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Infinity Perhaps
Our galaxy has long been thought
to make us small, and
to watch the stars
is to fixate on the past.
Perhaps we belittle ourselves
when we put our hopes in the far away
and long ago.
But if the universe indeed
goes on and on,
perhaps we're bigger too:
expanded by a smaller infinity
of versions of us who know better
than to shrink the universe
to fit the limits of our comprehension.
Perhaps it matters.
:iconjessamar:JessaMar 14 14
Mature content
Good Intentions :iconjessamar:JessaMar 6 8
You want to be
hollowed out:
your intestines uncurled
and laid aside;
your lungs deflated,
never again to fail
to catch a breath;
and your heart,
only good for hurting anyway,
ripped free while beating still.
Unless the fit's too tight,
you'd leave the ribs;
imperfectly, they have a job
still to do.
You've measured.  With your innards gone,
there's room for her.
:iconjessamar:JessaMar 19 6
You made a mantra
of wishful thinking -
it didn't help.
Atrocities are not anomalies;
they are woven in our fabric along with
denial and a short attention span.
Even if these things are weeds,
we tilled the ground,
and the genus is the same as the crop we used to plant.
If you mean the truth,
don't use a lie.
This is normal.
It is not acceptable.
:iconjessamar:JessaMar 13 8
Mature content
Actions and words :iconjessamar:JessaMar 27 32
New Year
Last year,
I was angry over nothing
Plus everything the world gave
To madden one
Last year,
I did not speak my mind
My thoughts guarded like a clutch of eggs
The babies dead within
Last year,
I learned to own my vulnerabilities
And my privilege, too
And that neither can define me
This year,
I will try again
To be the future I used to see
This year I must
Use patience first
And kindness always
And apply my wrath more pointedly
I must speak out,
Be trusting, but trust no one to define me
Last year, I struggled
This year I will struggle on
:iconjessamar:JessaMar 3 7
Saying Goodbye
You come to us tired
And your family the same
We harbor no judgments
And greet you by name
You are saying goodbye
For as long as you stay
But this is your home
Until you go away
Your life's not restricted
We're here to support
Time must be your own
When it has grown short
Live life to its fullest
And when you move along
Let the sound of your leaving
Be laughter and song
:iconjessamar:JessaMar 9 4
Self, same?
From there to now
Just one moon glows
With stark and yearning light;
It is the self it shines upon
Who's never quite the same.
:iconjessamar:JessaMar 7 6
Peaches in the Fall
You are brought to mind
By the memories of those who I don't know
Almost as well as I didn't know you
It's easy to love
When the blush of community
Warms the evening chill
With you, I was comfortable
Which seemed at odds with how desperately
I wished you were my friend
Living in these modern times
Memories seem lessened if they're not the sort to share
But vividness has its own value
Make it not be true.
Make it not be true.
Make it not be true.

I pleaded
When I heard the world had lost your sweetness
And my grief was only purer
For doubting you'd have ever been
Mine to lose
What I remember best
Is how I felt when you remembered me
:iconjessamar:JessaMar 57 14
Ready to work by JessaMar Ready to work :iconjessamar:JessaMar 1 1 I yearn by JessaMar I yearn :iconjessamar:JessaMar 14 6
Mature content
After breakfast :iconjessamar:JessaMar 29 20
Regret anticipated
This knowing is like
a bit of apple, too big,
in heart instead of esophagus.
The pain is not what hurts.
The truth is no surprise.
Regret must be a delicacy,
to be anticipated so.
So this is guilt:
to know, to have no power,
and to know that I know nothing.
I know nothing of forgiveness
until I must forgive myself
for living now
as if tomorrow won't come.
Would that I could take the pain
and cripple myself with it; it is harder
to not be crippled yet.
Yet I would choose again
the sweetness of the apple of my eye.
:iconjessamar:JessaMar 2 2
While you're snoring I am warring
With the demons in my mind
They're enshrining and refining
What the day has left behind
And what's keeping me from sleeping
Is the answers that they find
As I'm tossing I am crossing
All my Ts and dotting Is
As I'm turning I am churning
On my accidents and lies
Putting troubles in their bubbles
But it takes a lot of tries
While you're dreaming I am teeming
With the fears that fill my heart
When they grip me I can't rip free
So I tear myself apart
I am struggling as you're snuggling
Finding sleep without a chart
When the dawning leaves me yawning
And you ask what's in my brain
Lack of silence feels like violence
There's no way I can explain
How I'm tired and inspired
And my body's full of pain
:iconjessamar:JessaMar 9 5
Desolate home by JessaMar Desolate home :iconjessamar:JessaMar 3 2 Sad roses by JessaMar Sad roses :iconjessamar:JessaMar 5 1

