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very impressive!


I am creating a storyline of a company of soldiers (around 100 men and women) who are all that stand between a balor and its unstoppable demon army. This enormous door could be through the mountain pass that leads to the world's last city, the one they must protect. The small group of soldiers stand silent and resolute...

"The air grew warm, the sky darkening to grey, then pitch, like spreading tar. Ash began to filter down from the blackness above, and with it, tiny bright embers of orange, like miniature suns falling to earth. Soon the air was hot, as if blown from the bellows of a working forge. The company shifted on their feet, sweating and silent, still unmoving. A breeze took up the banners then, the sound of the material fluttering happily in the heavy silence. Minutes passed and the air grew thick, the ground around them now black too, as the ash fell more and more, covering their armour and helmets like strange delicate plumage.

Nobody spoke. Nobody moved.

Then the breeze died away in an instant. And from behind the great door came a primal scream. It peeled through the thick metal, low, agonized and hating. It was the call of something ancient and unknowable. Something that exists only to undo the work of nature, and the gods themselves. It was the enemy."


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That's great! Thank you for sharing with me:)

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"A gigantic "Veeblefitzer" (please see my site), looms out of the gate, and sprays the advancing army with magic mushroom spores, which quickly take root inside the bodies..., and minds of the invading army.  They quietly trip-out, and float-off back home... . "  - PAV
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That's one helluva' door! I think Mordor is behind there, and a bunch of orcs are gonna' come screaming out of there any moment (or maybe not).

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Ahaha, yes, I drew this after watching the Hobbit and the Lord of the rings.

I was impressed :giggle:

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Big Door! What's behind it?

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And no one brought a battering ram. Awesome work.
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Perhaps the battering ram did not come to the fore :D

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