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My God, Rainbowdash, your hair! Your hair! What a pain in the-- oh right! Why does she have an ax on her butt? If you get the reference, good on you, if not...
Blame these people. [link]

Hooray for hand-drawn ponies! Screw you Photoshop, with your fancy, fancy, oh so pretty vectors! (God, I wish I had Photoshop... ;_; ) Anyway, enjoy the best pony, now made better due to axes!

Reference material used can be found
here: [link]
here: [link]
here: [link] (cause I couldn't draw her from that angle without this one)
here: [link]
Annnd here: [link]
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Heh. Someone linked this pic to me once, and we somehow got discussing making it the other kind of "axe". This pic came out of all that: =p

I have to say, that axe makes one wicked looking electric guitar :XD:

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I can't play the guitar but I wouldn't mind owning one like that. :D
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"I shoulda gone with "fighting stuff as my special talent. Then I'd have an axe on my butt."
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Best line in the history of lines. ;p 
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Barbarian cutiemark for the WIN.
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Hard to choose, one handed axes you can swing easier, but two handed axes are heavier and do more damage... I'll have to go with two handed axes. Maximum Carnage!! >: D
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The look on RD's face... Nicely done. I now only have one question remaining...

Two-handed axe, or two one-handed axes?
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Very awesome redesign of Dash...
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You're welcome.
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I would totally wield that axe.
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I'm not one who's big on weaponry, but admittedly, I'd totally rock a RD inspired axe as well. X)
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That is all kinds of awesome. I love how the axe can also look like a bad-ass electric guitar if you squint right. Of course it is a double-axe...
Only halfway through Friendship is Dragons.
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Thanks. It was a long while ago that I did this one, so I don't remember if the guitar thing was intentional or not. ... I'm gonna claim it as intentional... so I look clever-rer. ;P Thanks for your comment. :)
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Can I draw a human Rainbow with that axe as a weapon? Pretty pleeasseeee???? :DDD
Jesness's avatar
Sure. Have at it. :)
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If only that was her real cutiemark...
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I would like to see the show explain that one. X)
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Awesome Cutie Mark, and it would make an equally awesome weapon! 83
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