Random from Community

Over the Moon: Poetry + Paintings (Volume #39)
Welcome to another volume of Over the Moon, a growing collection of literature and talented deviants! I encourage you to Added to my devWatch! and Favourite Star these pieces and authors and take a look through their galleries! 
Over the Moon: Poetry + Prose (Volume #39)

Sympathy for the minute taker by Emmaessence In the mouth of madness by poetOflore
Check out the April 2019 Lit DD Roundup
Happy Writing,
:iconcrliterature: :iconwriting-rampage: :iconglory-be-project:
:iconrose-em:Rose-Em 11 8
The Skinny Writer
There’s an epidemic of obesity in literature. Even if your novel is in its infancy, odds are it’s going to be beer-bellied when it hits maturity. Agents say 30 - 50% of the manuscripts they receive are fat and flabby. It’s a top ten reason they ditch a book after one chapter.
It’s not our fault. We love words, gobble them up, spread them on everything. But unless we want our manuscripts to sink into a publisher’s slush pile, we have to shed the bulge.
Your novel’s length is up to you. It needs to say what you want it to say. But, rule of thumb: most run 100,000 to 175,000 words. Your genre has an impact, too. The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America cites a minimum of 40,000 words for a sci-fi or fantasy novel. Wikipedia states chapter books for children start at 16,000, mystery novels range between 60,000 to 80,000, and thrillers top 100,000.
For me, novels can never be too rich or too skinny. Rich in description, characterization, texture
:icondenlm:denlm 5 16
Souljournalist Challenge | Signup!

Souljournalist Challenge!

Are you ready?
 :new: Sign-ups are OPEN! 

The Souljournalist Challenge is a month of themed, surgically precise non-fiction writing. At the end of the month, registered participants will be given points for each completed entry that meets challenge criteria. Roman :la:  The challenge starts on June 1st, 2019. Sign up in comments below this journal to receive prizes for your work! 
Rules and Regulations:
:bulletorange: Each entry must be non-fiction. No fiction allowed, sorry.
:bulletyellow: Prize-eligible entries should correspond to the weekly prompts. We do have "free" days, so don't despair if you find it hard to follow prompts!
:bulletorange: Entries should be be clearly marked with the prompt and date (week number, day number) in the title or description.
:bulletyellow: Try to make each entry a
:iconhypermagical:hypermagical 17 200
LitRecognition: In the Weekly Spotlight
Today, LitRecognition will be featuring two weeks worth of Daily Deviations. These next two weeks, we shall be playing catch up, just to make sure ALL the literature Daily Deviations get their fair share of time in the spotlight. 
They are wonderful pieces, and deserve that little extra boost of attention so READ THEM ALL!! Take a look-see, and give these wonderful people the Literature Community Love, if you haven't already! :hooray:





:iconpennedinwhite:PennedinWhite 10 13
Prose-ject: Mission Mimicry 2019

Hello everyone!  Hi!  OneWithTheStars here and welcome to Prose-ject's 2019 installment of Mission Mimicry!
Mission Mimicry is just that--mimicking another author's writing voice, all in reverence, of course.  :salute:  Each of us possesses a distinct writer's voice, an authorial equivalent to a watermark; it is the manner in which we formulate our literary works with our words, syntax, and structure that allows an audience to distinguish the work of a writer from others.
The author's literary voice can be a very powerful force to repel and attract readers.  While an author's voice develops over time, it can also be honed in ways intentionally to attract a particular audience.  The challenge here at Prose-ject is to identify our voice and alter it to imitate an author of our choosing that we admire.  The purpose is not to
:icononewiththestars:OneWithTheStars 3 4
ProjectDFC: May Mixup Madness 2019

Hello everyone!  Hi!  OneWithTheStars here and welcome to ProjectDFC's 2019 installment of May Mixup Madness!

