canister nozzle can be sprayed at a wide angle and a pump used to project the retardant in order to kill the voracious metal eating mold at a distance. 
            "Doctor Mifune, Captain Sayiq has instructed me to inform you of the impending failure of the life-support systems.  He is attempting to repair long-range communications in order to contact the company for assistance.   Navigation systems and maneuvering thrusters are also offline."
            "Ursula, how much longer will we have oxygen and power?"
            "By my current calculations in approximately five hours and forty seven minutes, Doctor."

           Captain Sayiq adjusted the laser array control panels in the cockpit console and once again removed a multi-tool from its compartment and connected it to an attachment.  After removing several circuit boards he made a few adjustments to the transponders that retrieve and transmit data. 
            "Ursula, in order to boost power to the communication relay I need you to divert energy from any nonessential systems still running or sitting idle.  That should increase the potential range of our emergency alert."
           "Captain, this may interfere with any processes and applications that Dr. Mifune is currently running."
           "Notify her that this is taking priority."

            "Dr. Mifune, the Captain has ordered me to divert power from any nonessential systems including those currently running any experiments in your laboratory.”
            "Ursula, connect me to Captain Sayiq in the cockpit."
            "Captain, I've synthesized a chemical retardant that may stop the fungus from reproducing but it may prove difficult to apply to the contaminated areas, especially outside of the ship."  She hesitated.  "What about launching a quarantine beacon with power independent of The Tartarus?" 
            "No doing, Ayla.  There isn't anything to launch a beacon with.  Our only thrusters have been contaminated.  I'm working on diverting all remaining power to the escape pod's life support system.  This will give us more time while waiting for the company to respond.  I'm sending an SOS as soon as Ursula is ready.  Meet me in the escape pod."
            Working frantically Dr. Mifune gathered any useful supplies she could carry from the lab and headed toward the cargo bay where the emergency escape pod was located.  She took one last look a sweeping inventory of her personal work area that she hoped to see again.
            "Ursula, I need that surplus power now.  Then transfer your protocols to the escape pod CPU." Electricity vibrated behind the cockpit console circuit panels as the AI responded.  "Ready to broadcast on all frequencies, Captain."
            "This is Captain Nazir Sayiq of the spacecraft Tartarus broadcasting an emergency action notification to the company or anyone within range of receiving this communication.  Our ship has been contaminated by a foreign material that is responsible for breaking down the ship's critical systems including power and life support.  We need immediate assistance before all systems crash.  Please respond to the following coordinates."
           He climbed through the flight deck and into the galley then started retrieving a few select personal items from his sleeping quarters and put them into his sturdy canvas tote bag.  Loosing no time he gathered several MREs and water containers and stuffed them into the bag until it overflowed.  Half tripping out the airlock passage way he made his way to the escape pod entrance which had been left open by his sole companion.

           "Ursula how much power and oxygen do we have left?  How much longer will we be able to survive until the company arrives?”
           "Captain, approximately two hours and fifty seven minutes of life support remains.  After oxygen reserves have been completely depleted about three additional minutes until the human body uses up all of the remaining oxygen left in the blood and unconsciousness will occur." the monotone voice of the AI echoed inside of the small chamber.

           The Tartarus and its inhabitants were left to await their fate stranded on the super asteroid Yama in its decaying orbit.  Inevitably it will enter the atmosphere of the planet Mithra burning red hot as it descends onto the planet's watery surface.  Until then the crew must sit idle using as little of their resources as possible until hopefully they are rescued.


            Some time later and light years away an interstellar starship received a distorted transmission from the orbit of the planet Mithra.  Captain Aldous Jung of The Zarathustra is approached by his communications officer. 
            "Captain we've just received a garbled transmission from the Janus system.  It appears to be a distress beacon but the entirely of its contents are unclear."
            "Ensign, set a course for the Janus system immediately."

