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While at first glance this looks very similar to what you'd find in many of the how-to comic books from the 90s. But there are some critical errors that keep this from being a helpful guide.

Instead of bothering to focus on the overall look of the body, the tutorial focus on the extremities and the details of the body- never bothering to show the necessary techniques to make a body fit together- looking at the full sized portraits shows the problems with this, and many of the girls look like they are a patchwork of different parts that don't quite mesh. Those details are incredibly detailed; but they look out of place if there's not that attention throughout the entire piece. If there was a focus in the tutorial that started to basic into the detailed work, the tutorial might flow better and be more helpful.

The tone of this tutorial is also concerning- while drawing girls that people will enjoy is a good skill, one needs to realize how talking about skin color and breasts need to be handled carefully to not come off as misogynistic, racist, or creepy. Describing good skin as "peachy" ignores the wide range of skin tones and can be construed that the artist doesn't think girls of color can be beautiful or popular. Also, repeating the ideas of "youth" for breasts might come off as creepy to an outsider. Even having a naked artist eying them suggests a level of misogyny that many would find uncomfortable- I certainly did.

Overall, this tutorial tries to cover too much and doesn't actually teach anything besides the artist's preferences in women. If the artist were to strip this piece down to the step by step process of drawing a girl while showing typical examples off the side would read better and be a lot more helpful.
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ZachsAnomaIy Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
    I'd love to comment on this critique but you've said everything that's needed said. Well done.
xailachan Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2009
As someone who is totally shut OUT by this 'how-to' (being non-peachy skinned and curvaceous versus anything in this tutorial y'know how it is) - this critique is perfect and brings to light more of what's missing.

:iconlazysmirk: is right in the regard that this is not a tutorial - this is just an explanation of how he draws 'girls'.
lazysmirk Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2009
Thank you. Your crit is truth and I hope less kids see this as a tutorial and more of a "this is how I do it".
wow. I agree with this. :|; I was a little dismayed, overall, that this wasn't titled 'how to draw ANIME girls'. I also dislike the fact that body types weren't even brought into the picture, such as weightiness, full-figured women, curvaceous, and so forth. The 'realism' isn't that real, either.
Great job on the critique.

digielectro Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2009
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