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Valley of Volcanoes

For the book

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this valley of volcanoes seems like it could be used as a boss battle stage where it would erupt and break apart and you have to maneuver around as the boss makes the ground crack under him and then the boss falls into a pit for the second phase where lava is chasing you and the boss is trying to catch you and throw you into the lava but gets blocked off by falling rocks then here comes phase 3 where he jumps up then smashes through the ceiling making another floor collapse and there's the final 3rd boss phase battle stage you can make actions to deal damage for the second boss phase so he gets weaker and weaker then his death is him falling into a lava pit under him and getting melted to death

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This looks like something that would be in the lord of the rings universe.

can i download it

or not

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Hi! This drawing was made to order, so I can't let you download it in high resolution, sorry:)

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This is beautiful ♡

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Oh man i absolutely adore this . I'm making a new featured gallery and this will be the reason why

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Огонь и разрушение! Восхитительно!

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Very Nice 👍

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wow that looks boiling hot.

in all seriousness amazing art piece! keep it up!

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:giggle: Thank you so much!

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