We love to mix it up a little (or perhaps a lot) here at ProjectDFC.  May is the designated month where we get to mix it up with inspiration from another's works!  Borrowing just might be what all those that participated in NaPoWriMo need after the daily poetry writing for a month.  :faint:
What we do for this month is follow a specific poetic structure called the Cento.  The Cento is a form that is essentially borrowed.  The goal is to take lines/lyrics from the poetry/songs of another and reconstruct them into an order to create a whole new poem or song.
Step 1
CHOOSE YOUR INSPIRATION: Pick a single lyricist (music artist, musician, or group band) or poet (famous or DA friend) to use their wor
:icononewiththestars:OneWithTheStars 7 2
Call for Submissions

Submission are open for our July 15 issue!
TchotchkeReview will publish its inaugural issue on July 15th!  Submissions for that issue are now open!
The theme for our first issue is Crisis.
There are crises happening all around the world every day. Climate change, political upheaval, communities drowning in homelessness, poverty, and drug abuse — the world is not a pleasant place for huge parts of the population. But crises are also personal. Losing a job when you're behind on rent, betrayal from someone you loved, losing faith in your religion or yourself, losing your home to an extreme weather event; there's no end to the way a crisis can affect your life.
The staff at TchotchkeReview are looking for your stories, poems, photos, and essays about the crises you've experienced and what was done to solve them.
Unthemed submission are also welcome!
You are more than welcome to submit work o
:iconliliwrites:LiliWrites 30 6
If Writer-Workshop relaunched...
If WW relaunched, what would get you involved? Is it new prompts for new work, new prompts for current work, a chance to play with current work or just a chance to talk about your current work? Do you want feedback? Do you want to commit to something? Do you want to help shape this?
We are a very big group with very little interaction.
I am not making any fast promises, just a pondering at the moment which may turn into something. However it needs a bit of energy from you guys for anything to happen, so what would interest you?
Share your thoughts, spread the word. Eclipse may not make us fancy, but literature has always been about supporting and promoting each other :heart:
And if you are not part of CRLiterature , maybe you should rectify that? #unitedcommunity
:iconbeccajs:BeccaJS 3 7
LitVid Series 7: Stereotypes
What is this?
I love YouTube. I probably spend about as much time on there as I do on DA, and I've come across some really great channels in my time. This will be a bi-weekly journal series in which I share a video from YT that discusses a topic about storytelling, literature, poetry, or otherwise writing-related themes. If you have suggestions for videos I should feature, shoot me a note!
Last time we discussed Analyzing Poetry. This week we're pivoting back to story-telling in general with a TED talk from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, a Nigerian author who has won numerous awards. Her TED talk focuses on the dangers of considering only one aspect of a person or place.
Feel free to participate in the discussion questions at the end of this journal and to reply to your fellow deviants as well! :)
Volume 7: Stereotypes
Discussion Questions
1. Have you ever been stereotyped? What was that interaction
:iconliliwrites:LiliWrites 9 3
Getting To Know You: Community Volunteer Edition
Community Week

