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My God, Rainbowdash, your hair! Your hair! What a pain in the-- oh right! Why does she have an ax on her butt? If you get the reference, good on you, if not...
Blame these people. [link]

Hooray for hand-drawn ponies! Screw you Photoshop, with your fancy, fancy, oh so pretty vectors! (God, I wish I had Photoshop... ;_; ) Anyway, enjoy the best pony, now made better due to axes!

Reference material used can be found
here: [link]
here: [link]
here: [link] (cause I couldn't draw her from that angle without this one)
here: [link]
Annnd here: [link]
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Not sure whether her expression is supposed to say "Yeah, I'm cool" or "OK, you've stared at my backside long enough now."