Short Story First Draft
I mostly finished the first rough draft of a short story I've been sporadically been working on. It's loosely based on a dream I had and what was unique about it is that it was the only dream I ever had where I was in space. So I wanted to play with that concept as it seemed something ominous was happening around me that I couldn't quite place. It's a science fiction and horror story about mining asteroids in deepspace where something goes terribly awry.  I'd like to rewrite this story a few times as I continue to really find my voice as a writer seeing as it's really the first time dipping my toes into creative writing outside of poetry. Any constructive criticism is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Read A Book Outline
Sketched with pencil and inked with Faber-Castell Pitt Artist pen.


JesseAllshouse's Profile Picture
This particular "To Do List" evolved from a sketch book page into a multi-page digital document.   It contains ideas I would like to work on in the future as well as works in progress organized by category.  The ideas where progress has been made are linked with that particular deviation whether it be in the Scrapbook section or Featured Gallery.  Certain categories contain ideas that are part of a bigger piece to be assembled in Photoshop later.  Not included in this list are ideas for creator owned comics that I would like to work on.  Of course there are no actual deadlines for any of this stuff but if I didn't write it down somewhere I'm sure I'd forget.

Comic Strips

Full page cartoons or comic strips
  • Fantastic Four/Doctor Who
  • Green Lantern/T.A.R.D.I.S.
  • Superman/Steve Rogers (Mirror Portraits)
  • Creature from the Black Lagoon (Underwater scene)
  • Tesla/Edison (AC/DC Logo Parody)
  • Squirrel Girl/Green Lantern B'dg
  • Mickey Mouse (Parody)
  • Booster Gold and His Amazing Friends (Spider-Man cartoon Parody)
  • [Fire & Ted Kord replace Firestar & Iceman]
  • Stairway to Heaven (Steelers Parody)
  • Art Rooney, Sr. (100 Dollar Bill)
  • Operation Board Game (Parody "Vivisection")


Depicts two characters fighting who normally wouldn't interact
  • Kate Bishop/Red Arrow
  • Klingon/Predator
  • Spock/Worf
  • Marvelman/Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel)

Action Poses

  • Squirrel Girl
    • Finish coloring
    • Design forest background
    • Add multiple squirrels
  • Buck Rogers (Buster Crabbe)
  • Mera (swimming w/ shark) (alt. w/ seals)
  • Daken and Dark Wolverine
    • Finish coloring original and variant
  • Vampirella
    • change hair
    • fix face (change shape of lips, brighter lipstick, change nose, makeup on apple of cheek, change eye shape and thicken eyeliner, add nail polish)
    • adjust highlights on costume to give more satin feel
    • add details to clouds
    • add details to bats (?)
    • make animated GIF

The Joker Montage

A Tribute featuring various versions of the character
  • Red Hood (Original)
  • Golden Age Joker (Wanted Poster)
  • Jack Nicholson
  • New 52 Joker


Portraits unless labeled otherwise
  • Richard Pryor
  • Bill Bixby (turning into The Hulk)
  • Redd Foxx
  • Rodney Dangerfield
  • George Carlin
  • Groucho Marx
  • Johnny Carson
  • Charlie Chaplin
  • Roberto Clemente
  • Art Rooney, Sr.
  • Nikola Tesla
  • Thomas Edison
  • Woody Guthrie
  • Hank Williams
  • Lon Chaney (Phanthom of the Opera)
  • Sigmund Freud (sitting in chair)
  • Buster Crabbe (Buck Rogers action pose)
  • Albert Einstein (in Star Trek uniform)
  • Vincent Price (as Doctor Strange)

Werewolf Movie Montage

A tribute to actors in Werewolf movies featuring them in their monster makeups
  • Henry Hull (Werewolf of London 1935)
  • Lon Chaney, Jr.  (The Wolf Man 1941)
  • Steven Ritch (The Werewolf 1956)
  • Oliver Reed (The Curse of the Werewolf 1961)
  • Robert Picardo (The Howling 1981)
  • David Naughton (An American Werewolf in London 1981)


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