If you've seen any interviews with Community Volunteers, you've probably witnessed these lovely humans answering questions relating to their favourite thing about DA, what inspires their art and what made them want to join the Community Relations team. So, in the spirit of tradition, I'm...nope, no tradition, I'm going to ask about food and llamas. Because that's the important stuff, right?
Thanks to Astralseed, burningmonk, C-91, DrZime, Ellysiumn, JenFruzz, JessaMar, LenamoArt, LiliWrites, morbidman187, phoenixleo, pinkythepink, Queen-Kitty, SinistrosePhosphate, TheGalleryOfEve, Thiefoworld and TokyoMoonlight for contributing to this extremely important piece of serious investigative journalism.
Do you currently share your home with any other humans and/or animals?
I currently share my home with my two kiddos, RezaBisuto and a smelly dog, two broken cats, and a spiffy ass lizard!
I live tog
:icontanyasimpson:TanyaSimpson 41 62
The Ramped Up Writer
I could tell you that eighty percent of people say they want to write a novel. I could also tell you that fewer than one percent of all manuscripts submitted to traditional publishing houses make it into print. But you know what they say about telling, right? It’s always more effective to show.
Come with me on a bus ride. According to the Guinness Book of World Records the record number of people crammed onto an average city bus is 229. Look! That’s our ride now. Wave! We can do this. The vehicle slows with a squeal of bad brakes and an eye-watering reek of exhaust. It lurches up and over the curb, then bounces back to the pavement with a thud we can feel through the soles of our Nikes. I can’t see the driver, can you? Bodies press against the glass on all sides, blocking the view. A shapely denim-clad derrière is squashed into the crack of the bifold door. Man, that’s gotta hurt. A face peers out from alongside it: nose, cheeks, lips and eyes collapsed tog
:icondenlm:denlm 18 17
favorites feature 14 (NaPoWriMo edition)
Hello! Normally my favorites feature consists of 8 Lit pieces selected from things I've favorited over the course of the week. However, with National Poetry Writing Month going on, my message center is overflowing with great Lit, so for the remainder of April the number of pieces featured will be bumped up to 12. Please, give them a look, and follow the fantastic deviants responsible for them. (And hats off to those of you participating in NaPoWriMo!)
by Tiger--eyes               by dialtonepoetry       by PermanentlyExhausted
by twelvedaysofjune     by UnluckyAmulet         by Lissomer
:iconyouinventedme:YouInventedMe 26 19
The Reader Writer
Last week, I encouraged novelists to throw away the rule book, to dare to be distinctive. But as some of you pointed out, I didn’t emphasize enough that the rules are still important. It’s like learning to play any instrument; you can’t become a concert pianist without learning the scales, spending hours on fingering, and practicing, practicing, practicing. Then when your body knows what to do by rote, you can let ‘er rip. Know the rules first. Interpret them to your liking later.
There’s only one rule you are not allowed to ignore. Know your reader.
We say we are writing our novels for our own pleasure. Liar, liar, pants are on fire. If we were our sole audience, why bother to type up our stories at all? Why not just walk around talking to ourselves, pretending to be different characters?
Okay, so maybe we do do that. But we don’t do it in a vacuum. We intend others to read our completed work one day. We hope to sell it. Dream of being interviewed b
:icondenlm:denlm 7 15
General Info and Helping Out at SeniorSelections
Hello dear members!
It has come to our attention that it's not always been very clear to everyone who can help out in what way at SeniorSelections. This journal's aim is to clarify that! If you have questions; keep on reading! 
If you are curious about what a Senior member is, and how you can become one, please make sure to check out the FAQ:
FAQ #29: How do I become a Senior Member?
What does SeniorSelections do?
Our most important goal is to bring you the best DeviantArt has to offer through weekly features! We are a group of Senior members who love promoting other artists and showcasing amazing work from all over the community! 
How can I help?
There are several ways everyone can help us! 
Things everyone can do:
Suggest artwork into the appropriate folders
One thing you can do to help us out, and it will help a lot
:iconyuukon:Yuukon 17 5
Literature Contest/Treasure Hunt/Undiscovered Gold
It’s the time of year: Spring. The time when lambs are born, and in some cultures the time for an egg hunt. So let’s have a competition!
We’re searching for the most constructive comments or critiques on written works (prose, drama, poetry...) by undiscovered writers. The best three finders and the commenters will win fabulous prizes.
The deadline is 17th May 2019.
Anyone can enter.
We’re looking for people who are not as engaged as they could be with the literature community here, to help bring them in, so...
The writer of the piece that received the comment should:
Have under 30,000 pageviewsHave fewer than 1,000 watchers
Have posted the piece within the past two yearsHave been active in the past two monthsHave responded to the comment.
The commenter should:
Not be a senior member, community volunteer, staff member, etc.
Have fewer than 1,000 watchers
Have posted the comment in the past two yearsHave been active in the past two mont
:iconbarefootliam:barefootliam 24 20
Some news and opportunities from the community.

