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Ever Dream

"Ever felt away with me
Just once that all I need
Entwined in finding you one day

Ever felt away without me
My love, it lies so deep
Ever dream of me"

Ever Dream

when I started doing this work, I never thought it would end based on my own dreams.
I always dreamed with a big love. I always waited a true love, who knew and find the true key to my heart.

Dedicated to all dreamers :)
I hope you like :heart:

First of all I want to thanks ~memelsteak cause this model is not stock. And I have a permission to use this picture!!!
Thank you so much! :heart:

Model: ~memelsteak beautiful pic: [link]
Chain: Brushes by ~nico-brushes
Key: *taklayyankovic
Dress is 2 dress mix from: =Tigg-stock
Butterfly: *Shoofly-Stock
Texture: ~eclipsy-stock
Gliter Texture: =night-fate-stock

Details That I Loved [link] :heart:

Featured here: [link]

Featured here: [link]

Featured here: [link]
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i co sign. FANTASTIC!

I am releasing a free downloadable mixtape called "She Say's I'm A Dreamer". With your permission I would like to use this picture as the cover art. Your name will be shown on the cover as well.

Great work.
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please explain more about it :love:
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Can you email me for faster replies?

I was really loving your work. It went together nicely with my mixtape name and all. I had already released the mixtape. I'm very sorry but I went ahead and used your design anyways. I didn't get your message until now. I linked your DA profile to all the photos of the design that i posted. I gave you all credit. I also watermarked the mixtape cover with your name 'Jesschadlys' and on the back cover i put the link to your DA profile.

There are no hard copies of the mixtape. It is only available through free download. But your getting some exposure off of my buzz.

I'm deeply sorry if you are angry for that. I hope you forgive me and do some designs for me in the future. Haha.

email me your reply so I can get it faster.

Thank You.
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Excuse me for not responding is that I changed my account
now is: :icondramaa-queen:

What is mixtape name? I need to know what you done with my art :)
I need see. can you show me?
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You have been featured here!
:iconpandaballoonplz: ---> [link]

Mucho amor! Mwuah! :kiss:
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:hug: Thank you so much dear
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Thank you dear :love:
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You're welcome :D
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Very pretty. Love the hair!
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O resultado ficou bem clean e agradável, pena que a imagem seja tão pequena e não de pra ver os detalhes.
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é... =/
é que a foto original era pequena msm =/
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óia só ,esse ficou fodão ^^"
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obrigada ;D
coments de super artistas como voce sempree sao bem vindoos ;D
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hauahuaua, não foi lah um comentário super-construtivo, mas que ficou bom esse trampo ficou ^^"
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