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SERES - Middle East Fantasies

:bulletorange: PIN UP for "SERES" Artbook published by #StudioXIII. Tons of talented artists under one theme... FANTASY~!!

They are -"KORA" the Sphinx- A mythic yet mischievous figure that was passed on by the Egyptians to the Greeks, and -"APKAYU" the Gryphon- Loyal Guardian and emblematic symbol of the great Persian culture. Both pray the highest ideals of the old world, and personally, I think they both gave birth to a very distinctive genre, that is also one of my favorites, "Anthropomorphism" ( They're somewhat like Adan and Eve for Anthro Beings ) It was quite challenging and fun coming up with this piece!

"Seres" had it's debut on the previous CON,"TNT 19" -> [link] " CON was seriously a whole experience, thanks everyone for your support and company! and thank you girls for letting me participate on the art book! " =D


:bulletorange: ILUSTRACION para el Artbook "SERES" publicado por#StudioXIII. El Artbook cuenta con la participacion de multiples artistas bajo una misma tématica... FANTASIA~!!

Ellos Son -"KORA" la Esfinge- figura mítica y procaz heredada a la cultura Griega por los egipcios, y -"APKALLU" el Grifo- Fiel protector y simbolo emblematico de la cultura Persa. Ambos representan los ideales del antiguo mundo y a mi parecer, tambien marcan el nacimiento de un muy distintivo genero, asi como uno de mis favoritos, la "Antropomorfía" ( Algo asi como el Adan y Eva de los seres antropomorfos) Fue todo un reto y un enorme gusto hacer esta pieza para la ocasion.

"Seres" tuvo su debut en la pasada convencion,"TNT 19" -> [link] " La Convencion fue enserio toda una experiencia, gracias a todos por el apoyo y su compañia! y tambien Gracias Chicas por Invitarme a participar en el Artbook! " =D


"SERES" Artbook ~ Esta a la Venta!
Buscalo en Convenciones!

Art + Characters © 2009 J.B. Villalobos, Jeso, =jesonite
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Excellent use of the warm tones in front and the cool tone in the back. I really enjoy the details and the characters in your piece of art . I think the best part for me when I look at this piece of art is that I really get sense of depth with all this great shading you did.

Everything is centered well around your original griffin like characters.

The only thing that I can think of that isn't a good thing, is that it could be considered to be to crowded dude to all excellent detail you put into everything.
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esta muy chido!
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wow, está precioso, excelente trabajo!
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Very awesome take on the Middle Eastern style of fantasy. Reminds me of stuff like Sinbad and Prince of Persia.
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I like your style and this is one of my favorits in your Gallery
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I like the way you drew the creatures face...its...visually intriuging...yes i spelled that wrong.
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aaaa lindooo aaaa
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What a beautiful intricate piece. My two favorite creatures!
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Just love the tone and ambience of this one, keep up your great work!
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it's intense. i love it. ^^
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Hey gracias de nuevo por el poster eh!!! de hecho es ese =^^= nos vemos!!! y espero vuelvan pronto que me quede con mas ganas de comprar mas cosas de la princesa Fiamma y de Accalia!!! adiós!!!
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jojou te quedo al cien man, me traume con este dibujo jajaja
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We are looking for artists for our FaceBook game that know and love Ancient History and Ancient cultures from the year 1 BC and older.

Paid Work!

Here are the details:[link]
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Me encanta!!!! *o*
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* ___ * Hijos, Grax Mauro! ;3; Es mucho viniendo de ti! *...*
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AMAZing.. O.o

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Wow, this is gorgeous! :wow: I love (LOVE!) the colours, the design of the characters and all the impressive details. What a stunning artwork. :heart: :clap:

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I love the gryphon! ^^ He looks truly mythical.
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Those colours! Holy sheeeet!
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your drawings are just... amazing, love all you do. Bravo.
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Precious illustration! I really love your anthro style! is cute and so personal! I love the colours combination
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Ay Dios ya no recuerdo si comente o no y como que ponerme a buscar mi comentario entre los mil que te dejaron pues no asi que mejor te comento o recomento
;__; Sabes que la ilsutracion fue asi super duper awesome y me encanto todo, XD entendiste lo de el color y criaturas a la perfeccion y aunque tengas trabajo y pendientes en tu casa se nota le pusiste muchisimo empeño a la pieza como siempre lo haces ;__; gracias por participar y apoyarnos
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