Random Favourites

beautiful morning I by dancer-from-the-dark beautiful morning I :icondancer-from-the-dark:dancer-from-the-dark 4 9 Sad old tree by sowhatimanerd Sad old tree :iconsowhatimanerd:sowhatimanerd 4 5 Potential by JonnyTheGreat Potential :iconjonnythegreat:JonnyTheGreat 6 7 Pistol. by girltripped Pistol. :icongirltripped:girltripped 5,554 418 Two of a Kind by girltripped Two of a Kind :icongirltripped:girltripped 1,172 142 Extrovert by girltripped Extrovert :icongirltripped:girltripped 583 83 To Please You. by girltripped To Please You. :icongirltripped:girltripped 1,102 154
You wrap your wings around me
You surround me with a light
You keep me safe and warm
In the darkness of the night.
You hold me with enduring love
Watch over me all the day
You stand tall as my guardian
It shows in every way.
You tell me things I need to know
You stand by my side
You gave me my dignity back
To me you've never lied.
You've bound yourself to me
You've shown all my worth
There is a secret I'll now reveal
Angels walk on earth.
:iconlisaloo:lisaloo 3 7
Call of the Elements
I am Earth, I grow and change again
I live in strength and high above the lands
I am squirrel and grass
I am tree and fox
For Earth I am
I am Air, I blow and breathe again
I live in song and high above the clouds
I am bird and star
I am moon and breeze
For Air I am
I am Fire, I dance and blaze again
I live in touch and drift below the soul
I am spark and light
I am warmth and flame
For Fire I am
I am Water, I sway and sleep again
I live in heart and deep below the sight
I am wave and cool
I am ice and embrace
For Water I am
I am Spirit, I surround and live again
I live in life and shine upon the world
I am energy and binding
I am ties and aura
For Spirit I am
:iconalter-of-heaven:Alter-Of-Heaven 28 17
My eyes sting with tears
But I must hold back
I want to pour my eyes out
But I'm putting on an act
Because you think I'm happy
You think that I am glad
But in reality you see
I am truly sad
I don't want to tell you
Because you might get mad
You might be harsh and cruel
You might not understand
So instead I take it out on me
I decide to hurt myself
Because I don't want to hurt you
Or anybody else
When I tell you what I did
You begin to cry
I tell you that my life has been
Nothing but horrible lies
You ask me why I did it
But I cannot explain
I begin to cry
And healthily release the pain.
:iconlisaloo:lisaloo 2 7
You claim to love me but see me as an illusion
A being of night you see in the full moon's light
I would still be able to fly to the stars if I was
Now I must leave while the courage remains
Don't try to find me I won't be the same
I could not be your dark haired perfection
You are all I have dreamed of in my heart
But now I must follow the wishes you show
Living in solitude you won't know where I am
While I fight the evils in my life on my own
This world is much too strange to me as it is
I could not be your crystal eyed perfection
I am not the one you wanted by your side
I can only try to become that unknown person
You'll remember me as the one that was never seen
A shadow passing through the realms of time
I know I'm not the way you want me to be
I could not be your imagined perfection
There is only one last day to be with you
Another memory to bury deep within my soul
The words I speak and the smile on the surface
Are lies that will never be discovered false
I never revealed the pa
:iconalter-of-heaven:Alter-Of-Heaven 8 24
True... by sabyo True... :iconsabyo:sabyo 4 6 True... by PauloCarrasco True... :iconpaulocarrasco:PauloCarrasco 11 10
I view deviantART as a community first and foremost, and as such I hope that if you enjoy what I do you will also take time to look at some of my Favorites. The work of my fellow deviants is a great part of my experience here, and they inspire and inform my own creativity.



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JessaMar's Profile Picture
Jessamine Marie
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I was born in a log cabin in Missouri and grew up in Southwest Michigan. I was homeschooled, which allowed me the freedom to nurture my love of writing. In adulthood, I moved to Kalamazoo and life pushed writing to the back burner. I now live in the Upper Peninsula. I am a stay-at-home dog/hedgehog-mom and a potter, dabbling also in photography, and I am beginning to be a writer again.

DD Discussion on May 11

Thu May 9, 2019, 10:21 AM
One year ago, CRLiterature introduced a new chat event to enhance the community's interaction with literature Daily Deviations.  That first chat was a success, and it became a monthly thing.  The discussions underwent a few changes along the way, and no doubt it will continue to evolve.  For today, we are proud of what we've built and thankful for the members of the community who have helped make it a success.

Help us celebrate by coming to the CRLiterature chat room this Saturday, May 11 from 10am-Noon Pacific Time - see what that is in your time zone here.  Keep reading to the bottom of this journal for the short list of April literature DDs that will be discussed.


We believe that discussion with friends and peers is a valuable part of how a reader experiences literature, and since the Daily Deviations are some of the best literature that DA has to offer, they are particularly suited to casual and thoughtful conversation.

How is this different from a critique chat?

Rather than an opportunity to give and receive suggestions for improvement, this chat event is primarily an interactive experience for literature appreciators. For the purposes of this discussion, we will treat the deviations as finished works of literature, much like the poems or stories that we might read in a magazine.

What do I need to do to prepare?

If you don't have time to do anything to prepare, that's fine, just come to the chat! If you do have a bit of time, check out the list below of deviations that we intend to discuss. To keep things running smoothly, it is helpful if folks who plan on coming to the chat read those ahead of time.

The Short List

When we were developing the DD Discussions, we knew that we couldn't discuss an entire month of Daily Deviations (much as we'd like to). At first we had the team vote on which pieces to include, but we'd add to that list if a DD recipient confirmed that they'd like to attend.  Pretty soon, those were the only pieces that we even had time for - and the discussions were better for it.  Thus, I bring you this list of literature that we plan to discuss on Saturday, consisting entirely of April DDs whose authors will be at the chat.

Shorter Prose (recommend reading before the discussion)

The Shopkeeper's Vase    Once in a quiet ceramics shop, a shopkeeper’s partner knocked a flower vase off a shelf and brought the remains to him, upset and embarrassed. The Shopkeeper only smiled as he accepted the task. Where they were from, it was custom to repair broken pottery with gold.  The shopkeeper would fix the vase, he will make it whole again, even if that meant a little hard work and less sleep.
    He began to spend his nights doing odd jobs to buy gold. He melted down the gold in a small kettle, careful not to tip it over and waste the molten metal everywhere. Once the gold was properly melted, he meticulously dipped the broken ceramic pieces into it, ignoring the small flecks of gold that popped onto his fingers, leaving small burns. He allowed the pieces to dry in the windowsill of his workshop, and when they all were coated with gold, he slowly repaired the vase. Now, this tedious work was not without setback and hardship for the couple li
The Hands That Shape Our World
        I remember her hands the most.
        There on that day, under the harsh glow of the hospital lights, her hands had been so small and frail in mine that I almost couldn't recognise them.
        Those hands used to pick me up when I fell, brush me off and put a salve to all my grievous boyhood wounds. I watched those same hands stop a wild charging animal, radiating courage and power while my father and I hid in the car. Those hands held others, gripping tight as teardrops stained them or shook with fright. No person was ever left on their own around her. If they were in need of help or friendship, those hands would descend to uplift them with kindness and strength.
        The wasted hands held tight in mine once guided me through the world, showing me things not as they were, but as the glowing future we could build together. They showed me how to cook and
Elle EnchantedAfter the casket detonated, the afterlife eagerly mocked Elle.
Prince Cerec grimaced. He hugged the nearest bear. The nightmares were over. He cried. One extra gunpowder barrel announced the explosive finale. The heavy showers soaked everyone while they beheld the dreadful funeral take place. The raven colored felines meowed another omen. Cerec knew the jebiesz jeze kittens were behind the ordeal. Innocently, they’d licked themselves then purred after devouring the sea-urchins the guests discarded.
Everything’d gone haywire since sunrise. Nein! Everything’d been hectic recently. Elle’s funeral needed respect. He required peace, relief, closure! However, none happened. The pedestal, where Elle’s slippers rested, collapsed. The shoes shattered. Incorrectly delivered poisoned apples rendered the guests inert. The dwarves, whose antidote proved useful, charged senseless prices. Mermen rampaged when they spotted sea-creatures served.
Those pathetic merde mermen
SHE(Lights up on a long-abandoned library--more books on the floor than on the shelves, the only visible source of light coming through some cracks and edges of a boarded-up window. A generous layer of dust coating the surface of everything serves to highlight the eerie stillness of the room. But, then, SHE enters--an indomitable figure of a woman with a flurry of gem-colored feathers and sparkles fluttering in her wake. On the back wall of the library, a word is projected: "WHO?")SHE
I have a riddle. I really do have it. You might even find its answer, but you might not. I might tell this riddle, or I might not. Whether I choose to share with you, or decide to keep it locked away in the highest tower of my thinking-box like some hairy medieval princess, the riddle remains a riddle.(SHE picks up a book from among the piles and opens it to a random page like someone who has never seen, much less opened, a book before. On the back wall, the word "WHO?" is replaced by the word "

Poetry (still recommend reading before the discussion for best experience)

MigrationIt is the season of migration
Nature heeds the call of new life
The blessed advent of fresh color
Painted in vernal brush strokes
And yet I hear sad whispers
A rare bird of exquisite beauty
Has not returned with her kin
For her soul felt a stronger call
How can I calculate this loss
This precious one that has soared
To a far richer eternal spring
That I never chanced to meet
I feel diminished by this tragedy
For I hear the lament of friends
Souls who were lifted by her song
That now graces heaven's bowers
Unbidden tears fill my eyes
As the earth rolls relentlessly on
Yet perhaps we can still meet
Through the eyes of her friends
you're afraid to say i love you back (#2)no matter
where we fall
we always
end up right
back here.
prescribed to
continent carvings
on square walls,
the backs of our hands
are needled into
the lines by pins.
what's wrong?
what's wrong?
no matter 
where we fall
we always
end up right
back here.
so i ask:
what's wrong?
and you tell me nothing.
i tell you i love you
and you tell me nothing.
prescribed to 
continent carvings
on crooked islands,
the bottoms of our feet
are stuck
by something.
kept at arm's length,
all i can do
is kiss the holes
in your hands.
and rub the
scars on your feet.
NaPo 3: inoahe tell me my name Lahela -
dat from da kine Hebrew but.
I no tell um bout my name,
my kapa ʻia name
from my tūtū - she not even
one kanaka, but she know tings,
and I not one lōlō not goin listen kupuna
I get one hula name now,
choke pilikia fo say dat one
wen I get it, and plenny shame too -
haolegirl know how fo say her own name? -
bumbye I learn
and I teach you too
but I stay learn hula foeva
cuz my wāwae stay all hemajang
and my English stay too pretty
I know what i like when i pau
on my plumeria tree jalike one gravestone
get my ʻohana name, from the kāne
(he like it say I wen lose, da buggah -
wat, dis life one kine race to you?)
but my names, my kapa ʻia names,
malihini names and ʻōlelo names all da kine -
ho, need one odda tree fo make dem fit.
identiteaseTēnā koutou katoa.
Greetings to you all.
there is a rift in my heritage and it begins with skin;
i have never wondered why i do not seem to fit
inside mine.
E rere kau mai, te awa nui mai, te kāhui maunga ki tangaroa.
My ancestral river flows from the mountain to the sea.
Ko au te awa, ko te awa ko au.
I am the river, and the river is me.

if i am the river, how am i drowning under the driftwood heavy weight
of dissonance and cacophony and karanga and isolation,
of all these years waiting to find who i am supposed to be;
if the river is me, how have i never learned to flow
with it's might and history?
Ko Ruapehu tōku maunga,
My mountain is Ruapehu.

i am born white and wailing in a mess of blood and flailing limbs
and my father's parents rejoice in my european features and pale skin.
i am born and all throughout my youth, my mother is mistaken,
mistaken for the babysitter, t
Nothing but a Soppy SongTo Fanis, a poem promised years ago
In the dentist chair
no new ideas are perching on my eyebrows,
‘When I was nine
a crimson wristwatch was given to me
by my father
who died one morning at nine o’clock,’

I suddenly recall.
Fanis has no anesthetic
for what goes on in a patient’s soul.
His cell phone rings,
its ringtone is Louis Armstrong’s
“It’s a wonderful world”
Which may never have been his favorite tune,
but a reminder
for him, perhaps for all,
a declaration of best intentions
and colossal expectations destined to echo
– in my opinion –
as nothing but a soppy song.
II. two years later, ringtone changed
You’re not alone in thinking we’re alone,
That any route is solitary from birth to extinction.
We are here connecting paths,
Remembering passages to glades. 
Wanting to be loved again and again,
Exclusively, with intense, in and out of rarity,
Welcomed on the island without name
What Refuses To Be TelevisedThe exodus was canceled for violent weather,
all raptures suspended indefinitely.
We went home and set fire to the mountains.
In this silence I wish the astronauts' deaths were uglier.
I wish the mushroom cloud.
I wish the trash, the noise, the smoldering campfires
left behind.
Sometimes I'm drinking alone in a park
and you interrupt the porch light
in the other universe.
Like this we survive each other.
stop forging my fucking reflection.he is two years old, and he’s just discovering reflections
he doesn’t know shit but he does know one thing:
he does not recognize the pink bows in
the hair of the girl he sees staring back at him.
he is seven years old, and his second-grade class got their pictures taken
he knows a lot of division facts and vocabulary words
but he does not know the girl whose photo he was handed
in an envelope addressed to his mother
he is twelve years old, and he’s tired of it
he can tell you all about the stories in his head, in the back of his composition books
but he does not know the lumps on his chest (what if they were bigger?)
or the ugly, ugly face he can touch but not quite feel.
he is fifteen years old, and he’s just discovering his body
he promises you he passed biology last year, but
he cannot, for the life of him, tell you
what the hell that hole is between his legs.
he is seventeen years old, and he discovers himself.
he cuts his hair again and again and again



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